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Press Release: Gov. Little says Idahoans must choose to keep others safe and protect Idaho’s strong economic trend

By • December 7, 2020

The following Press Release was sent out by Governor Brad Little today:

Boise, Idaho – November was the best month yet for state revenue figures in the new fiscal year, and Governor Brad Little said Idahoans must choose to do a better job to slow the spread of COVID-19 if we are going to continue our strong economic rebound during the pandemic.

“Idaho’s economy is open and strengthening, and we are poised to achieve the largest budget surplus in Idaho history. However, our plan to achieve tax cuts and long-lasting needed investments is threatened if our hospitals are maxed out and our workforce is sick. Health and the economy are intertwined. Idahoans must choose to do a better job of wearing masks and avoiding gatherings with people outside their households if we are going to continue this trend,” Governor Little said.

The Idaho Division of Financial Management posted the November revenue report today. It is available at

While other states face budget cuts of 20- to 40-percent or more, Idaho’s November revenue figures came in 16.5-percent or $44.5 million ahead of forecast, the strongest month since July. Year to date, state revenues are ahead of forecast by 10.6-percent, or $168.3 million.

Governor Little said he will put forth a package in January for legislative approval that provides tax cuts and makes one-time investments in transportation, education, water projects, and more.

“COVID-19 is deadlier and more dangerous than the flu, period. More COVID-19 transmission results in more COVID-19 hospitalizations and fewer available healthcare workers to care for the patients. The result is diminished healthcare access for all of us, whether we have COVID or not. We all have a choice – practice safe measures consistently to protect yourself and others, keep our economy open and our workforce healthy, and keep our kids in school,” Governor Little said.

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13 thoughts on “Press Release: Gov. Little says Idahoans must choose to keep others safe and protect Idaho’s strong economic trend

  1. Brad Little is a power-hungry lying RINO. Everything he says is a lie. Idaho does not have a balanced budget as long as we get federal subsidies. We are a federal vassal state and he is a puppet of Washington D.C.

    1. Is it DC or China? He is on the friendly list with China. The lockdowns have been very favorable for companies who sell a lot of chinese stuff. Regardless his executive order powers need snipped like a dogs balls. The health departments have far too much power also, especially since they aren’t elected but appointed.

  2. It is never gonna be good enough for these power grabbing Governors. The CDC should be abolished they do not keep the public safe from anything it is bot their place t keep anyone safe it is ours. Council members you will be the first to go. As you can clearly see people are tired of your tyrannical ways.

  3. What is there maybe two or three great governors in the entire United States? Pathetic, Brad o’ Little is not a leader, he is a follower. He follows the money all the way to Washington DC and and then…. I don’t want to say what he does when he gets there

    1. I moved to Boise from California to escape mindless political tyranny. When. I got here I was told ” Brad little” is the man?? Boy was I duped. Viruses are part of the human genome. You could no more run away or hide from a virus, than you could run away from your own skin. The lunacy of these stupid mandates should be clear to anyone with a 3rd grade education? You have to wear a mask into a restaurant, but can take it off at the table?? Small business can’t operate at more than 25% capacity, while Walmart, Loews, home depot, etc, have wall to wall people? It’s been proven that masks do nothing to stop or hinder the virus. In fact, people are contracting “Bacterial pneumonia” from wearing the masks. Masks are the absolute worst and stupidest medical advice ever given. Oxygen is the most primary of human needs. 4 minutes without oxygen and your dead. Who ever convinced us that blocking our oxygen intake with masks was a good idea?? Masks force you to rebreathe your own co2. Co2 is highly toxic to the human immune system. Masks are the reason for the second wave

  4. Just keep obeying my mandates and we are all doing great is what he said. He’s full of bullc*** and he is a tyrant.

  5. Brad Little, you know where you can put your mask mandate.
    Thats right, straight up your silly, bought and paid for by China, Rino little ass.
    We have a Constitution in this country and you sir do Not have the right or authority to suspend it.

  6. “Furthermore, a more recent study conducted by the US CDC’s COVID-19 Response Team and published in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report3 showed that there is a 20 times greater chance of catching COVID-19 with prolonged wearing of a face mask when compared to those who never wore a face mask.”

  7. The budget surplus is likely from the money he scammed from the unemployment funds he cheated us out of after putting us out of business.

  8. I wonder if any of the surplus is from the buy-off that he received from the federal government for the coronavirus…..

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