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St. Luke’s Hospital Suing Ammon Bundy, Diego Rodriguez, and Various Other Entities Regarding Protests

By • January 4, 2023

St. Luke’s Health System is suing Ammon Bundy, Diego Rodriguez, the People’s Rights Network, FreedomMan Press LLC, FreedomMan Political Action Committee, and the Ammon Bundy for Governor campaign in a civil lawsuit stemming from protests that took place in March 2022.

The protests were conducted in regard to the health and medical care of Rodriguez’s grandson, Cyrus Anderson. A series of events that became known as “Save Baby Cyrus” occurred from the time the 10-month-old child was taken into custody by order of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare on March 11 until he was returned to his parents Levi and Marissa Anderson on March 18. During at least one of the protests, several Idaho legislators and the Lieutenant Governor attended in support of the Anderson family.

The entire story from the perspective of Defendant Diego Rodriguez can be found here: Baby Cyrus | Freedom Man Press. Rodriguez has also created a website to document the suit from his perspective which can be found here: Details About the Fraudulent Lawsuit (

The lawsuit, filed by St. Luke’s Health System on May 11, 2022, paints a very different picture of the thoughts, motives, and goals of the Defendants named.

You can read the original civil complaint in its entirety here: Dropbox – Lawsuit Share – Simplify your life

The Plaintiffs listed on the complaint are St. Luke’s Health System, St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center, Chris Roth (CEO of St. Luke’s), and Dr. Natasha Erickson (a Pediatric Physician at St. Luke’s).

An amended complaint was filed on June 2, 2022 adding Plaintiff Tracy Jungman, a Nurse Practitioner.

The suit alleges the following:

Count 1: Defamation (Libel and Slander) – All Plaintiffs Against All Defendants

Count 2: Invasion of Privacy – CEO Chris Roth, Dr. Natasha Erickson, NP Tracy Jungman Against All Defendants

Count 3: Intentional Affliction of Emotional Distress – CEO Chris Roth, Dr. Natasha Erickson, NP Tracy Jungman Against All Defendants

Count 4: Common Law Trespass – St. Luke’s Meridian Medical Center and St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center (Boise) Against Ammon Bundy and Diego Rodriguez

Count 5: Statutory Trespass – St. Luke’s Meridian Medical Center and St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center (Boise) Against Ammon Bundy and Diego Rodriguez

Count 6: Unfair Business Practices – All Plaintiffs Against All Defendants

Count 7: Idaho Charitable Solicitation Act – All Plaintiffs Against Defendants Diego Rodriguez and FreedomMan PAC

Count 8: Civil Conspiracy to Commit Defamation, Invasion of Privacy, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Trespass, Unfair Business Practices, and Wrongful Charitable Solicitations – All Plaintiffs Against All Defendants


Some of the statements made in the lawsuit by St. Luke’s, et al. through their attorney Erik Stidham at Holland & Hart Law Firm include,

“The actions and practices of Bundy, Rodriguez, and FreedomMan PAC are misleading, false, or deceptive.”

“Bundy’s Rodriguez’s, and FreedomMan PAC’s conduct and pattern of conduct are outrageous and offensive to the public conscience.”

“Plaintiff St. Luke’s has suffered damages in an amount to be proven at trial.”


The suit seeks the following relief from the court:

A. An award to St. Luke’s Parties for damages in the sum to be proven at trial but in no event less than $50,000;

B. Injunctive relief requiring the Defendants to cease posting and disseminating defamatory statements against the St. Lukes Parties;

C. An award to the St. Luke’s Parties of their reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs for this matter under Idaho Code §§ 12-120(3), 12-121, or other applicable authorities and statutes; and

D. Provide such other relief as the Court determines fair, just, and appropriate under the circumstances.


Idaho Dispatch spoke to Defendants Ammon Bundy and Diego Rodriguez regarding this matter. Bundy describes in the interview that he does not open, read, or respond to any of the correspondence he receives regarding the civil case.

