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Sneak Peek Video: Source with Direct Inside Knowledge of Caldwell Police ‘Turmoil’ Speaks Out

By • April 1, 2022

Idaho Dispatch recently sat down with a source who has direct inside knowledge of what they have described as “turmoil” within the Caldwell Police Department.

Over the last few months, Idaho Dispatch has run several articles about the city of Caldwell and what is taking place in the police department. We were the first to break the story about the FBI investigating several police officers.

Idaho Dispatch covered other stories about Lt. Joey Hoadley who is facing a misdemeanor charge for “deprivation of rights,” as well as former Chief Frank Wyant and Captain Devin Riley’s offices being empty after being asked to resign by Mayor Jarom Wagoner. The city of Caldwell announced Wyant’s retirement yesterday.

After months of coverage, one of our sources agreed to go on camera and speak out about what they believe is really happening inside Caldwell’s police department.

The source you will see in this video has asked that their identity be concealed because they fear retaliation for speaking with Idaho Dispatch.

Please note that the views and opinions expressed by the source we interviewed are solely that of the person making them. They do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Additionally, all people are innocent until proven guilty. Any allegations of criminal conduct or wrongdoing are just that, allegations. They do not represent guilt.

The goal of doing this interview is to give an individual with direct knowledge an opportunity to speak where they may not feel the ability to do so without concealing their identity. Idaho Dispatch is trying to bring the public as much information about the Caldwell situation as possible and will sit down with those who may disagree with what this source has to say.

You can watch our exclusive sneak peek with one of our sources below.

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16 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Video: Source with Direct Inside Knowledge of Caldwell Police ‘Turmoil’ Speaks Out

  1. Wonder if the city is not releasing any thing cause some if not a lot of this goes back to when Allgood was chief. And they are protecting him till the primary’s are over you can never trust Caldwell city.

    1. Half the council is new and there’s a mostly new council, I highly doubt they’re hiding it. Sounds like your disgruntled since you have so many negative comments.

  2. It’ll be some be B.S if the Nampa Police Department go off the hook on this FEDS Investigation.. (The 2C Nampa/Caldwell they like twins)

  3. I hope they investigate everything that has gone through that police department. Like all the “so called” investigations especially where someone has died. There has been corupt stuff going on for many years!

  4. To the masked man; Chris, this isn’t cloak and dagger you don’t need to hide, despite your paranoia no one is coming for you. Just sit down and be normal for once.

  5. Thanks for the info Former Officer who was fired Chris Finley! Wonder where you get your information since you were caned and kicked out of the police department after getting a DUI in your department vehicle. Very reputable.

    1. So the key to keeping a job at Caldwell is to get a DUI in your personal vehicle like Hoadley and Mathews, instead of a department vehicle? Noted.

      1. No the key is don’t lie and try to hide it. The other officers admitted their mistake, took the punishment and moved on… unlike Chris who is clearly STILL trying to lie and cause problems.

    2. He got his info from working there!!! Obviously he knows what was really going on behind them walls. A DUI compared to what these other evil officers did is nothing!!! Gosh I can’t wait to more comes out. They all deserve to pay for what they did.

    1. They are here to serve and protect each other only if you are having a problem with someone and you call the police now you have 2

  6. The truth always comes out. And I’m glad it did. High five to this person for speaking out. I pray that the truth of what CPD did to me will come out. I’m also happy that chief Ingram is now in… Good things happening. About time.

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