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State Board of Education Responds to ‘Idaho Threat Assessment Conference’

By • February 6, 2022

The Idaho State Board of Education has responded to questions from Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin about the Idaho Threat Assessment Conference taking place in June.

Idaho Dispatch wrote about the conference recently after a lawmaker, a school administrator, and McGeachin had concerns about the event. In particular, the flyer that the SBOE sent out mentioned that one of the topics was “right-wing extremism” but did not include “left-wing extremism.”

The event is being put on by Boise State University and the Boise Police Department.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to BSU and BPD for comment but did not receive one at the time of our original article’s publication. However, Mike Sharp, the Director of Communications at BSU, told Idaho Dispatch he would get us a response.

Sharp sent an email on February 2 with the SBOE’s response to McGeachin, which answered her questions about the conference, including the extremism portion. Here is what the memo says in part,

Although there is no universally accepted definition of right-wing or left-wing extremism, “right-wing extremism” is not singled out at the conference. “Left-wing” extremism will also be a topic at the conference. One presenter will discuss extremist groups from both ends of the political spectrum. His presentation speaks to violence motivated by intense hostile partisanship and how it leads to the development of extreme beliefs and violent acts based on those beliefs. Another one of the presenter’s research and expertise is on violent extremism, and focuses not on politics, but on the elements leading to violent criminal behavior.

You can see the entire reply by SBOE in the images below:

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11 thoughts on “State Board of Education Responds to ‘Idaho Threat Assessment Conference’

  1. Maybe other needed segments could be added to this discussion:
    1.) Central District Health’s initial extremism into forcing false and harmful covid protocol, such as Masks or dangerous Synthetic Pathogen Injections.
    2.) Hospital and Insurance Administrators dictatorial practices that forced deadly protocols on The People.
    3.) Kangaroo Courts brought to the public by legislators in order to take down their and the governor’s political opponents.
    4.) Executive, Legislative and Judicial action/inaction that caused many to lose their jobs because Idaho did not stand behind The People’s Constitutional Rights.
    5.) University Presidents and Boards take down of private industry.
    6.) Mayor(s) condoning BLM and Antifa.
    7.) If local news media fairly covers all sides of a story.
    There is so much good to be had out of a legitimate discussion.
    Bring it on, let’s get to the bottom of these crimes.

  2. If the published flyer mentioned only “right-wing extremism”, then the organizers need to explain why they only mentioned that, and not “left-wing extremism” in the flyer. They could have used the term “political extremism” but chose not to.
    The response sounds disingenuous, like they are covering their tracks now. Was this carelessness on the part of some junior person who wrote the flyer? Or do they actually think “right-wing extremism” is a problem and “left-wing extremism” is not? It would be nice if Idaho Dispatch could ask these pointed questions of the conference organizers. It is newsworthy.

    1. Observe the communications, language choice, and actions of any suspected leftist government branch, bureaucracy, board (e.g. a school board) , etc., check for weasel-words, PC double-speak, passive voice (speech that prevents you from easily understanding who is doing what to whom), demonizing of the opposition, and accusing the conservative element of the financial and social destruction that in fact they themselves are engaged in perpetrating.

      Here’s a good explanation:

  3. Who wants to bet they are only going to talk about right wing extremism and not left wing. They should announce the speakers as well as the topic of each speaker beforehand. Otherwise… It will be the usual lies and manipulations.

  4. You never stop hearing about “right wing extremism” and yet you never hear about it actually happening. No one can name a single example of “right wing extremism” except their lies about 1/6

  5. When will we realize our politicians and government employees and the military as the enemy destroying this state and the nation? Look at what they do.

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