Interview with Ammon Bundy 12/28/2022 (

Idaho Dispatch interviews Ammon Bundy part 2 12/28/222 (

Idaho Dispatch Interviews Diego Rodriguez – January 3, 2023 (

Idaho Dispatch asked for comment from St. Luke’s Health System but have not received a response. We also reached out to Holland and Hart and have not received a response. This article will be updated if we receive responses.

In addition to the civil lawsuit, there is also a criminal trespassing charge against Bundy in regard to his presence at the St. Luke’s Meridian location the night Cyrus was removed from his parents. The pretrial conference for that charge is scheduled for January 18, 2023 at 10am at the Ada County Courthouse in Boise. The trial date is January 23, 2023.

A jury trial has been set for St. Luke’s Health System v. Diego Rodriguez on Monday, July 10, 2023. The trial has been scheduled for 10 full days at the Ada County Courthouse.

It is unknown if there is a trial date set for the civil complaints against the other Defendants.

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42 thoughts on “St. Luke’s Hospital Suing Ammon Bundy, Diego Rodriguez, and Various Other Entities Regarding Protests

  1. St. Luke needs to be sued out of existence.
    For it’s child endangerment of Baby Cyrus and in addition St. Lukes needs to be held accountable for their reckless and harmful endangerment of Idaho’s Citizens by way of their Covid Protocols both past and present.

    1. I totally agree! An Idahoans tort claim would be a great start!
      Also, a huge presence at these gentleman’s hearing as a United front would be the amazing.
      The Lawsuits & Charges are clearly HATE CRIMES against these men for being “extreme” Constitutional Conservatives . If Idahoans don’t take a stand with them, we will see many more innocent People in Idaho fall victim to the Corruption in Idaho.

    2. St Lukes has been always been for the murder of babies (abortion). St Lukes has had two, and maybe more doctors, who are allowed to murder babies in their hospitals. St Lukes leaders have weak consciences and this has caused their bad decisions. Suing Bundy and Rodriquez will further harm their reputation. What about the hundreds of protesters who helped Baby Cyrus be free of CPS abuse, protested the poor judgment of Meridian Police, and the bad decisions of St Lukes? Why would St Lukes sue the two, and not the hundreds. The protests were peaceful. St Lukes lied about the protesters harming their operations and called for a fake shut down, blaming the protesters to get public sympathy and media attention. The media believed the lie for economic and political reasons. St Lukes is being dishonest and malicious with this lawsuit. The establishment likes suppressing the truth for the sake of power.

  2. Countless charges…seeing what sticks…frivolous. “People in glass houses…” How many nurses, healthcare providers, and other hospital staff were let-go because they refused the mRNA vaccine? How many prospective patients were refused healthcare services/surgeries because they weren’t COVID vaccinated or wouldn’t wear a mask?

  3. Are you people that stupid? St. Luke’s had nothing to do with taking Cyrus from his parents! It was Child Protection Services (CPS). The only role the St. Liukes had to do with it was to provide life giving treatment to the baby!
    Ammon Bundy is a criminal, plain and simple. Why does anyone follow him? That to me in the true meaning of mentally diseased.

    1. You’re a complete idiot. St Luke’s gets paid when children are taken away from their families. And if you actually bothered to read the factual evidence provided by the family, St Lukes admitted in their own medical report that the baby didn’t need any “life giving treatment” as you claim. They actually stated that the baby was “perfectly healthy.” So the only one mentally diseased is you since you make comments like a troll about things you don’t know about.

    2. You are entitled to your opinion…but not your own truth.
      The truth and facts are that CPS is the hospitals way of procuring children.
      They also end life..covid misinformation and treatment that ends life.
      Stupid is as stupid does.

    3. Never heard of child trafficking? It is rampant all over the country and in Idaho. Aiding and abetting a crime is a crime. How do you know he is a criminal? Did Bundy harm anyone? No. Where is the crime? Sorry, but you have no idea what you are talking about. CPS is a criminal, for profit organization. They don’t protect children. They get paid for each trafficked child that they capture. Wake up! Your government and corporations are the enemy!

