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Arrest Warrant Issued for Ammon Bundy Following His Absence on First Day of New Trial in Ada County

By • November 13, 2023

An arrest warrant was issued for Ammon Bundy today when he was not present for the first day of a trial regarding contempt of court charges.

Following a civil trial in July of this year, a jury found Bundy and his friend Diego Rodriguez guilty of defamation regarding the case involving Idaho CPS and Baby Cyrus. The jury ordered the two men to pay St. Luke’s hospital $52 million. The two were also ordered to remove websites and other information they had posted online about the Baby Cyrus story. When they did not remove that content, Bundy was charged with contempt of court. The trial on those charges began today in the Ada County courtroom of Judge Nancy Baskin.

You can find some of the previous Idaho Dispatch coverage here, here, and here.

Bundy sent an email yesterday to some of the involved parties to inform them he would not be in the courtroom today, and that he does not plan to attend “any other day” either.

Because of this email and Bundy’s absence today, Judge Baskin told those in attendance that she would be issuing a new arrest warrant, and the bond would be $250,000 – significantly higher than the bond on the previous warrant of $10,000.

This evening Bundy tweeted photos of himself and his wife Lisa with Baby Cyrus, and said,

“Today Judge Baskin issued a $250,000 warrant for my arrest. The only thing I care to say is that I don’t regret any of it. I was honest in everything I said and getting Baby Cyrus back to his parents makes all of the trouble worth it. Please pray for my family.”

Stew Peters of The Stew Peters Network, a national personality, retweeted Bundy’s post, adding a photo of Judge Nancy Baskin.

Peters has been involved in the case of Baby Cyrus for several months, and featured the Idaho story in his documentary, These Little Ones.


Feature image from Ammon Bundy’s Facebook page

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17 thoughts on “Arrest Warrant Issued for Ammon Bundy Following His Absence on First Day of New Trial in Ada County

  1. This tyranny has got to end at some point. I pray for the sheriff of gem county to tell the Ada county judge to take a flying leap. Seriously. The Sheriff is key here. He needs to know that his job is protect the citizens God given constitutional rights not the rights of fascist corps backed by a corrupt judicial system taking orders from a rogue government guilty of treason!!

    1. The Wunder Blunder sheriff there is coward. He refuses to meet with his constituents. I made an appointment regarding some comments he made about A. Bundy because I was concerned and didn’t understand what view was coming from. He refused to meet unless I relinquished my phone. I wasn’t trying to hide recording, I wanted comments from both sides to be recorded accurately. He refused. A sheriff that refuses to meet with constituents isn’t one worth keeping.

  2. The 2nd amendment gives the people the legal authority to shoot tyrants. If the Sheriff tries to arrest Ammon then let him be the kindle that ignites the new american revolution.

  3. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F Kennedy

  4. It’s time. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson

  5. The Bundys are terrible parents, constantly traumatizing (i.e abusing) their kids. All Ammon had to do was stop once Cyrus was returned. Instead, he acted like an asshat and his family, again, suffers.

    I knew Ammon would never participate in any legal setting that exposed he and Rodriguez’ PRN money laundering to scrutiny. Today, it’s grand theater: he’s neutered and left with nothing but geriatrics and nutballs, multiple arrest warrants in several states and on the run – a fitting end for “The Profit.”

    1. I’d suggest you put down the kool-aid and give some time for it to drain, because your eyeballs are still blue.

      The real culprit in all of this was Governor Brad Little. He was the one who sent CPS after Diego and his buddies at St. Luke’s made sure that the doctors issued statements to cover their behinds, even though the facts showed that while in their care Baby Cyrus’ health _declined_. This was all because Little didn’t want Bundy exposing his unConstitutional actions during COVID in the Governor’s race.

      This entire affair was political persecution by the healthcare system who props up Little (IACI). Bundy had enough guts to call them on it.

      1. Lol.

        Sure, buddy.

        I hear Little sent black helicopters piloted by transgender recruits, too. They contrailed you all with toxic MRNA.

        THIS is what Bundy has left? Wackadoodles?

  6. Apparently Ammon got far too many votes in his Gubernatorial quest and has to marginalized with lawfare in somewhat the same way they are attempting with Trump.

