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Breaking News: Warrant Issued for the Arrest of Ammon Bundy

By • April 18, 2023

A warrant of attachment for the arrest of Ammon Bundy has been issued today by Ada County Judge Lynn Norton in the case of St. Luke’s Hospital vs Ammon Bundy.

A motion for contempt made by the attorney for St. Luke’s Hospital, Erik Stidham of the firm Holland & Hart, was also granted today by Norton.

The purpose of the arrest is to force Bundy to attend an arraignment hearing and to participate in the court proceedings of the case, including the hearing for contempt. The arrest warrant includes a $10,000 bond.

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64 thoughts on “Breaking News: Warrant Issued for the Arrest of Ammon Bundy

  1. We should be arresting the St. Lukes Administrators for demociding Idahoans. And then arrest the attorneys and politicians that aided and abetted them in the process.

    1. I agree……………….. Law suits are popping up all over the U.S. hospitals, doctors, nurses and big pharma for pushing an agenda and getting paid big money to do so. Now we all are finding out about the biggest lie that our government along with state and local government did too its people.

      1. You can’t run of office against the people in office that are using Communist tactics to annihilate you.

    2. You are absolutely correct.The caretakers are great people but the administrators are terrible people.They couldn’t care less about the patients.

  2. Fortunately Gem County has a Constitutional Sheriff who will not serve the warrant, thank God.

    St. Lukes is indeed the guilty one in this case and must be prosecuted accordingly.

    1. Remains to be seen …. I’ve not seen nor heard Donny Wunder publicly stating he is a Constitutional Sheriff.

  3. So sad that St Luke’s is so evil. No concern for children or the health of their patients. Ammon is a great man and he is being harrassed because he is brave enough to stand up to criminals

  4. This is Civil. This is America….
    We have Freedom of Speech.
    Leave this Godly man and his family alone! SHAMEFUL!!!

  5. Good to hear. It’s about time this grifter from out of state takes responsibility for his actions.

    1. If Ammon is a grifter from out of state then half of all Idahoans are too. He has been here for almost a decade. Also, how is a political arrest warrant making Ammon take responsibility fro his action?

    2. He resides in Idaho actually this statement is false.
      He also doesn’t engage in petty or small scale swindling per definition of “grifter” so the title you have given him is also incorrect I suggest you meet him or research before defamatory statements are made. In all fairness.

      1. A “grifter” is a con artist, someone who obtains money by swindling or tricking others.

        Fits Ammon to a tee.

    3. Do you have any evidence to back up your statements? No? Didn’t think so.

      You try sitting in solitary confinement for over two years being persecuted for defending your father’s land from the federal government. BTW – he was _completely_ exonerated on all charges brought against him.

    4. Mark wears a mask driving alone in his EV car with a Biden-Harris bumper sticker, has been vaxxed and boosted 14x’s and believes there’s 173 genders

    5. You can’t run of office against the people in office that are using Communist tactics to annihilate you.

  6. Cliven called Finicum a “good sacrifice”.

    Which of Ammon’s acolytes are next?

    I suggest these remaining acolytes go to Ammon’s compound for a summer vacation. Have another Bundy standoff. But, before you do so, donate to PRN. Dono Custos (Bundy) and Freedom Tabernacle (Rodriquez) will appreciate it.

    1. You clearly don’t know the FACTS of the financial burden this has been on the Bundy family. I know enough to tell you, they have not profited from any of these cases. Why don’t you gather facts and evidence before running your mouth and pretending to be the media. Ammon has acquired nice things because HE WORKED and became a SUCCESSFUL businessman and provider for his family! It must be difficult for people now a days to imagine someone could own nice things from their own labor.

      1. So, KK.

        PRN is not registered as a 501 or in any other way. Both Bundy and Nate Jone explained to me via email why: It has no board and no oversight. PRN accepts donations that are then laundered through Dono Custos and Freedom Tabernacle, meaning any donation becomes the property of these private entities controlled by Bundy & Rodriquez.

        All of this is neither transparent or legal.

        Bundy & Rodriquez are not participating in the St Luke’s suit because of discovery, as discovery uncovers the grift.

        You think the St Lukes case is the problem? Wait until the feds move in: fraud, laundering, wire transfer and conspiracy to commit.

