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Interview with Branden Durst, Republican Candidate for State Superintendent of Education

By • August 19, 2021

At this time, it is unclear if the current State Superintendent of Education Sherri Ybarra is running for reelection.

If Ybarra is running, she will have several challengers in the Republican primary. One of those challengers will be Branden Durst.

Idaho Dispatch sat down with Durst to discuss his candidacy for the position of State Superintendent.

You can view that interview here:

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2 thoughts on “Interview with Branden Durst, Republican Candidate for State Superintendent of Education

  1. Thank you Idaho Dispatch for the candidate interviews, these are very helpful.

    Branden, a thank you also for letting us know a bit more about your candidacy. You seem open and committed to excellence. Best to you.

    The People would also like to actually see the list of contributors, the funding of, the Idaho Teachers Union, whether that be in state or out of state funds.

  2. Good interview. I have been very cautious about supporting him based on his D background, and having to resign because he no longer lived in ID. I appreciated his answer to his background question, and he’s right, even though he was a D, his record showed he was more conservative than even some R’s. I also am a big fan of having education money follow the student. If the schools lose money when de-enrollment occurs, it shouldn’t just get reappropriated elsewhere, it should follow the student wherever they go. Or give it back to the taxpayer.

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