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Lewiston to Consider Reimplementing Mask Mandate

By • September 22, 2021

Idaho is currently under a statewide “Crisis Standards of Care.”

Hospitals across the state say that the Delta variant of Covid-19 is causing a significant problem at hospitals and that more people need to be vaccinated to slow the spread. In the meantime, schools and cities are once again debating the issue of mask mandates.

The Lewiston City Council debated just days ago whether to re-implement a mask mandate they had in place previously and added the issue to be an agenda item at their next city council meeting.

The city council asked Taylor Rudd, the Chief Operating Officer at St. Joseph’s hospital in Lewiston, whether he believed it would be helpful for the city to do a mandate since the hospital has one in place for staff and employees. Rudd told the council that he did not feel he was qualified to answer whether it would be beneficial or not.

Do you believe Lewiston should re-implement a mask mandate?

Let us know in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Lewiston to Consider Reimplementing Mask Mandate

  1. The Herd Mentality of Government Officials: You’re Paranoid, so just do something, even if it means running the Herd off the Cliff.

    Masks only do harm, ban them.

  2. No, Masks only hurt people and cause further division amongst them.
    The real problem is the power hungry control freaks that we all voted in. Time to get them out. Let our voices be heard.

  3. I have organized a protest one hour before the city council meeting. We will meet outside the Lewiston City Library at 5:00 pm on Monday, September 27th.
    I am also running for mayor on this November 2nd ballot. Proposition 1 is on the ballot as well. A “NO” vote would change our form of city government to a strong mayor type. We currently have a city manager that makes more $$ than the governor of Idaho. A 200k package for a town of 32k population! And that’s just the to of the iceberg. Please share with your friends up North. Vote “NO” on prop 1 and Wilson Boots for Mayor!

  4. NO WAY! These know-nothing “leaders” are merely following the non-science edicts of the Fauci led institutions that no longer follow real science. This is a Plandemic and it’s pretty obvious that it is.

    Lewiston… your entire city government!

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