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Jury Awards $52.5M to St. Luke’s in Defamation Case Re: Baby Cyrus

By • July 28, 2023

An Ada County jury has returned a decision in the defamation case involving St. Luke’s Hospital, Ammon Bundy, and Diego Rodriguez.

You can find the history of this case here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

From the Special Verdict Form obtained from Ada County and shown below, a combined total of $52.5 million was awarded to the plaintiffs. Each of the defendants named in the lawsuit owes various amounts to each of the plaintiffs. The nine-page document breaks down the amount the jury decided was owed to each plaintiff by each defendant. The report also shows how many jurors of the twelve agreed with each decision.

The list of plaintiffs in the case include: ST. LUKE’S REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER LTD., [St. Luke’s CEO] CHRIS ROTH, an individual, NATASHA D. ERICKSON, MD, an individual; and TRACY W. JUNGMAN, NP an individual.

The list of defendants in the case include: AMMON BUNDY, an individual; AMMON BUNDY FOR GOVERNOR, a political organization; DIEGO RODRIGUEZ, an individual; FREEDOM MAN PRESS LLC, a limited liability company; FREEDOM MANPAC, a registered political action committee; and PEOPLE’S RIGHTS NETWORK, a political organization and an unincorporated association.

Adobe Scan Jul 27, 2023

Also obtained by the Idaho Dispatch from the Ada County court is a document dated yesterday entitled Supplemental Brief Re: Injunctive Relief. This details a request by the plaintiffs for the court to take additional action to stop the defendants from speaking about the plaintiffs in the future. It explains,

“This Court has ample basis and legal authority to enter the requested injunction against Defendants, requiring they remove from websites they control defamatory statements, photos of Plaintiffs, Plaintiffs’ contact information, and Plaintiffs’ personal information. The permanent injunction should also prohibit the republication of such statements, photos, and information.”

It describes and includes speech that should be disallowed according to the plaintiffs, including statements, online posts, and dissemination of information:

“The Fourth Amended Complaint seeks (among other things) permanent injunctive relief requiring the Defendants:
(1) to cease posting and disseminating defamatory statements against the St. Luke’s Parties;
(2) to cease making statements that the St. Luke’s Parties are criminals and/or participate in the kidnapping, trafficking, sexual or any other abuse, and/or killing of children;
(3) to remove from all online locations Defendants have authority to do so any and all statements that the St. Luke’s Parties are criminals and/or participating in the kidnapping, trafficking, sexual or any other abuse, and/or killing of children;
(4) to cease disseminating and encouraging others to disseminate the contact information, personal information, and images of Mr. Roth, Dr. Erickson, and NP Jungman; and
(5) to remove from all online locations Defendants have authority to do so the contact information, personal information, and/or images of Mr. Roth, Dr. Erickson, and NP Jungman.”

The entire document can be viewed here.

Adobe Scan Jul 27, 2023 (1)
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24 thoughts on “Jury Awards $52.5M to St. Luke’s in Defamation Case Re: Baby Cyrus

  1. When will Chris Roth and the St Lukes Board member’s be removed from their positions? Will they all be made to stand trial for their frivolous actions?
    The People want all this costly nonsense to stop and our monies be utilized for actual well care.
    Fire Chris Roth and put him on trial immediately.

    1. All the phony shell companies will be next. You can’t swindle and then try to hide all the money you made with dishonesty. There are ways to track it down. Their safest strategy would be to remove everything, apologize, admit it was a grift, and then come clean.

      1. I agree! The best thing to do is for St. Luke’s to just come clean and show how much money they make every year by kidnapping babies, apologize, admit they have been grifting and abusing the people, and then come clean.

