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2022 Idaho Republican Primary Zoldak Research Poll Breakdown: Lt. Governor’s Race

By • January 2, 2022

This post will contain a breakdown of the Lt. Governor’s race that Zoldak Research conducted for the 2022 Idaho Republican Primary on behalf of the Idaho Dispatch.

The poll’s total number of respondents was 575 “Likely” Republican Primary voters. The poll was conducted from December 20 through December 21 with a 4.1% +/- margin of error.

Candidates listed in the poll are House Speaker Scott Bedke and Rep. Priscilla Giddings.

While details of the Zoldak Poll are broken down in the rest of the article below, Idaho Dispatch Editor Greg Pruett interviewed Sue Zoldak to cover the poll results and ask questions about the polling methodology itself. You can view that video here:

According to the Zoldak Research poll, Bedke leads the race with 35.8% of the vote, Giddings comes in at 14.1% of the vote, and 51% said they were undecided.

With a large percentage of “Undecided” voters in the Lt. Governor’s race, neither candidate is currently polling above 50% + 1 that would be required to win. However, Bedke currently holds a 21% lead over Giddings at the time the poll was conducted.

For those looking for more information on the candidates listed, you can visit our article here which lists candidates’ social media, website, and other information.

Because the Lt. Governor question is contained in the same poll as the Governor’s race, we will not post the methodology, ideology, and other data that was already posted in the Governor’s “Breakdown” post.

You can view the Governor’s race breakdown by clicking the link here.

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5 thoughts on “2022 Idaho Republican Primary Zoldak Research Poll Breakdown: Lt. Governor’s Race

  1. Idaho is RINO country that’s for sure! These Ignorant ‘conservatives’ will be the death of the State, I think Ron DeSantis could win everywhere in the world but here!

  2. I honestly think that those who have followed the two candidates will quickly decide that the poll was loaded against conservatives, but were mostly RINOs. In the rating of the Idaho Freedom Foundation Bedke has a score of 66.2% and Giddings has a score of 100%, one of the few. Right now we have to spend more time educating the Idaho Republican voters of these facts. I think it would be a disaster if Scott Bedke is elected to this position. The only good thing about him running is that he cannot run for the House at the same time, so if he loses he is out of Idaho politics. Pray that this is so. Idaho is too great a state to continue to elect RINOs to office. Thanks Jim Hollingsworth

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