        1. You’re cute. Thinking you have all the facts and are solving a murder mystery. What do you do for fun? Stalk and harass people online? Use an all powerful government to abuse and terrorize it’s civilian population? Did you celebrate when the police killed Alton Sterling or Philando Castille? LaVoy Finicum? Gordan Kahl? Do you like that Leonard Peltier is locked away in a ruthless prison on an unjust sentence? Jeff Weinhaus? Schaeffer Cox? Have you ever studied about the Trail of tears? Kent State? Waco? Ruby Ridge? Do these deaths, by the hands of your almighty government, make you smile?
          Do you pull the hair of puppies just to watch them cry? All mighty and all knowing Zinda has spoken, and therefore truth has been uttered to the nations. Chris, you should repent of your hateful heart and seek God’s face, hang up this hobby of stalking people and unite with your neighbor. A good life doesn’t have to include dancing on people’s graves.

          1. Stalking? Hardly, as Ammon is a public figure and PRN an organization.

            What’s hilarious is you – a representative for PRN, a professional doxxer and one who protests at the homes of public figures – is making such a dubious accusation.

        2. You can’t run of office against the people in office that are using Communist tactics to annihilate you.

          We know you are on the current administration’s side. That explains your worthless comments.

    2. LaVoy acted of his own will. He was a man of principle and CONVICTION. He believed in this country and in his fellow Americans. He believed the people could correct the mess were in, by standing together and peaceably saying NO. He had a gun under the seat of the truck that day and even after being shot at numerous times, HE DIDNT RESORT TO VIOLENCE! Not even in self defense! He didn’t want bloodshed. Instead he fled and went to find the sheriff in the next town. He didn’t try to harm anyone! If he wanted to harm someone, he could have hit the vehicles and officers stationed in the middle of the road. If you want to talk about LaVoy, you should gather the evidence from a source other than the feds!

      1. I gather the source from myself, having met LaVoy.

        I know Jeanette believes you nor Ammon get to speak for LaVoy or his family, and that she has little good to say about Ammon himself, a disagreement where he referred to her as a disgrace to LaVoy and “the cause.”

        KK, you’re a Bundy/PRN acolyte, steadfast to the cause since ’16. I get it.

        1. Lol, you hang with the trolls I see. At any rate, I think those who were LaVoy when he died could also speak to his state of mind that day. Not any other Finicum’s where there in the truck with him. He was a man of principle and courage and you’ll never amount to half the man he was. He stood up for those being abused while you just hover over them like a vulture, waiting to prey upon their carcass.

        2. Lol, you hang with the trolls I see. At any rate, I think those who were with LaVoy when he died could also speak to his state of mind that day. Not any other Finicum’s where there in the truck with him. He was a man of principle and courage and you’ll never amount to half the man he was. He stood up for those being abused while you just hover over them like a vulture, waiting to prey upon their carcass.

    3. Clearly you have never had to defend yourself against the government and their lackeys. First sign of trouble, you sound like you’d bow down. Maybe speak on softer things?

  7. Ammon stood for Baby Cyrus and spoke against what was happening to his family now St. Lukes is using the courts to punish him for it. They don’t want money they want to destroy him. If someone doesn’t show up to a civil court case then the judge has the power to issues default judgment and rule for the plaintive. But not in this case, instead they issue a warrant for Ammon’s arrest.

    1. The court has awarded the default judgement I just saw it posted next to this story today.St. Lukes is just going to to get their pound of flesh come hell or high water .

  8. Makes no sense.. CIVIL case. Just issue a default judgement.. HUGE BREACH OF PROTOCOL to issue a warrant.. this is an issue between 2 parties which has ZERO criminal implications.

    1. This is the second time in a week that I’ve encountered stories that indicate that the “powers that be” are trying to merge civil and criminal law. I know that prosecutors are already using prosecutorial discretion to turn criminal activities into civil torts. With Ammon, they are trying to turn a civil dispute into a criminal action.

      Do a search on Restorative Justice. It’s a United Nations programme.

    2. Exactly BJ. Extremely hard to see Ammon go through this BS where private companies can use the courts to intemidate.

    3. It has to do with discovery, damages and collection, that discovery would expose criminal wrongdoing.

      As a PRN leader, do you approve that PRN accepts donations that are laundered through Dono and FT? That PRN is not registered with any entity nor has a governing oversight board, including required audits?

      As a leader (this to KK, too), do you know how much has been donated to PRN? Do you know where this money was dispersed, spent?

