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The Recap: Episode 4 (Reviews of Our Recent Articles)

By • February 9, 2021

Be sure to check out the latest episode of “The Recap” where we discuss some of the latest news articles on our site as well as some information that may not have made it into the original article.

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2 thoughts on “The Recap: Episode 4 (Reviews of Our Recent Articles)

  1. Do you have any information on this. Hoping to address “the decades-long problem of how to save salmon populations without upending a system that provides power to millions of people,” Republican Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson has “proposed removing four hydroelectric dams in the Pacific Northwest.”

    Rep. Simpson, a U.S. Representative for Idaho’s 2nd congressional district since 1999, unveiled the proposal to breach four dams on the Lower Snake River by the end of next decade. The proposal is estimated to cost $33.5 billion, while relying on approximately $33 billion in a “jobs-and-infrastructure stimulus package expected from the Biden administration this year.”
    y breaching the dams, the goal is to free up “the waterway for long-ranging salmon that are also a key food source for orcas,” with the plan “finding ways to replace the dams’ key roles in energy, agriculture and transportation.”

    Known as “The Northwest in Transition,” the plan’s most immediate actions includes removing the Lower Granite Dam, the Little Goose Dam, the Lower Monumental Dam, and the Ice Harbor Dam.

    “Removing the dams could create economic and logistical problems for farmers and ranchers along the Lower Snake River who rely on the dams for transportation of crops, irrigation and electricity,” reported Chase Biefeldt for The Associated Press (KTVB).

    1. Reminds me of the government created dust bowl in CA’s Central Valley. Cut off the farmers water to save some poor fish, put the farmers out of business and buy Up their land for pennies on the dollar, and then make yourself a giant profit by selling it to developers. While the family farms die and utility prices sky rocket we should all be happy that orcas have more salmon on their dinner plate. Wake up Idaho!

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