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‘Right-wing Extremists’ Included in Boise State/B.P.D. ‘Idaho Threat Assessment Conference’

By • January 31, 2022

The 2022 “Idaho Threat Assessment Conference” will take place in June 2022, and one of the topics includes “Right-wing Extremists.”

Idaho Dispatch was sent a flyer by a source who did not wish to be named at this time. The event is being put on by Boise State University and the Boise Police Department.

An email was also sent out with the flyer by Tara Biddle, an Administrative Assistant with the State Board of Education that contained the flyer. The email went to state school administrators and School Resource Officers.

In the description of the flyer for topics to be covered was the following paragraph (emphasis added by Idaho Dispatch),

2022 ITAC will open with a presentation from Investigator Stacy Galbraith and Capt. Edna Hendershot, the two detectives who worked on the serial rape investigation that inspired the Pulitzer-Prize winning article “An Unbelievable Story of Rape” and the Netflix series “Unbelievable”. The conference will also include session topics on Juvenile Subjects in the Planning Stages of Mass Attacks, Violent Rhetoric and Radicalization, Right-wing Extremists, K-12 Mental Health, Ethics in Threat Management, The Rigby, Idaho School Shooting Debrief, and A Debrief of the Boise Mall Attack.

The individual who sent Idaho Dispatch the flyer said they were frustrated that the topic wasn’t just extremism overall, rather than just extremism from any side.

An Idaho lawmaker had also contacted Idaho Dispatch about the issue and had the same question about why extremism on both sides would not be covered in the event.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to both B.S.U. and Boise P.D. for comment on why only one side was mentioned in the description. Neither organization has replied to our request at this time.

While writing this article, Idaho Dispatch was made aware of a post on Facebook from Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin regarding the issue. Here is what McGeachin posted,

It has come to my attention that the State Board of Education has been circulating this 2022 Idaho Threat Assessment Conference flyer. It is concerning to me due to the language used in the flyer regarding “right-wing extremism.” I have submitted several questions to the SBOE regarding the definition of right-wing extremism and hope to get to the bottom of this issue.

This is an ongoing story, and Idaho Dispatch will post new updates as they become available.

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13 thoughts on “‘Right-wing Extremists’ Included in Boise State/B.P.D. ‘Idaho Threat Assessment Conference’

  1. This needs looked in too but black panthers BlM and all left extremists need looked at all so if you people want to keep dividing people you are the people at fault.

    1. It isn’t bias to point out the BPD’s and ISDOE’s bias. This is what I sent to BPD:

      Dear Chief of Police,
      It appears the Boise PD is singling out “right-wing extremists” in a threat assessment conference according to its flyer:
      It is bigoted and dangerous for a community police department to single out one side of the political aisle as the source of extremism when extremism can come from any quarter. How about the BLM and Antifa rioting, looting and burning in 2020? I hope this was a stupid mistake by a rogue officer and does not reflect the culture of the Boise PD. Please reassure me this is not the case.

    2. And 5 years of violent deadly rioting in the American cities have done more to destroy our society than any of that garbage you linked to. What is the FBI doing to stop the violent left besides kneeling and bowing before them? Go pound sand buddy.

  2. Pathetic. Call your senators and legislatures, as well your PD to express your disgust on this. Seems to me that Boise Mayors pick is starting to implant . Shouldn’t he be more worried about his investigation on him ? Right wing freedom more like it !

  3. P.s

    My thin blue line flag on my house says i support the police. Keep this crap up and the flag comes down and my loyalty also leaves. I will not see the police turn on the ones that have supported them as BLM Antifa and other slugs groups have destroyed them over the years. Don’t piss on the ones that support law and order. If you do. At that point, who do you have supporting you ? Nancy Pelosi and and Boise Mayor McLean HaH

    1. Agree. And don’t get me started on the blue line enforcing the mayor’s mask mandates. And while I’m at it, doubt the mall shooting debrief will mention another failure of a so-called gun free zone?

      1. I will say this. I support the Blue! While many police departments and officers make concerted efforts to operate within the rules, police corruption persists. We shouldn’t condemn them all for the bad actions of a few. We need to make every effort to identify the bad apples and weed them out. That also applies to every politician, educator, doctor, lawyer, judge, etc.

  4. Go to city of Boise website or just Google up Boise idaho police department email , find your to file a commendation or complaint.

    Let them know how gross it is to hear this and what a slap on the face it is. Thin blue line flag is not flying that proud off the front of my house today. Let them know when they slap there last supporters in the face is when they can’t count on people like AOC and the squad to support them !

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