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Ammon Bundy Arrest Warrant Inspection Denied by Judge Baskin

By • November 16, 2023

Idaho Dispatch has been denied access to inspect and publish the arrest warrant recently issued by Judge Nancy Baskin in the latest chapter of the case in which St. Luke’s Hospital sued Ammon Bundy.

See our most recent coverage of the case here: Arrest Warrant Issued for Ammon Bundy Following His Absence on First Day of New Trial in Ada County – Idaho Dispatch

Although the statements made and the orders issued by Judge Baskin in court on Monday have been widely reported, Idaho Dispatch includes original source documentation wherever possible. David Pettinger of the Idaho Dispatch used the standard request form in Ada County for requesting to inspect sealed documents.


The completed request is shown here, received by the Court on November 14.

Completed Request for Inspection Redacted

Judge Baskin denied the request for the Idaho Dispatch, and the public at large, to inspect the contents of the warrant. In addition, she erred in the original denial by saying,

“Defendant’s request for copy of the warrant of attachment and the failure to appear warrant are denied pursuant to Idaho Court Administrative Rule 32(g).”

Neither David Pettinger, nor the Idaho Dispatch, are defendants in the case.

Also, oddly, the order denying the request was then sent to Diego Rodriguez (who is not the subject of the warrant), Erik Stidham (counsel for St. Luke’s), and a person at the Idaho Capital Sun. You can see this on page three of the document below. No response was sent to the Idaho Dispatch.

Order_Denying_Request_to_Inspect_Duplicate_or_Transcribe_Exempt 1

When the Idaho Dispatch today inquired about the request, an amended order denying the request was issued, correcting the misuse of the title “Defendant,” adding Ammon Bundy as a recipient of the document, removing the Idaho Capital Sun as a recipient of the information, and now correcting the previous omission of the response to the Idaho Dispatch.

Amended_Order_Denying_Request_to_Inspect_Duplicate_or_Transcribe 2

It appears the public will not be able to examine the contents of the warrant at this time.

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6 thoughts on “Ammon Bundy Arrest Warrant Inspection Denied by Judge Baskin

  1. Thank you, Idaho Dispatch, for pursuing this issue.

    What’s happening to Idaho? Add the Bundy and Rodriguez case ( to the Idaho State Senate events ( and a clear picture emerges.

    Idaho Dispatch, please keep up your fiercely ethical REAL journalism. The citizens of this state are lucky to have you.

  2. Well, Well, This weeks winners of the “Dictatorial Clown Awards” include: Judge Nancy Baskin and Senate Pro Term Chuck Winder.

    Idaho has a lot of clean up to do to rid these two and many others of their dictatorial powers.

  3. We must ask who owns our politicians and government employed? Follow the money and it is big business . The politicians are few and far inbetween that we keep reelecting that actually serve the voters.

  4. Why would a denial be issued at all? Why would they seal the warrant in the first place? Probably because you don’t issue warrants for civil cases at all – those are restricted for criminal cases.

    This is a witch hunt. It started at the Governor’s office with the full backing of IACI because Bundy wanted to expose them for their shenanigans (illegal diktats from the Governor which clearly violate the Idaho Constitution) around COVID.

    1. They have something to hide and, too keep secret. We all know how our state goverment went along with pharmas big lies. I wonder how much money the doctors, hospitals, and state officials got paid during the covid ? As everyday goes by we learn something new. I want to know when all these so call officals will be held accountable? Starting with the governor , hospitals, doctors, and of course big pharma. They all lied to us……………………………..And they are still lieing hiding behind the courts who are protecting the lies.

  5. It’s pretty obvious. Gov. Little, “Satan” Lukes, IACI, “Judge” Nancy and other “Establishment” types want to SILENCE Ammon Bundy. They will do and have done all in their power to do that.

    Heaven help any of us who speak and exercise our 1st Amendment rights. This entire debacle STINKS! They want to make an example of Ammon Bunny in order to STOP other Patriots from standing up for the ACTUAL Rule of Law.

    This whole thing was “LAWFARE” — using the “color of law” and the Courts to STOP FREE SPEECH. The original indictment should have been DISMISSED IMMEDIATELY!!

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