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Saint Anthony Declares Itself Second Amendment Sanctuary City

By • November 1, 2020

The sanctuary city movement continues to spread across Idaho.

Greenleaf, Eagle, and Star were the first to pass resolutions recognizing their cities as safe havens for gun owners should the state or federal government pass gun control measures.

Now the city of Saint Anthony is the third city in Idaho to declare itself a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary City.

The movement to pass sanctuary city resolutions for the Second Amendment comes as a number of states face major gun control proposals. In particular, the state of Virginia which just went to Democrat control had dozens of gun control proposals. Additionally, Washington and Oregon continue to see more gun control proposals.

Saint Anthony Mayor Donald Powell mentioned during the city council meeting that the move was a symbolic gesture to show the citizens of Saint Anthony that the city stands with them.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to the Freemont County Democrats for comment on the resolution and they told us they did not have one at this time.

One other city in Idaho is also considering a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution. Ashton City Councilmember John Kaelberer is making that proposal which will take place in November.

What do you think of Second Amendment resolutions? Are they necessary or not worth the time for a city to consider?

5 thoughts on “Saint Anthony Declares Itself Second Amendment Sanctuary City

  1. Wrong. Greenleaf was the first back in March. St.Anthony is 4th. Get facts straight. Good job Greenleaf, St. Anthony, Eagle and Star!

  2. I think it sends a good message to the legislators who are not pro 2A. The more cities that adopt this, the louder the message. I know in my district we have two of the three who are sometimes a little weak at the knees on 2A bills at times.

  3. Great!! Congratulations on your success with this !! Thank you. Hopefully you and the other cities will provide a positive example for the legislature to declare the entire state a 2A sanctuary.

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