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2024 Idaho Primary Election Results

By • May 22, 2024

The results are in for the 2024 Idaho Primary election. These results come directly from the Idaho Secretary of State’s election website found here and here. Please note that these results do not become official until they are certified on June 5, 2024.

Congressional Districts 1 and 2 U.S. Representative Races:

In the race for District 1 U.S. Representative, incumbent Republican Russ Fulcher ran unopposed in the GOP Primary. He automatically advances to the November election.

For the Congressional District 2 U.S. Representative seat, Republican incumbent Mike Simpson received 54.7% of the vote, beating challengers Scott Cleveland (35.8%) and Sean Higgins (9.5%).

Just one candidate ran in each of the Congressional Districts 1 and 2 U.S. Representative races on the Democratic ballot. CD1 candidate Kaylee Peterson and CD2 candidate David Roth both automatically advance to the general election.

The Libertarian Party also had one candidate for each CD U.S. Representative race. Matt Loesby will be on the November ballot for CD1 Representative and Todd Corsetti for CD2 Representative.

The Constitution Party had one candidate on the ballot for CD1 Representative, Brendan Gomez. He automatically advances to November. In the CD2 Representative race, two Constitution Party candidates ended the night with very close results. A candidate named Idaho Law – Carta Sierra received 51% of the ballots cast, while a candidate named Pro-Life garnered 49%. Idaho Law – Carta Sierra will advance to the general election.

The following is information on races across Idaho’s 35 Legislative Districts. The current Legislative District map can be seen here.

Idaho Legislative District 1:

In the state Senate race, former Senator Jim Woodward beat incumbent Senator Scott Herndon, 52% to 48%. There was no primary in any other party for the LD1 Senate seat.

In the House of Representative race Seat A, Republican Mark Sauter beat two challengers. Democrat Karen Matthee ran unopposed and will advance to November.

For House of Representatives Seat 1B Democrat Kathryn Larson beat Bob Vickaryous overwhelmingly, 92% to 8%. Republican Cornel Rasor beat Chuck Lowman 52% to 48%.

In Idaho Legislative Districts 2 and 3, all state Senate and House of Representatives candidates ran unopposed and will advance to the November general election.

Idaho Legislative District 4:

The only contested primary in LD4 was for State Representative Seat B. Republican incumbent Elaine Price beat Dave Raglin 60% to 40%. All other candidates ran unopposed.

Idaho Legislative District 5:

The only contested race in LD5 was for State Senate. Republican incumbent Carl Bjerke overwhelmingly defeated challenger Cheri Zao, 77.5% to 22.5%.

Idaho Legislative District 6: 

Two Republican challenges took place in LD6. Incumbent Senator Dan Foreman beat challenger Robert Blair, 53% to 47%. In the GOP battle for House of Representatives seat 6A, incumbent Lori McCann beat two challengers and will advance to November to face a Democratic challenger.

Idaho Legislative District 7: 

LD7 also saw two contested GOP races. Kyle Harris beat Jim Chmelik in the State Rep Seat A contest. For State Rep Seat B, Charlie Shepherd defeated challenger Larry Dunn to secure his November appearance.

Idaho Legislative District 8:

This area – which is comprised of Elmore, Boise, Custer, and Valley Counties – is the center of much discussion in this primary. For State Rep Seat 8A, GOP challenger Rob Beiswenger beat incumbent Matt Bundy, 54% to 46%. For State Rep Seat 8B, Republican challenger Faye Thompson beat longtime incumbent Megan Blanksma, 51% to 49%. The State Senate seat was also contested in the Republican party. Incumbent Geoff Schroeder was beat by former Representative/former Senator Christy Zito.

Idaho Legislative District 9:

In the GOP race for the nomination for State Senate, Brandon Shippy beat former Representative Scott Syme.  For State Rep seat 9A, GOP incumbent Jacyn Gallagher was defeated by challenger John Shirts, 38% to 62%.

Idaho Legislative District 10:

Incumbent GOP State Senator Tammy Nichols easily beat challenger Lori Bishop, 64% to 36%. Speaker of the House Mike Moyle was challenged by Rachel Hazelip for State Rep seat 10A. Moyle narrowly won the Republican nomination, beating Hazelip by 799 votes, and will face a Democrat in November.

Idaho Legislative District 11:

GOP challenger Camille Blaylock beat incumbent State Senator Chris Trakel, 52% to 48%. For State Rep seat 11A, Republican challenger Kent Marmon beat incumbent Julie Yamamoto, 57% to 43%. Lucas Cayler and Sarah Chaney faced off in the GOP primary for House Rep seat 11B. In a very close result, Cayler beat Chaney 1,695 votes to 1,656 votes and will now face Democrat Marisela Pesina in the November general election.

