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Breaking News: Proposed Order for Default Judgment Filed Today Against Ammon Bundy et al.

By • April 19, 2023

A proposed order for default judgment in the case of St. Luke’s Hospital et al. vs Ammon Bundy et al., as well as a memorandum in support of the judgment, has been filed today in Fourth District Ada County Court.

If granted, the default judgment will apply only to Ammon Bundy, Ammon Bundy for Governor, and the People’s Rights Network. The remaining defendants named in the original civil complaint – Diego Rodriguez, Freedom Man Press LLC, and Freedom Man PAC – are not included in the proposed order for default judgment.

There are both criminal and civil cases in progress regarding Ammon Bundy’s involvement in protests relating to what became known as the “Save Baby Cyrus” incident that occurred in March 2022. Idaho Dispatch reported on that here: St. Luke’s Hospital Suing Ammon Bundy, Diego Rodriguez, and Various Other Entities Regarding Protests – Idaho Dispatch

The first criminal charges related to trespassing at the Meridian St. Luke’s Hospital property the night Cyrus Anderson was removed from his parents. Idaho Dispatch reported on that here: Ammon Bundy Proposes Plea Deal, Judge Rejects and Orders Trial, but Then New Plea Deal Reached – Idaho Dispatch. That element has now been resolved.

Idaho Dispatch sat down with Bundy in December 2022. You can view those interviews here:

Interview with Ammon Bundy 12/28/2022 (

Idaho Dispatch interviews Ammon Bundy part 2 12/28/222 (

The civil case has continued without Bundy participating in the proceedings. St. Luke’s Hospital, through their attorneys at Holland & Hart, have had documents served to Bundy at his Emmett residence for months. This was done by the Gem County Sheriff’s office, as well as private process servers. Recently Bundy posted an article detailing an incident at his home involving two Sheriff’s deputies: 

Following the incident, Gem County Sheriff Donnie Wunder issued this statement, explaining that he is concerned about continuing to serve documents at the home of Bundy.

Six days later on April 18, St. Luke’s filed a notice to the Fourth District Ada County Court that they had filed a petition for a writ of mandamus and prohibition against the Gem County Sheriff with the Idaho Supreme Court. The writ states,

“The Petition seeks relief from the Idaho Supreme Court for the obstacles to serving legal documents filed in this case on Defendant Ammon Bundy in his individual and representative capacities. The Gem County Sheriff has clear statutory and constitutional duties to serve legal filings on a private litigant, but refuses to do so because of the threat of violence Bundy poses, and Bundy’s position on Idaho Code § 18-7008 that the Sheriff, his deputies, and private process servers commit criminal trespass by entering Bundy’s property solely to deliver legal documents and cause no property damage. Bundy’s prevention of service of notices, subpoenas, and other filings required to be served in person in this case prejudices Plaintiffs in this litigation. And the Sheriff’s refusal to serve process and acquiescence in Bundy’s interpretation of Idaho Code § 18-7008 violates Plaintiffs’ constitutional rights.”


Also on April 18, there was a hearing for a motion for contempt of court. St. Luke’s alleged that Bundy had violated a court order by publicly discussing the civil case against him. The motion for contempt was granted, and Judge Norton issued a warrant of attachment for arrest of Bundy because of the contempt, which included a $10,000 bond. Idaho Dispatch reported on that here: Breaking News: Warrant Issued for the Arrest of Ammon Bundy – Idaho Dispatch

Following yesterday’s hearing, Diego Rodriguez, the grandfather of Baby Cyrus and also named in the civil lawsuit, posted this article to his website: Judge Lynn Norton Just Intentionally Broke the Law, Proving That She is Biased and Malicious and Unfit to Preside Over Our Case (

Late today St. Luke’s filed a Motion for Default Judgment as well as a Memorandum in Support of the Motion for Default Judgment in the civil case. (You may see all the pages by using the arrows at the bottom of each document.)

Proposed Order on Default


Memorandum ISO Order for Default


Feature photo courtesy of Mike Kasper in a video from Mix106

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18 thoughts on “Breaking News: Proposed Order for Default Judgment Filed Today Against Ammon Bundy et al.

    1. Boycott St Luke’s! Never again use their corrupt hospital system. Just blood money ceos who make $8.5 million per year.

    1. I would bet Brad Little and the Republican good-ol’-boy network is backing St Luke’s to the hilt in taking down Ammon Bundy.

  1. I wonder just how many millions of dollars St Luke’s has spent on this lawsuit or is willing to spend? As a non profit corporation Wouldn’t that money be better spent on the patients or lack of patients instead of the continued harassment of Bundy and Rodriguez?

  2. Looks like the medical industrial complex, the broken justice system (or lack of justice system) & political targeting are working overtime against freedom and liberty.
    They get him & we are next. Socialism 101

    Shame on that judge, betray the oath, betray us all.

  3. This is 100% political persecution, nobody gets criminal charges for accidentally, stepping on the wrong part of the sidewalk in a public area in a public hospital!

  4. Show me the difference between this case and any number of episodes in Germany of the mid-1930s…Russia under Stalin…China under Mao…or Idaho under Little. OOPS, that last one just sorta’ slipped out!

  5. I’ll make sure to go to St. Alphonsus next time I need medical asst. Last time I went to St. Lukes they charged me 11,000 for a bladder infection, and then sent me to collections while I was paying $400 a month!? I thought it was against the law to send someone to collections if they were continuously paying every month, they are crooks! I agree with the other comments they should be countersued for harassment.

  6. That’s enough of St Lukes hysteria, take away their non-profit status and bring these raving lunatics back to earth.

  7. This comment may be a judged a “side” consideration, but nonetheless here’s what I think……

    To MY knowledge, Ammon Bundy and his family are life-long, faithful TITHING members of Idaho’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, so I’d like to know just WHERE ARE the tens of thousands of his fellow Mormons who I should think would be coming to his defense during this long siege of absolute TOTALITARIAN POLITICAL PERSECUTION pitted against him? It seems to be nothing but “crickets” and cowardice coming from the most of these fellow “Christians” of his, with neither the community of believers nor their church hierarchy of Bishops anywhere around to be seen or heard from!

    JUST MAYBE, once Ammon – – thanks in part to the support of some truly gutsy people who do support him – – gets this horrible ordeal behind him, he oughta just shake the dust off his feet and go looking for a church community which has the Christ-ed backbone and plain old human decency to stand up against EVIL and come to the defense of their besieged brother!

  8. I think the right AG got elected this time. Hopefully, Mr. Bundy lets the process play out while formulating the complete evedential timeline, then hopefully AG Labrador will interpose if still necessary.

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