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Young Boise School District Board Trustee Asked to Resign After Profane Tweet Directed at Idaho Governor

By • April 5, 2023

Shiva Rajbhandari, the young man who ran for and won a seat on the Boise School District Board of Trustees while he was still a senior at Boise High School, has been asked to resign following a tweet containing explicit language directed toward Idaho Governor Brad Little.

The self-proclaimed “Climate Change Activist” has been very vocal in the last couple years in the Boise area regarding environmental concerns. He spoke to the Idaho Dispatch in 2021 regarding his activism.

During his 2022 campaign for Boise School District Board Trustee, he was supported and endorsed by several well known Idaho political figures including Boise City Councilwoman Lisa Sanchez, Representative John Gannon, and Former Idaho Attorney General and Idaho Supreme Court Chief Justice Jim Jones. The Idaho Dispatch reported on the race here: Some High-Profile Democrats and Other Political Figures are Backing Shiva Rajbhandari in Boise School District Race – Idaho Dispatch

The tweeted comments last night were in response to Little signing House Bill 71 into law, the Vulnerable Child Protective Act. According to the statement of purpose, this new law will:

“prohibit puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex reassignment surgeries for children under the age of 18 when administered or performed for the purpose of changing the appearance of a child’s sex.”

Idaho Dispatch reported on House Bill 71 here: Bill Addressing Gender Mutilation and Puberty Blockers for Children Amended and Sent to Governor’s Desk – Idaho Dispatch

Here is an image of the profane tweet, directly from Rajbhandari (viewer discretion advised):

One of the calls for Rajbhandari to resign came from Boise resident Darcy Horton. She wrote,

“Dear Trustees:

Shiva recently violated the Board Code of Ethics Policy 1126 to “work diligently to build and maintain a relationship of trust and respect with other Board members, the Superintendent, staff, students, parents and the community.”

Shiva disagreed with Governor Little when the governor dared to sign into law a bill that Shiva didn’t want passed. He responded to the governor’s action with hatred and malice. What a horrible example for the community. What a horrible example for school children.

He must be removed from office immediately.”

In response to several emails received by Rajbhandari, he responded by emailing,

“Thank you for reaching out to me regarding this matter. I signed our Board Code of Ethics and I’m proud to abide by that code in all work that I do as a trustee in our district. I agree that schools should be a place where students feel safe and are not exposed to age-inappropriate content and that our district and Board should presume good intentions of all community members, including elected leaders, and treat these individuals with the utmost respect. Please know that individual trustees do not represent our Board and that the views held by individual trustees do not necessarily reflect the views of the Boise School District as a whole. I make it clear in my Twitter bio that my tweets reflect my views alone and are not associated with my role as a trustee in our district. If you’d like to follow along with my work on our Board, I encourage you to follow my Facebook page, Shiva for Boise Schools, and pay attention to official Board communications in our district newsletter. I will keep this invaluable feedback in mind as I craft my social media going forward. Please continue to hold me as well as my fellow trustees accountable and don’t hesitate to reach out regarding any further concerns. Feel free to contact me individually at this email or at my phone number below, as Darcy has done, if you have additional questions or concerns regarding this tweet.
Thank you again for your involvement in our district and your commitment to our students and community.
Shiva Rajbhandari (he/him)
Trustee, Boise Independent School District”

Rajbhandari tonight added another statement to his Twitter account which said in part,

“My strong language is reflective of my anger and frustration with the pointlessness of diplomatic dialogue with legislators and a Governor who have shown such little regard for the lives of Idaho youth. The hypocrisy of suggesting that a profane tweet is more harmful than what HB 71 could unleash on our trans and non-binary youth baffles me. I remain unapologetic in my commitment to our LGBTQ+ community.”

In response to Rajbhandari’s comments, the Boise School District Board released this statement, apologizing to Governor Brad Little on behalf of the District:

More readable images of the statement:

This article was updated on April 7, 2023 with the Boise School District Board statement.

Feature photo courtesy of Boise Highlights

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43 thoughts on “Young Boise School District Board Trustee Asked to Resign After Profane Tweet Directed at Idaho Governor

  1. Shiva should resign immediately or be removed. His statements against the governor are totally irresponsible and incite violence against an elected official.