      1. Actually there is a permanent CPS case worker with a permanent office inside of St. Luke’s at all times. That should tell you all you need to know.

  4. A ten day trial? Murder cases don’t even last that long. St Lukes is so full of $h!t and their just trying to stop people from knowing how awful they are. I hope Ammon sues them back and destroys them!

  5. It’s really too bad that this is going the way it is. The staff at St. Luke’s meridian that took care of my dad in his last days of battling cancer were some of the best humans I’ve ever met and did all they could to save him and when we knew the inevitable they kept him comfortable. That being said, the higher ups see it all as dollar signs but what hospital isn’t this way because I would sure love to support that place.

    1. No treatment is infinitely better than dying in a hospital room.
      The poison they give you is first to drain your wallet and end your life.

      1. Is this the same St Luke’s that sponsored the Gay Pride Drag Queen show and performs gender transformation procedures?

  6. Isn’t this the same St. Luke’s that killed people with Remdesivir and a ventilator when they came in with the coronavirus for treatment? The same St. Luke’s that denied people lifesaving Ivermectin, oxygen, and intravenous Vitamin C? The same St. Luke’s that denied loved ones to visit and advocate for their hospitalized family members? The same hospital that profited off killing people using the excuse of the CARES Act?

    1. Moral of the story is, don’t run against the Blue Wave Governor or Lt. Governor. Interesting how lawsuits are filed for such ridiculous reasons to make sure no one goes against Biden Administration supporters.

      More Californication of Idaho for and by our own Blue Republicans.

  7. I heard the St. Lukes CEO made about $18 million over the last two years!!!
    What the heck is going on!?!?
    And now, as a plaintiff he’s personally suing for pain and suffering cuz he can’t take the heat of his bad policies in baby napping.
    How is this acceptable? Why isn’t their public outrage over both of these two issues, separately and collectively

  8. If Saint Luke’s doesn’t like having a reputation for being vindictive, maybe they shouldn’t pursue frivolous vindictive lawsuits.

  9. If we learned nothing from the last 2+ years at least we should have learned big pharmaceutical and big hospitals are institutions of big government.
    Death is their trade. Depopulation is their plan.
    There are no conspiracy theories any more. They over played their hand. Kennedy was assassinated by CIA and FBI and LBJ.

  10. Don’t run for office against the Biden twins, “Little and Bedke”, or you will be sued and crucified financially.

  11. What is the point of this lawsuit St Luke’s? Get over it & leave these people alone. Since the pandemic the public has lost confidence in you & now you’re making it even worse. Your suit if based on protesting – protesting is legal.

  12. Hopefully, our new AG Labrador will take action against covid crime and child trafficking.
    I hope these people all get together and counter sue.

  13. This is the face of the new Medical Mafia that have set up shop in the medical community. Big hospitals, backed by institutional hubris and mutual reinforcing agreements and glad handing has built this bully network that ignores real science and concern for public health, so that they can extend the tyranny of their perceived reign over all other laws or protections afforded to the public. St Lukes and St Als are the BMOC of local politics, playing off their roles during the Covid Plandemic scare. We need to retrench these bullies ASAP.

  14. If you are a pooty-pooty, q-anony, trumpy-trumpy worshipper of Saint Ammon Bundy, then it is OK to starve and abuse your children and grand-children because of Conservative values !

  15. Well, people on the jury better know what to do. If we put up with this shit in Idaho, we are just gonna get more of it.

    I gotta wonder who is putting St Lukes up to this? Glad to see they got money to throw around on this crap.

  16. Moral of the story: Don’t run against Brad Little or Scott Bedke for the governor or Lt. Governor. There is clearly a pattern here, “harass or sue” anyone that gets in your way. Looks a lot like Newsom’s California and Biden’s DC.

    No more constitutional rights. Why would anyone support communism?

    An absolute ruler who governs without restrictions, especially one who seized power illegally.

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