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Exclusive Interview: Lisa Bundy Responds to Labels Used to Describe Her Husband, Ammon Bundy

By • May 21, 2023

In the exclusive interview with Idaho Dispatch, Lisa Bundy responds to claims by the mainstream media about her husband, Ammon Bundy. She gives her response to labels like “domestic terrorist” and “violent extremist.” She also responds to claims that Bundy is a “grifter,” and purposely created the conflict with St. Luke’s hospital for financial gain.

Lisa speaks of the time Ammon spent at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon in 2016, and what that was like for her and their children.

Lisa also gives her thoughts and response to people who say, “Ammon should just turn himself in,” in regard to the criminal warrant issued for contempt of court in the ongoing civil lawsuit. She speaks of Judge Lynn Norton and her opinion of the motive of St. Luke’s hospital for the lawsuit.

You can hear Mrs. Bundy’s thoughts here:

Lisa Bundy responds to typical MSM talking points. (


5 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview: Lisa Bundy Responds to Labels Used to Describe Her Husband, Ammon Bundy

    1. Have you met the man? Talked with him? Debate uou and his differing ideas? What is the basis for you opinion? Bet not.

  1. I would question anything from the media. Go do a little checking in to the mess in Nevada years ago and not threw a news agency, you might be a little surprised. Not sure I would have done things the same way, but at the end of a day you should give anyone the respect for standing as they believe.

  2. She’s right, all these slams seem to stick to Bundy–I’ve met him, and it doesn’t make sense at all. If you hear him speak, you’ll realize he is trying to do the right thing even at great cost to himself. He takes the Constitution very seriously, and those who are out to ruin him are disregarding what’s right and wrong, and twisting the story. He’s gentle, kind, and very concerned about the state of the United States and how the government oversteps its authority, which it has done to him personally in various ways.
    Just like she says, he is not violent. If the MSM calls him violent, how do people agree with that?
    The MSM is not where to get your account of what Bundy is like or what the truth is–the MSM has lost its credibility on other fronts, and it’s very strange that it hasn’t lost it on the topic of Ammon Bundy. There is no reason to believe that in this case they’re telling the truth for a change.

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