Idaho Legislative District 12:

In the State Senate GOP race, incumbent Ben Adams defeated challenger Victor Rodriguez, 58% to 42%. For State Rep seat 12A, Republican Jeff Cornilles beat Jarome Bell, 60% to 40%. State Rep seat 12B shows a big win by incumbent Republican Jaron Crane over challenger John (Jay) Noller, 78% to 22%. All other candidates ran unopposed in their respective parties.

Idaho Legislative District 13:

For State Senate in LD13, GOP incumbent Brian Lenney beat former Senator Jeff Agenbroad by 541 votes. There was a three-way race for State Rep seat 13B. Incumbent Kenny Wroten and challenger Amy Henry were both defeated by Steve Tanner.

Idaho Legislative District 14 had no contested primary races.

Idaho Legislative District 15:

In the Democratic primary for State Rep seat 15B, Shari Baber defeated Ivan Hurlburt, 67% to 33%. All other races were uncontested.

Idaho Legislative District 16:

Two seats in LD16 saw Democratic contests. For State Senate, incumbent Ali Rabe beat challenger Justin “Justice” Mitson by one of the largest margins – 89% to 11%. Four candidates were vying for the Democratic nomination for State Rep seat 16B. Todd Achilles won the race with 46.54% of the vote. The other three candidates split the remaining 53.46%.

Idaho Legislative Districts 17, 18, and 19 did not have any contested races in the primary.

Idaho Legislative District 20:

State Senate Pro Tempore Chuck Winder lost his seat to GOP challenger Josh Keyser, 2,926 votes to 3,207 votes. The House seats did not have any contested races.

Idaho Legislative District 21:

GOP incumbent Treg Bernt beat challenger Brenda Bourn to earn the Republican nomination for State Senate, 59% to 41%. In the race for State Rep seat 21A, there was a three-way race in the GOP. Incumbent James Petzke easily secured the win with just over 55% of the vote.

Idaho Legislative District 22:

State Rep seat 22B saw incumbent Jason Monks challenged by Marisa Stevens Keith. With a 67% to 33% margin, Monks won the race. The other two seats in LD22 did not have contested races in the primary.

Idaho Legislative District 23: 

In the GOP race for State Rep seat 23A, Chris Bruce beat Melissa Durrant in a close race with the totals being about 51% to 49%. Incumbent Tina Lambert was defeated by challenger Shawn R Dygert in the race for State Rep seat 23B. The vote count was 3,129 for Lambert and 3,324 for Dygert.

Idaho Legislative District 24:

State Senate GOP incumbent Glenneda Zuiderveld was challenged by Alex Caval but won the race with a 54.59% to 45.41% result. In the race for State Rep seat 24A, Chenele Dixon was defeated by Clint Hostetler who received 1,558 more votes. Republican Steve Miller beat Republican Jeff Faulkner for State Rep seat 24B by 11.5% of the votes cast.

Idaho Legislative District 25:

Linda Wright Hartgen, GOP incumbent in the State Senate, was defeated by Josh Kohl by a large margin, 63% to 37% to win the nomination. There is no nominee in any other party, so Kohl will win the seat in November. David Leavitt beat Greg Lanting for the GOP nomination for State Rep seat 25B. With no challenger from any other party for this seat, Leavitt will be the winner in November.

Idaho Legislative District 26:

Republican Mike Pohanka beat Kally Schiffler for the GOP nomination for State Rep seat 26A in a 60% to 40% result. In the race for State Rep seat 26B, Lyle Johnstone lost to Jack Nelsen by 169 votes.

Idaho Legislative District 27:

The only contested primary in LD27 was for State Rep seat 27B. Clay Handy beat Pat Field with a 59% to 41% result.

Idaho Legislative District 28:

In the GOP contest for the nomination for State Rep seat 28A, incumbent Rick Cheatum defeated two challengers. For State Rep seat 28B, Dan Garner beat Kirk Jackson with 55.53% of the vote.

Idaho Legislative District 29 had no primary contests.

Idaho Legislative District 30:

In the race for the State Senate Republican nomination, incumbent Julie VanOrden beat Jerry Truth Bingham 63% to 37%. In the House seat 30A GOP contest, David Cannon beat Josh Sorensen. For House seat 30B, Republican Ben G. Fuhriman beat incumbent Julianne Young by just 10 votes.

Idaho Legislative District 31:

LD31 had just one contested primary race. State Representative seat 31B GOP incumbent Rod Furniss beat former Representative Karey Hanks by 268 votes.

Idaho Legislative District 32: 

In the race for GOP nomination for State Seante in LD32, Kevin J Cook defeated Keith Newberry, 69% to 31%. There was a three-way race in the GOP for State Rep seat 32A. Incumbent Stephanie Mickelsen easily won the race with over 60% of the vote. There was also a three-way contest for State Rep seat 32B. Incumbent Wendy Horman with 45.5% of the overall vote.

