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Op-Ed: “Dis-Lodge” House Bill 300

By • March 24, 2021

The socialists in Washington, D.C. have been poised to seize this moment for years.  Gun control activists who have met with resistance in the past have zero opposition now that they control the entire congress of the United States, and anyone paying attention can identify multiple bills that seek to limit and restrict gun purchases, privacy, and ownership.

Members of the Idaho State Legislature claiming that new second amendment protections are unnecessary in Idaho are either grossly uninformed or are complicit in the effort to hinder gun owners from an unrestricted expression of their right to bear arms.

The right to life is God-given and cannot be granted or taken away by government.  Inherent in the right to life is the right to bear arms.  The ability to defend one’s life is ubiquitous with the right to live.  House Bill 300 is not a petition to government to grant rights, but a measure to better define and defend a natural right.  Support for this bill is an effort to instruct our servants in the state legislature as to how we want our rights preserved.

House Bill 300 is an expansion of Idaho’s small arms protection act and would have nearly universal support across the state of Idaho, yet it is having difficulty getting out of the Senate State Affairs committee because of one powerful member; its chair, Senator Patti Anne Lodge.  It is claimed that she has a personal grudge against second amendment supporters and is expressing it by stymying the advance of this bill.

Whether members of the Idaho State Legislature are willing to acknowledge it or not, the federal government will be enacting gun control bills this year, and if Idaho is not prepared to counter those threats, all Idahoans will suffer a loss of freedom.

Patti Anne Lodge’s willingness to punish all Idahoans, due to personal prejudice, deserves censure.  It is reprehensible that many committee chairmen in the Idaho State Legislature abuse their position in this manner, and it will require more citizens to put pressure on them to discharge their duties with greater integrity.

Now is the time for every gun owner to speak up and help “dis-Lodge” HB 300 from its sticking point in Patti Anne Lodge’s Senate State Affairs committee.  If allowed a hearing, its merits would be obvious and the support of citizens across the state could not be denied.  This is how the legislative process works in a republic.  Let’s make it happen!

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