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Watch: Exclusive Interview with Climate Change Activist Shiva Rajbhandari

By • December 17, 2021

Idaho Dispatch recently interviewed Shiva Rajbhandari, a climate change activist who is currently a student at Boise High School.

Rajbhandari recently held a “climate strike” at the Idaho Capitol. You can read more about that event here.

During the interview, Idaho Dispatch and Rajbhandari cover a variety of topics such as alternative energy, education as it relates to climate change, breaching of the dams in Idaho, and more.

You can see the full interview below:

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21 thoughts on “Watch: Exclusive Interview with Climate Change Activist Shiva Rajbhandari

  1. As soon as this child spewed the expression “climate justice” out of his piehole I was done. I have no interest in engaging in the listening to a video filled with nothing more than indoctrinated outpouring from someone who hasn’t even finished high school. I think he’s so full of incorrect and dangerous ideology spawned by individuals who’ve penned the curriculum he’s embraced and is now attempting to force down the throats of anyone foolish enough to listen and swallow the lies he has believed that there may be no hope for him.

    Sorry Greg, but I think that in this case you’ve agreed to do an interview with someone who doesn’t merit one. I’d rather stack BB’s than view any more of this flatulence.

    1. You seem pretty triggered by this “child”. You make it sound like a “child” shouldn’t be taking serious. But, this “child” is almost an adult that will be exercising his right to vote in less than a year. He is obviously a leader and I’m sure he’ll be doing great things in life. I admire this “child”.

      1. No, really it is woke Karen like yourself that “triggers” me.

        But I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent…

  2. In a weird way he reminds me of Greta, maybe it’s the outlandish, lying verbiage that he didn’t come up with on his own!

  3. The Activist’s homework assignment: Watch the Video or read the Content at, “”.

    In the meantime, go away and leave us alone.

  4. The only way these types of left wing ideologies will go away is to stop giving them press. There are better places to take your journalism such as to small businesses who could use the extra visibility.

  5. Maybe when young buck here lives a little and gets an original thought or two, some lost soul will pay attention to him in 50 years. Til then…shut the f*ck up and get a job.

  6. We here at our house who have in the past lived with these crazies call them the “Watermelon People”. Green on the outside, and Red on the inside. Red meaning Communism. Communism meaning destroyer of all that works, Capitalism, and Freedom. Destroyer meaning the Father of all lies, the devil himself.

  7. Let’s hope Idaho doesn’t follow in the woke footsteps of Oregon. Governor Brownshirt is destroying our state, just signed another executive order under the guise of a Climate Emergency that will continue to drastically reduce the use of natural gas and force citizens to move to electric only. Ranchers and farmers, small businesses are being destroyed because of this ongoing woke climate change nonsense that is going to control our every move by the elite. Idaho, I have great concern for your future.

  8. Breaching the lower snake dams makes absolutely no sense if you’re trying to get to renewable energy. The argument that the indigenous people could get free fish is ludicrous. One or two fish if the salmon would even come up the snake through the sediment behind where the dams are. If we want to make up to indigenous people give free electricity. Young people can get all fired up the problem is much like liberals they do not look at every angle of an issue. The only thing he said was the need to go to more nuclear energy, but even that he has not put a lot of thought into consequences.
    Giving him or Greta a platform without examining every angle lets them think they have all the answers.

    1. That the platform is being provided is in my view precisely the problem. And the angles for these young children have been established by the curriculum that they’re being indoctrinated with. And that curriculum is all pointing in the same direction…left.

      No life experience, no instruction in how to examine the angles (aka: critical thinking). Stupidocrisy…

  9. Lots of negative comments about this young man’s ideology. But this is what every young person is getting in spades at public school. The entire next generation believes this stuff. The problem isn’t with thIs young man, he is just regurgitating what he was taught. The problem is how do we reverse the brain damage and mass psychosis of an entire generation? And this IS in us, because WE allowed this ideology to permeate the public school system without a fight. So WE need to fix it, not tell them to “get a job”.
    I personally think that this generation is so gung ho on this subject, not because they are scared of the planet dying but because it gives them a sense of belonging to something important and those social bonds are more solid than their family bonds.
    If WE don’t reverse this indoctrination, it doesn’t matter how hard we fight for liberty today, this generation will gladly hand it away tomorrow. I personally am sick of all the armchair warriors out there, judging the world from the safety of their homes. Changing things requires action, not complaining. What are you going to do this next year? How are you going to get involved?

  10. There’s enough of this subversive nonsense in the mainstream media without having it pushed on “alternative” media too.

    This kid needs to be shoved into a locker, not given a microphone.


  11. I really appreciated this interview. It reminds me of the conversation that Candace Owens had with Hawk Newsome, the Chairman of Black Lives Matter. I normally wouldn’t listen to interviews with activists like Hawk or Shiva due to the bias of the interviewer. It really is important for us to hear other perspectives, even if we don’t agree with them. I’m definitely more inclined to listen to people on the other side of my opinion when the interviewer is asking real questions. Did anyone hear what Shiva said about ID school curriculum, Congressman Mike Simpson, or Rep Greg Chaney? This is very important information for us and we have it now due to real journalism. Once again, the Idaho Dispatch brings us real news. The question is: Now that we know, what will we do about it?

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