  2. Evidently SHIVA has not learned to use his ” BIG WORDS’ and perhaps should take a class in letter writing.
    This is who we have on a SCHOOL BOARD?
    Perhaps you’ll be mature enough to articulate your thoughts in a few years?
    RESIGN for the good of the community.

    1. Gotta love the standard non-apology “apology” as well.

      He’s got a long career as a politician ahead of him, despite this hiccup. Sadly.

  3. I believe he sets a perfectly great example of a young Socialist leader. I also find it interesting that people want to give so-called constitutional rights to children under the age of 18, constitution does not support this. It supports the rights of parents for children under the age of 18 to be responsible for their children, not socialist leaders.

    1. One wonders why these socialists are so utterly determined to get their hands on the kids, and away from their parents. Have you seen the groomers on TikTok? Luring kids into lying to their parents, because their parents “don’t understand them.” It’s evil on steroids.

      This guy wants more of that no doubt.

  4. How did we let these liberal nutjobs infect the Boise schools???? Congrats to the Governor for putting his foot down..

    1. If I recall, turnout for the particular school board election in which he was running was low.

      If you live in a Boise school district and didn’t vote in the last elections: don’t complain. You are as much to blame for this twit being elected as those who voted for him.

  5. He’s just young and ignorant. He reminded me of an old joke I heard when I was young (maybe someone sending me a lesson?) that went something like this:
    When I was just out of high school, I was aghast at how ignorant my parents were. It seemed like they just didn’t know anything. I was so much younger and knew so much more.
    Then when I moved back in with them briefly after 4 years away at college, I was amazed at how much they’d learned while I was gone.

    1. Sadly, now colleges and universities are indoctrination centers.

      He will emerge from there 1000x worse than he is now.

    2. Shiva should resign immediately or be removed by the liberal City Council and Mayor. He is obviously not mature enough to be in this role. Rather he may consider moving to Portland or SF. He is not representing the majority.

  6. It is so wrong to give a child puberty blockers at a young age to stop them from maturing. Or cut off parts in an attempt to change their sex. It isn’t possible to change your sex! Children should be allowed to grow up and make their own decisions about their life.
    And in my opinion, I wouldn’t want Shiva anywhere near my children or grandchildren! He is disgusting and very disrespectful! He needs to leave Idaho. He is not what Idaho is all about.

  7. I would love to punch this little coward idiot right in the perverted mouth ! Be louder than fools like this, don’t let fools like this be heard. Normal Americans MUST OVERIDE idiots like this and shut them down. Fuck you Shiba !

    1. Your comments are just as crude, rude and violent as his . I’m assuming you are older than him. You too should learn to control your anger and your words!

  8. Self proclaimed climate activist? He lives in Idaho and believes there is such thing as “Global Warming”? Seriously? Can you say delusional? Why do young people choose ignorance to become famous?
    I will give him one day of shoveling out my cabin
    In April to change his mind. Really give him something to shout profanities at.

  9. Keep in mind this is the man who took money from a communist to pay for his support of an eco-terrorist group. He is decidedly anti-veteran and anti-American. His comments here are just his ugliness exposed.

  10. This is the problem with the Woke mentality: It’s their way or the highway. Profanity, knee-jerk reactions and personal attacks are how they get stuff done. And they are only as successful as we allow them to be. Slowly, behavior like Shiva’s is being accepted everywhere. I applaud the people who are shutting this down. His type of rhetoric has no place in the public forum but sadly I am seeing this normalized.

    I also must wonder about someone so violently pushing for the mutilation and harm of children, and the profits that doctors and Big Pharma rake in from these sick practices. This bill obviously doesn’t prevent any adult from mutilating their body, it just keeps greedy doctors who are capitalizing on the trans hysteria to benefit financially from ruining lives.

    I’m no fan of the governor but any public official speaking about another in the social arena has no place in any office.

    Shiva probably should watch some of the interviews with the people who have detransitioned and are suing hospitals and doctors for ruining their lives. Maybe this bill will prevent more of that.

