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Press Release: Art Macomber Announces Exploratory Committee for Campaign for Idaho Attorney General

By • December 14, 2020

The following Press Release comes from Art Macomber who has set up an exploratory committee for a possible challenge to Attorney General Lawrence Wasden:

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – December 11, 2020 – Longtime conservative attorney Art Macomber announced the formation of an exploratory committee to evaluate a campaign for the office of Idaho Attorney General. Mr. Macomber is disappointed by the decision of the Attorney General’s office to not join the Texas v. Pennsylvania lawsuit filed December 8, 2020. Mr. Macomber contends Idaho voters’ choices were diluted by pre-election actions in the four States being sued by Texas that violated the U.S. Constitution’s mandate that only State legislators determine rules for elections. Mr. Macomber requested Idaho’s Attorney General join that suit to protect the integrity of Idaho’s federal election voters, but the current Attorney General refused to defend Idaho voters and declined to join that lawsuit.

Mr. Macomber states there are other decisions from that office that indicate a change is needed in leadership for Idaho. For example, the Attorney General issued no legal opinion explaining to Idaho small businesses and citizens why Governor Little’s pandemic lockdowns were justified by Idaho’s constitution and statutes. For these and other reasons, Mr. Macomber is forming that committee to evaluate a 2022 run for Attorney General.

Mr. Macomber is the Managing Attorney of Macomber Law. Macomber Law has operated since 2006 in Coeur d’Alene. He is licensed in Idaho, Washington, and Montana. Additionally, Art serves on the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce Public Policy Committee and is a member of the Federalist Society. Macomber and his wife, Leslie, have two children presently in graduate programs at the University of Idaho.

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3 thoughts on “Press Release: Art Macomber Announces Exploratory Committee for Campaign for Idaho Attorney General

  1. If he truly believes in and follows the U.S. Constitution and the State of Idaho Constitution then he will have my vote. Right now only time will tell but I do know that the current AG has to go.

    1. Wasden is a has been. He needs to be replaced with someone who protects Idaho VOTERS! I am very disappointed with our AG. He’s definitely NOT A PATRIOT

  2. Art is the man for the job! We need him in this position! No only does his incessant stupidity provide much entertainment he is also a Californian. . .

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