      1. If people choose to donate, that’s their choice. PRN has overhead costs. It loses more than it makes Im sure. It’s also not a group with ‘leaders’, it’s a network. Hence the name, People’s Rights NETWORK. Have you looked up the meaning of that word Chris? It refers to exchanging information and communicating. No structure. I know this bothers you and you want Ammon to be the ‘leader’ of this network. Sad to inform you, things aren’t what they always seem. No pockets are getting lined by donations. You also seem very worried about other people’s finances. Can we talk about yours for a minute? Who pays your bills? Do you get donations for your stalking work? Have you ever received donations or made money that wasn’t directly from an employer? When you buy things out of state, where there’s no sales tax, do you report that to the IRS on your taxes at the end of the year? Can you show us proof of this? Are you married? Where do you live? Will your parents be leaving you any money? Will it be reported to the IRS? Did you give you any gifts ahead of time to avoid an inheritance tax? Chris, let’s talk about YOU! Or can you only think of ammon ammon ammon ammon ammon ammon ammon ammon ammon?

        1. So, you don’t know how much money PRN has collected nor care how it was/is disbersed.

          If an entity accepts donations and a select few (Bundy/Rodriquez) disberse those funds it is by definition an organization with leaders.

          As an individual, I comply with Federal and State laws regarding my income, including subject to audit.

          PRN does not comply with laws, laws in place to help prevent fraud – which in Bundy’s case may include campaign finance violations.

          All you have to offer is Marcia, Marcia, Marcia; Bundy & Rodriquez silence of the grifters.

          Open the PRN books Ammon!

  9. .
    The corrupt and wicked IDAHO establishment and St. Luke’s are terrified of truly being exposed and facing justice for their crimes against children and humanity. They will do anything to silence those who stand for TRUTH. Ammon has continued as always to do what is right and is being punished for doing so. Anyone who values life and liberty should be taking a bold and public stand for the man who has put EVERYTHING on the line for God, Liberty and those in need. He stood for Baby Cyrus, will you stand for him?
    The corruption in IDAHO runs deep.

  10. This episode of the Clownshow brought to you by:
    St Luke’s hospital: “Third highest ranked hospital in Idaho after West Vet.”
    Holland and Hart: “Where lying is lawyering!”
    IACI: “When you’re a good old boy and you need a henchman we’re here for you!”
    And the Federal Government lead underwriter of the Clownshow. “Controlling the media narrative for over 100 years.”

  11. Absolutely disgusting! That Gem County Sheriff’s letter probably helped the henchmen get the warrant. He is a no good liar! He mentioned Ammon asked for a trespassing order, and that he was angry, but failed to mention the deputies were actually trespassing & looking through windows without a warrant! The fix is in, and Idaho’s swamp is trying to take Ammon down.

  12. This is the corporate/state/fed cold civil war in action. A weaponization of civil government by the corporofascist medical industrial complex. Keep pushing and the war goes hot. They apparently do not realize the gravity of their situation.

  13. I support Ammon Bundy rescuing Baby Cyrus. Our children are vulnerable. One day they will understand whether we stood on there behalf or not.

  14. This is a huge abuse of power! A civil case should never be assisted with threats of handcuffs and chains! I can’t imagine being sued and then told, “Show up the hearing or we’ll have the sheriff drag you in by chains and appear before us!” It has ALWAYS been custom that if one party failed to appear, a default judgement could be issued and that person could automatically lose the case. The sheriff is not a personal security guard of a private entity like St Lukes! This warrant is as bogus and loopy as our President! Any officer who enforces this arrest should be ashamed of himself! If this was any of us who tried to sue the hospital, the judge would have already dismissed the lawsuit. When the people fear the government there is tyranny. But when the government fears the people’s there is FREEDOM!!!

    1. Amen. The judge should be investigated by the AG’s office for gross dereliction of duty. The judge can not order penalties/fines or a detainment/arrest in a civil case.

  15. St Lukes is pure satanic evil. Recently the bill passed making it illegal to perform gender affirmation surgeries and prescribe puberty blockers, etc. St Luke’s had a clinic doing all that. Their demonic lawyers figured out a loophole where they can take the child out of state. They have a clinic in eastern Oregon where they can do it still. If you support St Luke’s in any way…STOP!!!

  16. Rummer has it LaVoy was blackmailed to participate in this theatrical performense of his so called demise due to litigation pending on child sexual abuse charges brought by his many foster children that earned him income!

    1. You an edit if you believe that. Very few men exist that are as good and honorable as Lavoy. Lavoy was a Saint fro taking in so many trouble children.

