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Sources: Offices of Caldwell Police Chief Frank Wyant and Captain Devin Riley are ‘Vacant’

By • March 15, 2022

The Idaho Dispatch has learned through multiple sources that the offices of Caldwell Police Chief Frank Wyant and Captain Devin Riley are “vacant.”

Last week Idaho Dispatch learned from multiple sources that Wyant was asked to resign by Caldwell’s new Mayor Jarom Wagoner. However, it was unclear why Wagoner had asked Wyant to resign or if Wyant had accepted the request.

Now, those sources say that Wyant and Riley’s offices have been cleared out, but did not comment on if it was related to Wagoner’s request.

Idaho Dispatch contacted Caldwell Lt. David Wright to comment on why the offices were vacant. Wright told Idaho Dispatch that Wyant was a “current employee of our department.”

On a follow-up question, Dispatch asked Wright, “But you don’t know if his office is empty?”

Wright responded saying,

I know he’s a current employee of our department. That’s all we’re going to stipulate right now.

Over the last few months, Idaho Dispatch has been working on several stories about the city of Caldwell, based on several tips given to us by those close to the situation.

Idaho Dispatch first learned that the FBI was investigating several police officers in the Caldwell P.D. That story led to numerous other tips and sources disclosing stories to Idaho Dispatch, which we are working to verify at this time.

From those tips, Idaho Dispatch has been working on investigating numerous other tips regarding the situation in Caldwell.

If you have any additional information for Idaho Dispatch regarding alleged corruption inside the city of Caldwell, or any government agency in Idaho, please submit your tip to

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8 thoughts on “Sources: Offices of Caldwell Police Chief Frank Wyant and Captain Devin Riley are ‘Vacant’

  1. Hell yeah. It’s gone to take a decade to rebuild that department! Plus they pay the lowest in the valley. Caldwell residents better load their mags things are about to get exciting! 🙂

    1. You haven’t loaded your mags yet? I’m ready, and frankly, unworried. We take care of our own over here in Caldwell. Woe be unto the crackhead that tries to mess with our community. The criminal will be the one calling 911 to try to get help from the police.

      1. Exactly what “crackheads” are “messing with our community”? Crack is no longer the problem but meth is a huge problem and the answer isn’t murdering them but providing access to treatment, mental health services, and financial aid. I know you’ll hate this but in reality this approach costs so much less than criminalization that it’s just ridiculous. No one wants to be a methhead. Have some compassion.

    2. Who is it you plan to kill? Someone with invalid registration? Someone “loitering” in a park? The non-white hordes you envision swarming your house to steal your cheap chatchkes? BTW statistics show that far more white men than African Americans commit rape so you’re safe there.

      Hey! Maybe you could fire off a few rounds from you AK-47 into a constitutionally protected crowd of peaceful protesters! Thanks for keeping us safe, buddy!

  2. Are these two officers secretly the same person?

    And thank you, Idaho Dispatch, for covering this. Clearly the Caldwell PD is in appalling shape. The city’s stonewalling, lack of transparency, and utter contempt for its citizens are shocking but not at all surprising. Surely you have lawyers to help you gain access to what are surely public records?

    Keep up the good work. I’ll be following closely.

  3. I applaud Mayor Waggoner for stepping up for the people of Caldwell and cleaning house. Asking for the resignation of a COP is a really big deal. How that both officers have cleaned out their offices maybe there is more to this story after all. Keep at ID. Thanks

    BTW, if you are reading the ID online for free, PLEASE subscribe. They need 100 new subscribers by June 3 to stay alive. Less than the cost of couple Venti Lattes at Starbucks each month. We cannot afford to lose this precious local news resource. You go Greg.

  4. As part of what I do I have reached out to Wyant and although I have a great connection to CC sheriffs Dept and all other agencies around the state, Frank was not only just not interested in our “Support Your Local Police and keep them independent” campaign, he is the only one in the state (in my area at the time) that consistently refused to meet with me. This is one more reason people should have joined the campaign rather than run from it but you can’t force people to do what is good for them but the government seems good at it and they would rather, it seems wait till the heel is on the backs of their necks. It is indeed about to get interesting and only those that know history truly see it coming and know exactly what to expect! Keep it up Greg!

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