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2022 Idaho Republican Primary Poll by Zoldak Research/Idaho Dispatch for Governor/Lt. Governor’s Races

By • January 2, 2022

Idaho Dispatch had a scientific poll conducted to help Idahoans gauge how the Republican Primary Governor’s race and Lt. Governor’s race might be going.

The company that conducted the poll is Zoldak Research out of Washington D.C. Zoldak Research has been conducting polling for over 15 years.

Idaho Dispatch did not conduct this poll in any way other than the approval of the questions. The goal for Idaho Dispatch when approving the questions was to determine which candidates were leading in the race at the time the poll was conducted. Additionally, Idaho Dispatch wanted to be able to show Idahoans how gubernatorial candidates fared in head-to-head matchups against incumbent Brad Little should he choose to run again.

You can learn more about Zoldak Research on their website by clicking the link here.

Idaho Dispatch has broken down the results of the polling by race in two separate articles.

You can click on the link here for more details on the other information about the Governor’s race.

You can click on the link here for more details on the poll and other information about the Lt. Governor’s race.

The full Press Release by Zoldak Research/Idaho Dispatch can be seen below.

Note: Any media requests about the poll can be sent to If any media outlet wishes to share the poll, Idaho Dispatch is requesting that proper credit be given to both Zoldak Research and Idaho Dispatch.


Incumbent Little holds sizable lead in Republican primary
for Idaho Governor

Open Lieutenant Governor race has potential to be competitive

January 2, 2022

Boise, Idaho – With less than 6 months to go until the May Republican primary for Idaho governor and lieutenant governor, incumbent Brad Little holds a sizable lead against the possible field according to a poll released by Idaho Dispatch. Idaho Dispatch/Zoldak Research fielded a poll between December 20 and 22, 2021 amongst 575 likely Republican voters statewide.

Given a sample ballot with Brad Little, Janice McGeachin, Ammon Bundy, Ed Humphreys, Steve Bradhaw and Cody Usabel, incumbent Little receives 59% of votes while Trump endorsed candidate, McGeachin, receives the next highest number of votes at 18%. The other candidates polled much farther behind, with Bundy at 5%, Humphreys at 1%, and both Bradshaw and Usabel polling at below 1%.

In head-to-head contests against the current governor, McGeachin outperforms the field against Little, but still faces a huge gap at 64% for Little to 24% for McGeachin with only 12% undecided. Little has an even bigger lead against the remaining field at +55% against Bundy and +54% against Humphreys and Bradshaw.

In the lieutenant governor’s race, half of voters are still undecided. Scott Bedke leads Priscilla Giddings by +22% amongst those registering a choice.

Name recognition is a major factor in the governor’s race, with at least two out of five voters claiming to have never heard of either Humphreys (44%), Bradshaw (47%), or Usabel (57%). Net favorability ratings also favor Little, as shown below. (Net favorability is calculated by subtracting unfavorable ratings from favorable ratings.)

Little                                   +50% (69% favorable, 12% neutral, 19% unfavorable, <1% never heard of)

Bradshaw                         -1% (9% favorable, 35% neutral, 10% unfavorable, 47% never heard of)

Humphreys                      -4% (8% favorable, 36% neutral, 12% unfavorable, 44% never heard of)

Usabel                                -5% (4% favorable, 30% neutral, 9% unfavorable, 57% never heard of)

McGeachin                       -11% (29% favorable, 20% neutral, 40% unfavorable, 10% never heard of)

Bundy                                 -36% (15% favorable, 22% neutral, 51% unfavorable, 12% never heard of)

The poll, conducted by Zoldak Research for Idaho Dispatch, sampled 575 likely Idaho voters in late December via landline and mobile phones. For full the results, visit:

Methodology: A landline and mobile survey of registered voters who answered that they were somewhat to very likely to vote in the upcoming Idaho Republican primary election for governor, fielded between December 20 and 22, 2021. The sample size was 575 with 430 responses recorded via IVR to landline phone and 145 responses recorded via online to mobile methods. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 4%.

For interviews, media kit, or additional graphics contact: Greg Pruett, Editor, Idaho Dispatch,

Poll conducted by:


Twitter: @zoldakresearch



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