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Legislators to Meet at the Capitol on Tuesday

By • June 22, 2020

The following Press Release was sent to Idaho media outlets about legislators who will be meeting at the capitol on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020.

Idahoans to hold rally in support of Special Session

Legislators to hold press conference

Boise, Idaho (June 23, 2020) – The Representatives and Senators of the people of Idaho will convene at the Idaho Capitol at 9:00 in the morning Mountain Standard Time on Tuesday, June 23, 2020, to begin a special session to address the Covid-19 Coronavirus attack and the resulting actions taken by the office of the Governor of Idaho. The people of Idaho will hold a rally in support of the Legislature’s special session at 12 noon the same day, outside on the steps of the Idaho Capitol.

Legislators will address the press and the crowd at 12:30pm for a press conference and update.

Governor Brad Little illegally seized the power of the legislative branch by suspending and amending sections of Idaho code and allocating funds. He has destroyed the lives and businesses of thousands of Idahoans.

* The legislature will convene to fulfill its constitutional obligations regarding Idaho code and allocating funds.
* The legislature has the duty to ensure the continuity of state and local government pursuant to Article 3 Section 27 of the Idaho Constitution.
* The people demand the Legislature terminate the state of emergency pursuant to Idaho Code 46-1008.
* The people demand the Legislature reinstate all suspended sections of Idaho Code and IDAPA administrative rules.
* The people demand the Legislature return all amended sections of Idaho Code to their pre-emergency declaration verbiage.

Rather than respect the separation of powers between equal branches of government and properly call back the Legislature to speak on behalf of the people, Governor Little is moving forward with a plan to invade privacy, remove parental rights, remove the rights of the elderly, and test and track the populace. All this for an illness that has caused 88 deaths in Idaho and causes no symptoms in 80% of people.

At the peak of the ‘crisis,’ April 10, 2020, Idaho utilized only 3.8% of the available hospital beds in our state. CDC’s own data released May 23, 2020, shows that the risk to those under 60 years of age is less than or equal to the flu. There is no emergency in Idaho and no justification for further destruction of the people’s rights, businesses, freedoms, and the fabric of our society.

Governor Little has even threatened to change Idaho code to mandate a Covid-19 vaccine. This usurpation of power must not be allowed.

For additional information and statistics, please visit this link.

The rally is sponsored by Health Freedom Idaho, Freedom Man PAC, The John Birch Society, and People’s Rights Idaho

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