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Rep. Fulcher Responds to HuffPo Reporter’s Allegations He “Pushed” Past Capitol Officer

By • January 13, 2021

Twitter has blown up over the last few days over new screening measures at the U.S. Capitol for members of Congress who are going onto the House Floor.

Metal detectors have now been set up to screen members of Congress but many Republican lawmakers are refusing to comply with the new measures.

Congressman Russ Fulcher (Idaho – Dist. 1) is one of the lawmakers refusing to comply with the measures. Accusations have been levied against Fulcher that he “pushed” past a capitol police officer on his way to the House Floor.

Fulcher has responded to the alleged incident now with the following statement:

In the statement, Fulcher says that the metal detectors were put in but that there was no authorization to put them in as a screening procedure to go into the House chambers for members of Congress.

Fulcher says in his statement that he is unaware of any bad interactions between capitol police and members of Congress over the last few days.

The accusations against Fulcher stem from several tweets from Huffington Post reporter Matt Fuller.

Fuller alleges in his Tweet that he believes it was Fulcher who pushed his way through, set off the metal detector, and then pushed his way past a capitol police officer after running into her.

Here is the full tweet from Fuller:

Fuller then sent out several more follow up tweets about Fulcher.

Here are those tweets in order of when they were posted by Fuller:

Idaho Dispatch looked through Fuller’s tweets to see if he had posted any videos or images of the incident to substantiate his claim that it was Fulcher and that he “pushed” his way past the capitol officer. We have not been able to locate any images or videos as of this writing.

In addition to looking at Fuller’s tweets, we sent him a direct message through Twitter asking for any evidence he has that the incident took place as he described it but we have not yet received any information at this time.

Idaho Dispatch also spoke with members of Fulcher’s congressional staff who denied Fulcher pushed, shoved, or did anything to a capitol officer. Fulcher’s office did say that he is refusing to comply with the new screening measures as stated in Fulcher’s official statement about the issue.

Fulcher’s office told Idaho Dispatch in closing:

Allegations of anything other than that are not true.

Idaho Dispatch has also reached out to the U.S. Capitol Police Public Information Office to see if any incident by their officers and Congressman Fulcher took place. No one answered the phone at the time we called and the voicemail was full. We did however send an email to their office and will update this article if they respond.

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10 thoughts on “Rep. Fulcher Responds to HuffPo Reporter’s Allegations He “Pushed” Past Capitol Officer

  1. Fuller claims that this capitol police officer was on the verge of tears. That’s a crazy man statement. No police are going to cry over a shoulder bump, if anything really happened.

  2. This whole story by Fuller is suspect. Congressman Russ Fulcher is one of the most level headed guys out there.

  3. I stand by Fulcher. I haven’t heard him say or do anything that is against Idahoans or Trump. He has a point with the why are they screening them, when it wasn’t them who was the trouble. Much like at airports…..

  4. Representative Fulcher is the only member of the Idaho delegation who should not be recalled for the vote on January 6. The other three voted for the end of our Republic, continued voter fraud and ironically the end of the Republican party. It will not survive this treason.

    1. Exactly. The Idaho GOP may be able to do some good (based on what we are seeing from the state legislature sessions currently) at state and local levels, but at the federal level, the GOP needs to end. Risch, Crapo, and Simpson need to be primaried. There need to be strong, America First candidates running that are united behind a nationwide populist movement. The GOP have ended their own party and can’t even see it.

      1. I have left the Republican Party since most can now be identified as moderate to downright liberal. I will continue to support true conservatives.

  5. I support Russ Fulcher, and will remember this small act of defiance. Do Capital Police have authority over our lawmakers? I do not accept that.

    Did Fulcher push past an interference in his ability to get to the floor? Then investigate the interference.

  6. This is all Hear say.. bunch of B.S. to start crap in the republican party at home in Idaho..
    Just show. they’re afraid of you.
    We Believe you Rep Fulcher…

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