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Idaho Dispatch is a non-partisan platform designed to be your local media ally in Idaho. The perspectives offered by the various contributors to this site are their own and do not necessarily reflect the values, goals, or opinions of the editors and staff of Idaho Dispatch.

We encourage polite comments and discussion in the comment section under each article, and we strongly discourage name-calling and ad-hominem attacks.

The goal of Idaho Dispatch is to bring you political news that gives you both sides of the story without all the personal bias which often finds its way into news articles. We also cover stories that many media outlets refuse to cover but are important to many Idahoans.

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Editor/Reporter – Greg Pruett

Greg Pruett currently serves as the primary reporter and editor for the Idaho Dispatch. Greg started the Idaho Dispatch in June of 2020 because he felt that the mainstream media had lost its way in objective and fair reporting. His goal was to bring Idahoans a news outlet where the personal bias of reporters was left out of the articles and where each side of a political story had an opportunity to make their voices heard.

While Greg is not a “trained journalist,” he feels that the most important aspect of journalism right now is less about particular writing skills and more about being honest and as unbiased as possible in the reporting. Many journalists, Greg believes, have forgotten how to do their jobs correctly or are forced to be biased and unfair due to the growing media efforts to push an agenda.

Greg is a husband and father of five children. They enjoy many outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, shooting, camping, and more.