  2. As the Statesman opinion article by Bryan Clark points out, “Idaho needs an anti-SLAPP law to ensure free speech doesn’t depend on your wealth” and “The absence of a SLAPP law serves only one purpose: to allow people with lots of money to silence speech they don’t like.” ( St Luke’s used the courts to grand stand their empty claims against two men who couldn’t afford to match their legal fees paid to Holland and Hart. Idaho legislators must work to stop this abuse of the courts among the Idaho elites. The dramatics of the St. Luke’s employees put forth in their testimony was quite a show. However, not one of them filed a restraining order against the defendants during their mistaken removal of the baby? It makes St Luke’s employees appear as though they weren’t afraid after all and the Court charade was a PR stunt to get revenge on a family who spoke out about their missed diagnosis on the child and errant removal of the baby. I agree that Idaho needs to protect free speech. This hospital got it wrong and attempted to repair their reputation by using the court.

    1. Maybe you should stop cucking for gay fags, you moronic imbecile. Sorry your dad poked you and turned you into a fag but that’s no excuse for being one.

  3. I wonder how many people who thought St. Luke’s was petty and malicious have changed their minds after this petty and malicious lawsuit?

    Somehow I don’t think this is actually about their reputation. Seems like it’s both a money and a power grab designed to keep normal people afraid of resisting bad medical “advice”, and speaking about it afterwards. How many parents will have the courage to resist unneccessary medical interventions for their children if they are under threat by the CPS, and can’t afford to fight it in the courts? How many are already afraid to speak out for fear of having their lives ruined by the likes of Chris Roth?

  4. St Luke’s jumped in bed with the government, that’s where the majority of their money comes from (medicare Medicaid). The protest was against CPS, and St Luke’s doctors became the high arbiters and enforcers. This is what happens when you get in bed with the devil, Satan Lucifer’s. Their cash stream is threatened when people speak about their nefarious collusion with CPS. They instigated a protest against the government and themselves. Their socialist ties to each other rightly deserve protest by people who believe in Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness. They were complicit with the government in threatening Cyrus’ life, his parents liberty, and the families happiness. Though many were inconvenienced by the protest the babies life was in jeopardy due to lack of the only nourishment he could ingest. His health got worse while with Satan Lucifer’s we are lucky to have him alive today. St Luke’s is a Board member of the Idaho association of commerce and industry, the legal mafia that runs this state and appoints the judges. There was no other possible outcome.

    1. David Patrick is a gay kid raping closeted FLDS transgender cuck. That’s why he posts such vitriolic comments. He has no life. His life is being a gay cuck.

  5. Please watch whos going to take care of Maya on netflex. A documentary where CPS and a hospital took over control of a minor. Watch all of it and pay attention at the end . Close to what is happening here in Idaho. The saying who ever has the most money wins, Right or wrong.

    1. Just watched it this afternoon. Thought about this case , especially when the many who’ve been imprisoned , bankrupted , and ruined, spoke of their cases. This state is running headlong into becoming greater Portland.

  6. Having watched this entire debacle from start to finish, it has been obvious that this is a FIRST AMENDMENT case. It is a case that should have been in Federal Court. The big bad hospital, with all the money of Midas, hired a big guns law firm to intimidate and swamp the defendants with pleadings and all manner of legal paperwork — They, in effect, PILED ON! They were given a blank check to take down two honest, freedom-loving individuals who know the law and abide by it. These men have the medical records and captured on film the confiscation of Baby Cyrus by the lying policemen. This is not over. There are plenty of people who have been watching this who know these two men were RAILROADED. St. Lukes is a blight on this state, as is IACI. Together they OWN many of the politicians. Things look bleak right now, but I believe JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL IN THE END.

  7. St lukes has been running a pos hospital for quite some time. This whole judgement is the biggest joke I ever seen. The people need to rise up and be done with this bullshit.

  8. I am ashamed for Idaho !! Basic freedoms for all of us, were lost over Baby Cyrus !! Who are these monsters ?? Even more, who were the juniors ?? Are we that lost……??? God will not forgive us for allowing evil to rule !!

  9. We are seeing the effects of allowing Californians into our state in masses. The courts are just the beginning. Next they will hold elected posts and the cancer spreads.

    1. Don’t be stupid pure blood. Most of your comrades commenting and supporting this situation and this site are from California.

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