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Sen. Zito (R-Hammett): The Good, Bad, & Ugly of the 2021 Legislative Session

By • May 24, 2021

State Senator Christy Zito (R-Hammett) has responded to the Idaho Dispatch’s “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” survey.

The survey is a simple way for legislators to let their constituents and Idahoans, in general, know what they felt were some of the highlights and lows of the 2021 legislative session. All legislators from both political parties were sent the same survey.

Here are Zito’s responses in full:

The Good:  H220 will prevent state tax dollars from going to abortion providers and their affiliates.  The passage of H220 was brave.  Abortion is murder. If we do not protect and value the smallest human, we are in trouble as a society.

The strengthening of our Second Amendment was a vital move to defend our citizens against this anti-gun regime that holds the executive office in this country.  We must declare our state sovereignty and protect our constitutional rights.

The EXCELLENT:  The people owned the day and did not give up until those who blocked H300 wrote and passed a SAPA expansion. There were over 20 Representatives, 2 Senators, and thousands of citizens, who sent emails, made phone calls and made personal visits to push and support H300, the original SAPA expansion bill.

The Bad:  There was some movement on tax savings for the citizens but we missed a huge opportunity for even better tax relief. The legislature has the power to set the formula for how tax rates are set and collected.  One glaring exception is the grocery tax.  Representative Ron Nate crafted an amendment for an income tax bill scheduled for a floor vote in the senate.  Senator Bayer sponsored the amendment with me. The bill was left in the amending order, costing the citizens important and asked for tax relief.

 The Ugly:  H300 was beautifully written and in the plain language of the people. The petty politics of personalities stood in the way of its passage.

Ugliest:  Five senators betrayed the people of the state, by not voting to override the governor’s veto on bills that would have restored some constitutional balance between the legislative and executive branches.

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6 thoughts on “Sen. Zito (R-Hammett): The Good, Bad, & Ugly of the 2021 Legislative Session

  1. Thank you Senator Zito for all your work for the people of Idaho! Nothing good would have come of this session without a handful of loyal and dedicated people.

    Let’s not forget those who betrayed the citizens at the next election.

  2. I agree Gary Dale, we must remind certain legislators in no uncertain terms They Work For Us !
    We need to send Legislators like Senator Christy Zito reinforcements next year along with putting LT Governor Janice McGeachin in the Governors Chair. Time To Send A Message !

  3. Thank you Ms. Zito for a wonderfully crafted bill H300.
    I support it in its entirety.
    Who stopped it from becoming law? And why? Mr. Pruett can you please follow-up on this?
    Thank you.

  4. Simply put, Senator Zito is a humble hero to the people of Idaho. We owe her a debt of gratitude and as Gary Dale so eloquently stated, we need to remember the RHINOS when it comes time to vote again, it’s not just a swamp, as Tammy Nichols stated, it’s a sewer in our Senate and it’s time to evacuate it. Vote all the slimy clogs in the wheel that stand in the way of our heroes and beat their chests as they carry on doing their corrupt practices of drawering and blocking of good bills like HB300 and “I can get your bill passed if you vote my way on my bill” corrupt croney old boy’s “your vote should be for sale because mine is” mentality! Remember their slime, we can’t just vote for the business as usual anymore, we must use all the tools at our disposal to stand up and be counted. We must vote all those that play by slimy sewer laden politics, OUT!!

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