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2022 Idaho Republican Primary Zoldak Research Poll Breakdown: Governor’s Race

By • January 2, 2022

This post will contain a breakdown of the Zoldak Research 2022 Republican Primary Poll Idaho Dispatch had conducted.

The poll’s total number of respondents was 575 “Likely” Republican Primary voters. The poll was conducted from December 20 through December 21 with a 4.1% +/- margin of error.

Candidates listed in the poll are Brad Little (Incumbent), Janice McGeachin, Ammon Bundy, Ed Humphreys, Steve Bradshaw, and Cody Usabel.

While details of the Zoldak Poll are broken down in the rest of the article below, Idaho Dispatch Editor Greg Pruett interviewed Sue Zoldak to cover the poll results and ask questions about the polling methodology itself. You can view that video here:

According to Zoldak Researches’ poll, 62.5% of respondents said Idaho is on the right track, while 24.8% said Idaho is on the wrong track, and 12.6% responded: “Don’t Know.”

Overall, Little is leading (58.8%) when all candidates are combined with McGeachin (17.7%) coming in second place, Bundy (5.5%) in third place, Humphreys (2.4%) in fourth place, Bradshaw (0.9%) in fifth place, and Usabel in sixth place (0.4%).

Idaho Dispatch also asked Zoldak Research to compare some of the candidates in how they fared in a head-to-head matchup with Little. McGeachin performed the best among the challengers.

Little came in at 64.4%, McGeachin at 24.1%, and 11.5% were “Undecided.”

With Bundy and Little head-to-head, Little came in at 70.2%, Bundy at 15.2%, and 14.7% were “Undecided.”

When matched against Little, Humphreys got 11%, Little was at 65.2%, and 23.8% were “Undecided.”

Finally, when Little and Steve Bradshaw are head-to-head, Little is at 63.6% of the vote, Bradshaw at 10% of the vote, and 26.4% were “Undecided.”

When comparing which candidates were the most well-known to the least well-known, Little is the most well-known candidate, with less than 1% of respondents saying they did not know who he was. On the other hand, Usabel was the least-known candidate at 56.9%, Bradshaw at 46.5%, Humphreys at 44.2%, Bundy at 12.1%, and McGeachin at 10.3%.

In addition to how well-known a candidate was, Zoldak Research also whether respondents had a favorable or unfavorable view of the candidate. Here are the results Zoldak Research found:

Little: Very Favorable – 42.6%, Somewhat Favorable – 26.2%, Neutral – 11.8%, Somewhat Unfavorable – 8.1%, Very Unfavorable – 10.6%

McGeachin: Very Favorable – 14.2%, Somewhat Favorable – 14.9%, Neutral – 20.4%, Somewhat Unfavorable – 8%, Very Unfavorable – 32.3%

Bundy: Very Favorable – 6.3%, Somewhat Favorable – 9.1%, Neutral – 21.7%, Somewhat Unfavorable – 42.6%, Very Unfavorable – 12.1%

Humphreys: Very Favorable – 3.4%, Somewhat Favorable – 4.7%, Neutral – 36%, Somewhat Unfavorable – 4.5%, Very Unfavorable – 7.3%

Bradshaw: Very Favorable – 3%, Somewhat Favorable – 6.1%, Neutral – 34.6%, Somewhat Unfavorable – 2.7%, Very Unfavorable – 7.1%

Usabel: Very Favorable – 0/9%, Somewhat Favorable – 2.9%, Neutral – 30.3%, Somewhat Unfavorable – 3.6%, Very Unfavorable – 5.4%

Out of the respondents who participated in the poll, all were at least “Somewhat Likely” to vote in the Republican Primary in 2022. However, 88% said they were “Extremely Likely” to vote in the Primary. If the respondent indicated that they would not participate or were unlikely to participate, the call was terminated.

From the 575 respondents, 73% said they identify as Republicans, 19.3% said they identify as “Independent,” 5.5% said they identify as “Something Else,” and 2.1% said they identify as Democrat.

Some individuals may ask why Democrats or those not identifying as “Republican” had their responses counted. While the Republican Primary is “Closed” to outside parties, there are individuals who are Democrat and Independent that register as Republican for the Primary. As a result, the polling must reflect the “reality” on who votes in the Primary, according to Sue Zoldak from Zoldak Research.

Finally, Zoldak Research asked respondents to identify what their political ideology was. Here were the results:

Very Conservative: 46.9% – Somewhat Conservative: 30.8% – Moderate: 19% – Somewhat Liberal: 2.3% – Very Liberal: 1%

Other questions regarding age, income, education, and gender were also asked of the respondents.

For those looking for more information on the candidates listed, you can visit our article here which lists candidates’ social media, website, and other information.

If you were looking to see the results of the Lt. Governor’s question from this poll, you can click the link here.

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27 thoughts on “2022 Idaho Republican Primary Zoldak Research Poll Breakdown: Governor’s Race

  1. All the registered Republicrats love Little
    Got him in before splitting the ticket.
    He’s Ahlquist’s “Good Friend” you know?

  2. The key statement she said that a lot can happen in the next 5 months. Some of these candidates are campaigning hard. Voters need to check out their plans and get to an event abd ask questions. Brad Little still has this state in a state of emergency citizens need to be educated on what a mess that really puts us in . Also for the Republican primary we should be polling Republicans primarily . Get educated on the candidates and their plans Idaho your future is at Stake

    1. Absolutely. I can’t believe that the majority of Repubs polled say Little is doing a good job and Idaho is going in the right direction. Those answers are from Liberals posing as conservatives.