  17. For any who don’t know the backstory, this is it:

    Ammon Bundy decided he was sick of the RINO’s running for Governor and wanted to return Idaho to a Constitutional state. (Look at his platform if you don’t believe me.) Brad Little didn’t want his ties to corporate money being called out on the campaign trail so he looked for an excuse to get Bundy in trouble.
    One of Bundy’s friends had a newborn. Brad Little instructed the Idaho State Police to take the infant in to St. Luke’s claiming that the child wasn’t being cared for by its parents. Bundy and the friend both tried to get St. Luke’s to release the child back to his parents for care and St. Luke’s refused. More friends of Bundy as well as political advocates of Brad Little camped out and protested the treatment of the infant by St. Luke’s and the Governor’s office. Because of the number of people protesting, St. Luke’s claimed that they were “endangering” operations at the hospital.

    Eventually, baby Cyrus was allowed to go back to his parents. But the child’s condition did NOT improve under St. Luke’s care. This is _crucial_ to understand as it completely undermines the Child Protection Services warrant underlying everything.

    St. Luke’s is suing Bundy personally at the behest of the Governor in a blatant abuse of the court system – and in furtherance of the Governor’s own political ambitions. Bundy has been a thorn in his side for years and sees this as payback.

    Make no mistake: this lawsuit is politically-motivated and was filed so that a politically-connected and biased judge would oversee the entire affair. They intentionally put Bundy into a no-win scenario. His only recourse is not to play the game at all.

  18. This is what happens when Admiralty Courts [Law of the Sea] are all that is left and we have no more Common Law Courts [Law of the Land]. All Judges, Attorneys and courts are British Accredited Registry [B.A.R.]. Registered in London as an entertainment and theater business! Everyone is now entertained! The theater is the court room!

    It’s time to learn your Common Law of, by and for the people. This is our true system missing from our land thanks to FDR.

  19. Inflicting political and social justice vendettas using the court system is out of control across the county. Trust in the health care system is at an all time low for justified reasons and this move just adds to the list of the system’s failings.

  20. It’s no surprise to see yet another arrest warrant for Ammon Bundy.
    Predictably it riles up the #bundycult & they blindly rally to his defense.
    It also dusted off some old classics that we don’t hear from much anymore.
    Kelly Stewart used to be the #bundycult’s most effective online beggar until Facebook unceremoniously got rid of her a few years back…ending her run of public grifting.
    BJ Soper was a less effective online beggar but that didn’t stop he from trying over & over again. He remains an active participant in the failed PRN which to date has accomplished very little other than collecting donations.
    Ammon Bundy got very lucky twice with the feds but he’s not going to have the same good fortune when it comes to St Luke’s.

    1. So, specify in minute detail what Ammon did wrong in protesting outside St Luke’s the taking of his close friend’s grandchild and holding him against the will of the parents. Please cite the statute that was violated by Bundy, or the parents of the baby. Please convince us that you occupy the moral high ground and that decency and righteousness are on your side.

  21. That’s enough of St. Lukes hysteria, take away their non-profit status and bring these raving lunatics back to earth.

  22. Ammon Bundy stood up against the government/big business alliance wherein the Idaho Child Protective Services in cahoots with the police and St Luke’s hospital wrongfully and unjustifiably kidnapped baby Cyrus from competent and loving parents, undermining and stomping on parental rights. Now, the court is doing an unprecedented arrest warrant for a CIVIL case and not a CRIMINAL case. Normally, a no show in a civil case results in a default judgement, not an arrest warrant. Further proof that Idaho or at least Ada county is going into a dark place.

  23. Bottom line, everyone is missing the real point. Look at all the greed, corruption, and evil in our country and the world. I’d think really hard about this. Politicians that were elected to do our bidding are trying to enslave us and selling our country to our enemies. I believe “this is the end of times that religious groups have written about through history.” Just open your eyes and see what’s happening all around us daily. I’m sure some of you will laugh, but here is some good advice. Get right with God.

  24. St. Lukes is using Ammon Bundy as a scapegoat for the implosion they have brought on themselves! The Baby Cyrus incident is just a drop in the bucket. St. Lukes was one of the most egregious in their abusive handling of covid, including their mistreatment of patients and their subsequent hard-core abuse of their own staff members in their “jab or else” program. They have been nasty to clients/patients. They have driven numerous surgeons and other specialists away. (I was forced to change my insurance plan to include other options because of their policies denying surgical time to my doctors.) Their transgender program for kids is simply vile. Sorry, St. Lukes, but your problem isn’t Ammon Bundy–your problem is your own “woke” administration that is destroying what used to be a respectable medical organization.

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