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Some High-Profile Democrats and Other Political Figures are Backing Shiva Rajbhandari in Boise School District Race

By • September 5, 2022

Some high-profile Idaho Democrats and other political figures are backing Shiva Rajbhandari for Boise School Board Seat 4 race on September 6th.

Rajbhandari is a Boise High School Senior. The list of endorsements he has heading into the election tomorrow range from city council members to state legislators.

Some of the endorsements Rajbhandari received are Lisa Sanchez – Boise City Councilwoman; Jimmy Hallyburton – Boise City Councilman; John Gannon – Idaho House of Representatives; Jim Jones – former Idaho Attorney General and Supreme Court Chief Justice; and David Roth – candidate for U.S. Senate.

Here is what Sanchez had to say of Rajbhandairi,

Shiva is the face of our young, politically-engaged activists who are already making a powerful impact in Idaho. I urge you to vote for him.

Jones praised Rajbhandair’s maturity, saying,

I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Shiva Rajbhandari earlier this year and was impressed by his knowledge and maturity. I have seen those qualities in abundance during his campaign for a position on the Boise school board. He will being a unique perspective to that position, and I hope voters will give him a chance to serve.

Rajbhandari is running against Steve Schmidt, the incumbent in the race who was appointed to the position last year. If elected, Rajbhandari would be the first student elected to the board.

On his campaign website, Schmidt lists; “high-quality education, a safe place to learn, and great teachers” as his platform focus. Schmidt also discusses his work as an engineer and a focus on his faith and family.

The Boise School Parents Association has come out in support of Schmidt. They said in their endorsement of Schmidt,

Pro parent candidate…will put students first, support teachers, and involve parents and staff in the decision-making process.

While the Constitution Party of Idaho did not make an endorsement in the race, it said Boise should avoid electing “far-left extremists” to local school boards.

The election for Boise School Board races takes place tomorrow. Voting opens at 8:00 a.m. MT and goes until 8:00 p.m. MT.

Who do you support in the Seat 4 race for Boise School Board? Let us know in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Some High-Profile Democrats and Other Political Figures are Backing Shiva Rajbhandari in Boise School District Race

  1. Schmidt thought the Boise School District did a good job with covid. Not convinced he’s a better choice than the commie teenager. Tired of voting for “the lesser of two evils” only to have evil sneak its agenda through regardless.

  2. Just by seeing those who want to support this guy is enough to know that he is 100% the WRONG choice for ANY office in Idaho.

  3. I was immediately turned off when one of the politicians said he is a great teenage activist. WE DON’T WANT ACTIVISTS, we want our parents supported in raising and educating our children. TAKE YOUR ACTIVISM SOMEWHERE ELSE.

  4. Yay… he’s a self-proclaimed activist… who wants “safe schools”… meaning safe spaces for radical leftists to spew their poison without being contradicted by others’ views. Shame he doesn’t mean “secure schools where kids are actually physically safe from threats… you know… that position that seems to repel Democrats like garlic to vampires.

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