Idaho Legislative District 33:

The GOP primary race result for State Senate in LD33 shows incumbent Dave Lent defeating challenger Bryan Scholz 60% to 40%. The Republican race for House seat 33B resulted in incumbent Marco Erickson beating challenger Jilene Burger 55% to 45%.

Idaho Legislative District 34:

LD34 had just one primary race. The House seat 34B GOP incumbent Britt Raybould beat challenger Larry E Golden with 65% of the vote.

Idaho Legislative District 35:

GOP incumbent Mark Harris beat challenger Doug Toomer for State Senate by about 2,000 votes. In the Republican primary contest for House seat 35B, incumbent Joshua Wheeler defeated challenger Brett C. Skidmore 62% to 38%.

All judges who were up for election were retained by the people, including Idaho Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard Bevan. You can find statewide results for all the bonds and levies here.

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17 thoughts on “2024 Idaho Primary Election Results

  1. More thoughts than time allows to list here, but:
    1. Pathetic voter turnout. Absolute lunacy that voters disregarded this election.
    2. Multiple ballots instead of an election whereby a voter can cast a vote for their first choice instead of being limited to one party’s “offering.” Forced folks who did take the time to show up (IN PERSON!!) to, when only afforded a vote for someone they didn’t prefer to simply not vote and hope that helped somehow in not canceling out someone who voted for their actual preferred candidate on another ballot. Just random thoughts, not a request for any self-described “expert” to try and educate me with their unsolicited opinion.

    I could go on and on, but I’m certain there will be others chiming in on these and many other aspects that remain as significant problems in our voting procedures.

    1. We have a huge percentage of our population that constantly prove them selves as dumbed down and ignorant TV watchers.

    2. Disagree with second point. The GENERAL election in November is when you get to pick from all candidates, regardless of party, so just wait six months. The PRIMARY is for those who have identified with a certain party and party platform to decide on their best candidate to put forward.

      In sports, supporters and players of the opposing team do NOT get to decide who you put in the big game. Likewise, in the primaries registered Republicans get to decide who they think is the best Republican candidate to put forward in the general election (the Superbowl of politics), the Democrats do the same for their candidates, as do the Libertarians, etc.

      1. “Just random thoughts, not a request for any self-described “expert” to try and educate me with their unsolicited opinion.”

        What portion of this was I not clear on? I expressed nothing in terms of comprehension of the process, and yet you apparently felt compelled to “explain” it to me.

        Let me be clear: I do not care what you “disagree” on…period.

  2. There is no way that Senator Scott Herndon would have lost,
    There is no way that Rep Mike Simpson would have won….

    1. Have to agree with that.
      I simply don’t understand how people in one of the reddest states in the union, with serious numerical advantages over the collectivists, both statewide AND in Ada county, continue to support Simpson, a known RINO for years.

      Don’t get me started on how a far-Left extremist (which is now main stream Democrat…) is in her second term as mayor in a city where the only thing holding her back from instituting her entire menu of Leftist policy evil, is fear of the people. So how did she get elected with so many obviously opposed to her and the crap she supports?

      Idahoans need to make the connection between what is happening at a federal/national level and what happens state and local. Just because they are able to hide it better here doesn’t mean they aren’t the same people with the same despotic goals…

  3. Very sad that Sott Herndon lost. I guess people must have believed the “he is too extreme” that his opponent threw out there.

    Yes, sort of “meh”..

    Good news, Chuck Winder is out.

  4. I made GOTV phone calls for Herndon for two days. The vast majority of people I talked to couldn’t care less about the primary election, playing right into the hands of Democrat strategists who then can plan on winning the game by a field goal, so to speak. I don’t see how we can keep the republic given to us. Evidently, candidates can lie about who they are, which means they can also cheat, and that doesn’t matter to the average Idaho voter.

  5. RINO’s come in several sub species. Simpson is of the sub species RINOcirrhosis Mormonii which is a particularly aggressive sub species which needs to be extinct.

  6. A big frustration is the lack of complete and comprehensive conservative voter guides that come out far enough in advance to be of use to those who tend to vote during the “early voting” period.

  7. Dorothy’s awesome… love her. The raging libs and rinos, as you put them, will never “take her serious” whatever that means… because that would run counter to their lust for power and control…although I’m glad you put the libs and rinos in the same group, cause that’s where they belong, in case you havent been paying attention…

  8. How do I find out who paid for all of the flyers that were sent out in the weeks prior to the election?
    Thank you

  9. I talked to Woodward 3 years ago when he running. I spoke with him about the jab causing injury and death, he said,” I don’t believe these people are real”. Yes you heard me right. I asked him to think outside the box and open his eyes to the reality of what is going on with the jabs and forced lockdowns, masks.
    He is in denial about what is really going on, how can he do his job being in denial of all things that hurt our people.
    So abortion is why, Herndon didn’t believe in abortion so they pick a guy who is in denial of all things that harm us and allow abortion to what extent?

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