  11. Shiva’s responses to the complaints against him constitute gaslighting and justification for uncivil behavior. This is not the kind of person who should be administrating children who are already under assault with a radical agenda to sexualize them.

  12. Well, what he said was wrong, but I am glad he has shown his true colors.
    The next time he runs for office I will be aware of his character.
    Although after this it will most likely be an appointment by the mayor !!

    1. You don’t have to wait for another election, you can start a recall petition and force a recall election.

  13. Clearly the dispatch is an arm of the right wing extremists of Idaho! The commentators apparently see none of the worlds used by their followers at every group that may oppose the damage the Republican extremist legislature pours into the citizens each year! Of course those are excused because well….Conservative Hypocrisy!

    The Legislature and the Governor clearly has the respect they deserve with this young man! The voters did a great job and once again the Republicans want a resignation based on actions that when the same thing happens from their side is ignored because threats and hate are simply the day to day for them but they want their opposition to sit quietly in the corner ……. Sorry folks we’re passed that….the changes are coming in seven places in IDAHO….and not a minute to late!

    Thanks to Mr. Shiva….Considering the choice of being Woke or whatever these others are I’ll take Woke….Considering being a Socialist (which is nothing more than the bait word) vs a Fascist…I’ll take being willing to listen and chose any day! Most of you using the socialist accusation couldn’t define it if you tried….

    1. I’m not a conservative or a Republican. Try again.

      It is sad that you are on the side of greedy doctors and big pharma who mutilate kids for profit.

    2. You are clearly one of the left wing, who likes to refer to anyone right of them as “right-wing extremists”. We are not extremists we are constitutionalists. If you consider the Constitution as extreme right wing, then we are happy to say, YES, we stand with Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and the rest of the founding fathers. Firmly and resolutely, we stand by our Constitution as intended by our founders!!!

  14. Don’t even bother discussing rational ideas with this person, Vida, he’s/she’s/it’s clearly here just to provide useless woke rhetoric to make him/her/itself feel better about the insanity that’s taken over Boise.

    1. Jason wrongly believes that he is in the majority.

      Nope. They are in the minority, they are just loud and try to use shock-value to get their way.

      I am wondering why now that the trans agenda has been institutionalized everywhere, in every university and corporation, where they now have more rights than everyone else, are they more angry and violent than ever? I thought they just wanted to pee.

  15. Another young person who ascribes to nasty, angry and violent rhetoric as opposed to healthy debate. Have all your limbic systems been hijacked?

    If a conservative or Republican tweeted what Shiva did, what would you say? I think we all know.

    Label everyone you disagree with a Nazi or a fascist, and then you don’t have to bother using critical thinking or presenting a cogent argument, right?

    This behavior is getting tiresome and people are waking up to it. So good luck trying to make this violent and childish tantrum-like behavior “the New Normal.”

    It got shut down this time and it will continue to get shut down. Not all young people are on the crazy clown world train you’re on.

  16. This is a disgusting outburst from one elected official. He should have his mouth washed out with soap. After he is removed from office.

  17. This appears to be the new normal for Boise. The people of Boise got the person they wanted and I’m sure they will support him in all of this. He seems to be an atheist as he certainly reflects their views and actions. It’s too bad he made this choice as he probably will most certainly lead a very unhappy life.However, he will probably fit in very well with the future elected officials of Boise.

    1. I agree. Boise voters chose to oust a competent, level-headed middle-aged man in favor of a hysterical woke teenager. Voters are to blame for that.

  18. Shiva should have gone shopping for some “Big Boy” pants before he decided to play in the adult world of local politics. He says he should have been a better role model. Clearly, he is the one who is in needed better role models. What were the adults in his life thinking when they signed off on this stupid idea. Making life-altering decisions that others are forced to live with is not childsplay. This had disaster written all over it from the start.

    It’s just delusional for Shiva to think he has the life experience to make decisions at this level. He let his overinflated ego and hatred for those who disagree with him cloud his judgement and now has to live with the consequences of his actions. I hope he learned some valuable lessons about respect, common sense, accountability and living in the adult world. It can be very unforgiving sometimes.

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