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Press Release: An Attack on Elected Representation: The Idaho Freedom Caucus Will Not Be Intimidated

By • November 13, 2023

The following press release was sent out by The Idaho Freedom Caucus. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

In an alarming act of authoritarianism, Pro Tempore Senator Chuck Winder unilaterally stripped Senator Glenneda Zuiderveld from her position as Vice Chair of the Senate’s Health and Welfare Committee. In addition, he issued condescending letters threatening Senators Scott Herndon and Glenneda Zuiderveld with ethics complaints if they continue to speak and write about the out-of-control state spending policies and special interest lobby group influences.

Winder’s letters came in response to recent newsletters from Senators Herndon and Zuiderveld, both members of the Idaho Freedom Caucus. The two critically examined Idaho’s significant spending increases and reliance on out-of-control federal debt spending. They also shed light on voting patterns within the Senate. The Idaho Freedom Caucus views Senator Winder’s retaliatory measures as a top-down, coercive effort to impose conformity and groupthink in the Idaho Senate. Our republic was designed as a bottom-up, representative system of governing. (You can view their newsletters here: Senator Herndon’s newsletter and Senator Zuiderveld’s Substack.)

In response, Senator Herndon asserts,

“This is a direct attack by one senator to erode our ability to serve the people of Idaho who elected us. Our duty is to inform and give voice to the people of our districts, not to amplify the views of Senator Winder. His hostile comments, which are factually inaccurate, are degrading and disparaging.”

Senator Zuiderveld reinforced this, stating,

“Regardless of what actions the leadership takes, I do not work for them; I work for the people. I will not allow intimidation to silence me.”

The Idaho Freedom Caucus strongly opposes any attempt to centralize power and silence debate. We contend that Senator Winder’s actions point to a broader issue: the weaponization of government authority against those who dare to disagree. We will not be bullied or intimidated into silence. We remain unwavering in our dedication to Idaho’s people and transparency in government. We work for the people of Idaho, not the special interest lobby groups.

The Idaho Freedom Caucus will continue to lead the charge to reduce federal dependency, streamline government, and lower taxes for hardworking families and businesses. We must control Idaho’s increasing spending and reliance on federal debt, which is bankrupting us, our children, and our grandchildren.

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17 thoughts on “Press Release: An Attack on Elected Representation: The Idaho Freedom Caucus Will Not Be Intimidated

  1. The Idaho Freedom Caucus are the ONLY handful of our elected elite that listen to their constituents. Thank God for the Heathers Scott’s, Dan Forman’s, Mike Kingsley’s. We need all of our representatives to have the conservative values the IFC members do.

    1. And again our D2 worthless turd Simpson voted lock & step with the uniparty for yet another CR. You D2 people need to rid of this loser.

  2. Winder’s inflamed reaction begs the question: What and who are you so terrified of, Chuck? Your response is that of one who is simply frightened of having their constituents learn of now apparent closed door agendas exposed and true intentions laid bare for all to see.

    So this is your knee-jerk reaction to someone challenging your self-imposed authority? It appears to be only one revealing the bully that they really are and refuses to have any one from their constituency’s actual needs and desires represented.

    You, in my humble opinion need a reminder of who is actually “in charge…”

  3. It’s probably time to do a deep dive into Chuck Winder’s accomplishments while in Idaho’s Senate and what he actually stands for, what is his effective track record?

    Quite arguably, Chuck Winder may be the one individual, collectively, most responsible through the years for the destruction of Idaho’s school system.

    Idaho does not need Chuck Winder reprimanding fellow Senators that are protecting The People’s freedoms.

    Idaho definitely does not need Chuck Winder in the Senate Pro Tempore position.

  4. I just read yet another article where Simpson voted with the Dems to not cut Rachael Levine’s salary. Expel this RINO from the party already.

  5. Winder is a self-appointed petty tyrant. He needs to be exposed and voted out. When you’re scared of people publishing your official actions for the voters, you need to rethink your life. And go home. For good.

  6. An Open letter to the un honorable Chuck Winder, Butch Little and all your GOP (RINO) elite Good ole’ boy Corporate Marxist tyrant, lying, thieving, spawns from hell associates and friends.
    I’ll keep it short and sweet.
    GO POUND SAND!!!!!!!!!

  7. This is rich. Real Republicans have been under attack by the likes of the Idaho Dispatch, Idaho Freedom Foundation, and Idaho Freedom Caucus for far too long. Idahoans are sick of their antics and it is high time Idaho Republicans stand up to them. Get out of the Idaho GOP- join the Constitutionalists or Libertarians. Better yet create the Freedom Caucus Party because you all are not Republicans. Way to go Chuck Winder – keep it up, keep the momentum going, and purge the party of these interlopers.

  8. Our politicians, government employed and the military are the real enemy on the planet that has destroyed this republic and bankrupted this nation. Russia, China, Iran nor North Korea did not bankrupt us or destroy our republic. will the dumbed down Tv watchers ever realize who enemy is ?

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