  3. greg, the video you link where you talked with the polling company about the methodology got pulled from youtube.

  4. Little, your kidding right. He’s begging Xiden for more illegals for his big ag buddies. Lets not forget his never ending state of emergency/power trip.

  5. McGeachin and Bundy need to publicly debate.

    Little needs to retire, get out of politics entirely and leave us alone.

  6. And once again, uninformed Idahoans continue to put the “republican” they are familiar with back in office.
    There is only one reason for this, the uninformed are either uninterested in politics, so much that they refuse to go any further than seeing the one name they have heard for years and voting that one back in, or they are uninformed that there are better options for this state. I would wager that the latter is a higher percentage of voters.

    And back to what I’ve been saying for years. There is not enough reporting from the mainstream media on the other candidates, and definitely not enough UNBIASED reporting on them. When are we going to push for non-biased reporting from the MSM?

    Without a solid framework of unbiased media, there will never be a level playing field for these candidates.

  7. What a waste of a poll! Sorry to be a “Debbie-Downer”, Greg, but what purpose did this poll serve??…how did this poll address the voter information need? Why did your readers need to know how the candidates stack-up against one another ten months or so before they vote? Really???…my neighbor Jim and/or my friend Larry are voting for Candidate X, so I guess I’ll vote for that person, too. Are we as a society such apathetic simpletons??? How frustrating to believe that our freedom-loving, Constitutional & Bill of Rights-cherishing society…especially here in Idaho, could be so intellectually and civically lazy; but apparently here we are. How did your poll help clarify where the candidates stand on the issues???…better yet, what are the issues concerning Idaho voters?? Suggestion:

    1. Conduct a poll from your readership. Ask readers to provide a list of the top ten(?) issues affecting Idahoans that should be addressed by the next Governor and Lt. Governor.

    2. After extrapolation and publishing the poll results, take the overall top ten issues to the candidates and ask each how they would address or fix the issues. Publish those results.

    This type of polling would provide a real, meaningful public service to voters.

    Sorry for the negative tone of this response, but I need/want the details on the issues that affect me as a citizen of this state. I believe most other voters would also appreciate that information so they will make a learned decision in the voting booth. I could care less the voting preferences of anyone else. We all should make voting decisions based-upon where we as individuals philosophically and ideologically align with the candidates’ intentions to address the issues important to me as a citizen of Idaho. Am I wrong? Thank you.

    Bob (

    LtCol, U.S. Marine Corps (ret)

    1. While I agree with all your points, I have to say, yes unfortunately a lot of people are simpletons and vote 3 ways
      1. “R” by the name
      2. Name recognition
      3. I haven’t heard anything wrong so they must be okay

      We have tried for years to get rid of Rep. Simpson, but the local culture votes for their own no matter how rotten they are.

      While I was hoping for better news with this pole, it shows the work We The People have to do.
      1. Talk to our neighbors
      2. Go to meetings
      3. Show how Little Brad is Not DeSantis and we Want a DeSantis.
      4. Stay on our legislatures tails and replace the ones who have been lame brains over this last year.

      If we want Idaho to stay Idaho we have to fight where and how we can.

      1. Oops I left out a lame reason Idaho voters stick with lame politicians….

        4. Local culture tells them who to vote for.

        That isn’t always the religious one either. Worked for amalgamated way back when and the union would be there on our way home to give us flyers and tell us to vote for the dems.

    2. You’re going to be sorely disappointed in May, Lt.Col. This poll is an excellent representation of Idaho primary voters’ opinions. You’re certainly allowed to disagree with him, but Little is running away with this election.

      1. I do believe this pole was accurate and needed. However, I also believe this is not the end game, but beginning of the battle. Fight to keep Idaho…or even take Idaho back. Don’t just roll…

        1. Susie, I have no doubt the accuracy of the poll…I’m sure Little has a big lead. I assumed that before the poll. Who cares??…how does that help prospective voters decide the best choice for Idaho’s Governor. Please explain why this poll was needed? Other than informing the ‘Dispatch’s readership where candidates rank with voters, what did this poll accomplish? Is the Idaho Dispatch’s subscribers any more enlightened on how candidates’ plans (i.e., their platforms) regarding important issues that affect their lives?…rhetorical question, because the answer is obviously NO. Thanks,… BOBWITTEN@GMAIL.COM

      2. Sorry, Holly, but the only thing this poll provided was for whom prospective voters intend to vote. It was a wasted poll. It is not “an excellent representation of Idaho primary voters’ opinions” It is a poll that reveals how poll respondents intend to vote if election was conducted on the day the poll was taken. No other info is revealed. No “platform” info is unveiled. How does this poll assist voters in determining the best choice….best choice should be based upon the stances candidates have on the issues that affect us. Voting choices should not be made based upon who’s “in the lead.”

  8. We want a conservative as governor not a Republican. You keep little in there and the liberal socialislt will be very happy.

  9. I find this poll hard to believe. Brad Little is a democrat on disguise. Anyone paying attention knows it. We all need to do our part to be influence our sphere of influence on voting in the primaries and voting for a candidate that will win. I like Bundy bit ai am concerned he is splitting the vote from McGeachin, which will amount it four more years of Brad Little candidates not leading in the polls should drop out, so we can unite the vote. Then we have a better chance if getting Little out of office.

  10. Seriously? There’s no way in hell Little will be voted back in.
    Nobody likes him. Nobody I know personally, and literally every time he posts on IG the post is flooded with comments about how he’s ruining Idaho and such. There’s no way this can be accurate.

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