  7. Thanks for all your wisdom and insight about Amon B. Mrs Chris Z. We all value your knowledge and are inspired by your fervent enthusiasm and support of the rise of corporate Marxism and communism in the country and state of Idaho.
    I Hope your long anticipated construction project of your Time Machine (that has seemingly now been a waste of time) so that you could travel back to 1935 and sail back to nazi Germany and communist Russia to participate with the Brown coats (SS murder brigade) and/or Karl Marx labor party in the murdering of millions of innocent and deplorable political descenders has been enjoyable for you.
    Now you can give more time to empowering the current resurgence of those ideologies here in the now in the USA and state of Idaho.
    I pray only that the flames of Hell will soon be licking at the soles of yours and everyone else involved in this political assassinations feet and quickly consume you alls entire being.
    At least you’re standing for something or you may fall for anything.
    To all you sycophantic useful idiots out there in Freedom hating, God hating constitution shredding land. I fervently hope all of your dreams and nightmares are realized and find you in this life before the ultimate judgement comes upon you.
    May God have mercy on your soles.
    As for me God will judge me as well because my mercy has less virtue and perfection than His.
    It is better that a man tie a mills stone around his neck and be cast into the see than he or “it” does any harm to one of His (Jesus) little ones (children).
    I believe I have refrained from calling any one any vicious names but have obviously directly associated you with the thoughts and values you so obviously aspire to and admire.
    I may not have made my self totally clear here but it tried to.
    Thank you for the space to comment and ya all have a great day and happy thanksgiving.
    P.S. I’m praying for you Amon. Your a freedom loving friend of mine.

    1. “May God have mercy on your soles….”

      As Satan’s little minion (Bundy told me this), my feet say – what a dope.

  8. Chris Z.- you have nothing but accusations and slander. You accuse A. Bundy of abuse and theatrics. You call hundreds of people geriatrics and nutballs. You have clearly no understanding of court procedure or Idaho politics outside what you imagine or have heard from propagandists. Where are your facts, where is your evidence? You have nothing but hot air and a bad opinion. Even when given facts, which anyone who actually researches this story would see, you will stick with your emotional prejudice. This attitude is the hallmark of the neo progressive and is of no use to us in this country or on this platform. As a footnote- I am neither elderly or have nuts.

    1. I know the facts say Ammon Bundy, Diego Rodriguez and others are engaged in a criminal conspiracy to launder donations given to PRN, an organization not registered as an entity with the IRS as a non-profit or state as a for-profit, using their LLCs Dono Custos and Freedom Tabernacle. It’s my belief that they are not participating in the lawsuit because they understand the danger of discovery.

      I know for a fact that IREHR has built a strawman, forwarding that Ammon’s Army is 40k+ strong – which is utter nonsense given he has not shown he can even muster 50 these days. Because of this, LE is intimidated by a scarecrow. Of those who do show, most are old women, old men and nutjobs like Gaylord and Pettinger. Perhaps we’ll see this play out today (for the home inspection – are you going, Bri?).

      I know for a fact Ammon has multiple arrest warrants in several states, including a $250k bond and both he and Rodriguez a $52M judgement against them. I know he sent his family away, further traumatizing them, illustrating the kind of man he’s become.

      Finally, I know for a fact he called Jeanette Finicum a disgrace and that he takes no responsibility for LaVoy’s death – and that LaVoy stood when Ammon didn’t, surrendering with his hands high.

      1. Oh and the IRS and that organization you speak of are angels??? at some point people must fight back. And believe me, CPS is a Satanist organization. Anyone fighting against them has a long road to go and a lot of fire and brimstone. Sounds like this guy has a little experience at least. He might have a chance! Pray for him, and that child and his family. They need it. God help them!

  9. If you go to Senator Nancy Schaeffer of Georgia, you will find that she was trying desperately to stop CPS from taking children and child trafficking! They are a huge child trafficking organization, and the only one that is legal in the United States. I was a CityCouncilwoman when a granddaughter was taken from me by way of coercion to remove her sister if I did not agree. I had third-party custody of her sister And the little one had been with us for over a year. It tore me apart to have to make a choice. I felt like the woman in the Bible. The little one was adopted after I returned her. I later ran for Senate and was in the general election. My goal was to shut CPS down completely! Legislators fought against CPS with me. I cannot imagine what this man is going through. I agree with him. Don’t play along. CPS has taken control of our children. Children who belong to us. They do not belong to them. Every child in foster care has been abused either medically if not physically. They cannot be with their families. They cannot be who they are. I could tell you stories that would go into next year of abuse via CPS. Look up Senator Nancy Schaeffer. She tells the entire story before her and her husband were murdered in their home.

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