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Press Release: Caldwell City Council Chooses Rex Ingram as New Police Chief

By • June 24, 2022

CALDWELL – The City of Caldwell is happy to announce the name of Rex Ingram who will be sworn in as the new Caldwell Police Chief on July 1, 2022. Rex was voted in unanimously last night at the Caldwell City Council meeting.

“We are very excited that the Caldwell Police Department staff has a Chief as it has been a long time coming. I look forward to seeing what Chief Ingram will bring to the city and will support him and provide him all the opportunities he needs to be successful”, said Mayor Wagoner.

Rex Ingram comes to us from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) where he has served over twenty years of law enforcement experience in both sworn and voluntary positions. Rex has been entrusted to implement his leadership style and the systems he created in various divisions of the LAPD that have struggled with high crime and reduced morale and has done a tremendous job uniting officers, restoring morale, and reducing crime through his leadership and teambuilding mindset.

Rex currently lives in the Treasure Valley with his wife Venissa and two sets of twins. Rex is bilingual and has an appreciation for the diversity in Caldwell.

“I am excited for this opportunity to lead the men and women of the Caldwell Police Department (CPD) who represent what the badge means, no matter what the badge looks like in this world. I look forward to working with those at CPD to restore professionalism, and community trust, to keep Caldwell moving in the right direction, and make sure we are all in this together, as it is a collaborative effort”, said Rex Ingram.

This press release was sent out by the city of Caldwell. Note: Press releases sent out by government officials do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

5 thoughts on “Press Release: Caldwell City Council Chooses Rex Ingram as New Police Chief

  1. Do we not know anything about this new awesome police chief other than complete generalities because this article sounds like they just made a big mistake. His general big city experience does not sound like he will fit in here. This article is not very informative as to who we have in place here and deserves more detailed info.

  2. What does this person bring to the table that the Mayor’s recommendation didn’t? Curious to know why the City Council chose this person over the Mayor’s choice.

  3. I watched an interview. He seems to feel that the word “diversity” applies to only one nationality, not the rest of the world. His claim to fame is that he was brought up in Mexico and is bi-lingual. A high percentage of people on the planet are bi-lingual but their second language is not one of the fashionable “nationalities of the day” as with Rex. I see him as not being for everyone in the valley but only for one specific group. He is from California and is focused very much on the word “diversity”. Reminder, God made us all. He doesn’t sound like he would be equal in his treatment of all the people of the valley.

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