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A New “School Carry” Bill Emerged in the Idaho Senate, but was Held in Committee

By • March 14, 2024

After a similar bill passed the Idaho House of Representatives earlier this session, a replacement bill regarding carrying firearms on Idaho school properties was introduced in the Senate. Idaho Dispatch reported on the original legislation, House Bill 415 sponsored by Representative Ted Hill (R-Eagle) here and here.

The new version is Senate Bill 1418, sponsored by Senate State Affairs Committee Chairman, Senator Jim Guthrie (R-Inkom).


In this video from Greg Pruett, the president of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, he says,

“The bill has a ton of issues.”

“Senate Bill 1418 is gun control!”

“Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is opposed. Gun Owners of America are opposed. NRA is opposed. All the gun owners are opposed! What does that tell you, Senator Guthrie?”

From an email sent by the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance:

  1. The bill maintains the status quo of school boards having the power to determine who can/can’t carry, which is part of the current problem.
  2. The bill codifies “gun-free zone” signs into law! We should be banning “gun-free zone” signs.
  3. The bill forces yearly re-training. While we think you should do as much training as possible, letting the government force you into whatever training they desire is a recipe for disaster.
  4. The board will also determine other mandatory training requirements. These forced training requirements will likely discourage people from carrying.
  5. The program wouldn’t be implemented until July 1, 2026. Over two years of our schools being targets.
  6. The bill also allows the school board to determine what firearms and ammo you could carry.

This bill is an abomination.

We deserve to have bills heard that gun owners actually want to have heard. Bills like HB 415 (school carry), Stand-Your-Ground Expansion, SB 1228 (campus carry reform), and more!

Senator Guthrie said during his presentation of S1418 today, in part,

“We are talking about an environment where a lot of times police officers can’t even make the right decision because it’s the heat of the moment. You don’t know what’s going to happen. I believe the hurdles should be pretty high.”

“Mr. Chairman and Committee, I had no intention of playing in this space when this session started. But those of you that know me, when something comes to my committee that I have concerns with… and the concerns are flowing in from even members from across the rotunda that voted for [House Bill] 415, and didn’t feel comfortable with it, I felt like maybe I should engage to see if there was a balance.”

You can see video of today’s hearing from the Idaho Dispatch Facebook livestream.

Senator Chuck Winder moved to hold the bill in committee. The motion was seconded by Senator Mark Harris.

A substitute motion was made by Senator Abby Lee to send the bill to the 14th order for amendments, seconded by Senator Melissa Wintrow.

The vote on the substitute motion failed on a 5 to 4 vote.

The original motion to hold the bill in committee was successful on a 5-4 vote. When a bill is held in committee, it is considered dead for that Legislative session.

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16 thoughts on “A New “School Carry” Bill Emerged in the Idaho Senate, but was Held in Committee

  1. “Held in committee???” It should have been held in contempt…!!

    For me, Winder being the one to do that simply raises suspicions of what he’ll do behind closed doors to manipulate and twist it and somehow return yet another “abomination” to try and ram through the channels and force his will upon Idahoan parents of vulnerable children and school staffs as well.

  2. A Bill simply stating that Idaho is in lockstep with the 2nd Admendent is what is needed. Clean, Simple, no politics.

    Bill of Rights, Amendment II …..”A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” ….. December 15, 1791

    1. When politicians start discussing children safety and security then add a “but” to it, you know they don’t give a crap! Want to protect our kids, END GUN FREE ZONES NOW!

  3. Any legislation that restricts the full exercise of 2nd Amendment provisions is unacceptable. Guns are not the genesis of current society’s gun-violence problems…lack of morality is the problem. Parents and schools are failing to teach ethics and civility…and instill these values in young people…values that shape who we are as adults. Taking the guns away or restricting legal gun use and/or availability will not stop the violence. If we don’t promote and ingrain civility and respect for others into our society, we will see rates of violence… bullying, assault, and murder continue to rise with/without guns…the guns are just the apparent, current tool of choice for the perpetrators of unlawful violence. Take the guns away??…countless alternatives…knives, hammers, bats, tire irons, chains, motor vehicles, bricks, etc., etc. Television and cinema programming offer many “ideas” in this regard. We’ve kicked God out of our lives and out of every societal/government institution. It’s time to beg Him to return to our lives. It is the foundational solution to the violence issue.

    1. America is under judgment for many things, darker days will happen. Pray that He will be merciful. Have faith, God IS on His throne.

  4. Jim Guthrie is up for election this year; two other Republicans are running as well in the primary. Let hope Jim Guthrie get primaried!

    Why? Because he is not a conservative, he’s an ultraliberal RINO who wants to give illegal aliens Idaho drivers licenses and much more! Senator Jim Guthrie, R-McCammon, help author, then sponsored Senate Bill 1081 and pushed it in his committee that he’s the chair of. We are lucky the other members of the committee voted it down or we have total chaos on or roads today. Jim Guthrie would love to turn Idaho into California if he could. He needs to be voted out of office ASAP!

    1. You are right! His voting record is horrible, he might as well be a Socialist Democrat with record like that.

  5. 1418 is garbage and must be scrapped. The original bill is much better and should be considered as long as it DOES NOT violate the 2A.

  6. Elections are coming. Remember the actions during this session and use your power at The Ballot Box or you can expect no different next year.

  7. It’s seems they rather have a bunch of innocent children get slaughtered then go against their globalist masters, and simply follow the 2A. Being ridiculed by the traitors in the “media” really scares them, or maybe there is a more sinister reason, idk, but they can’t be this stupid. The more teachers and staff armed the better. And there should be signs on each school that says:

    “WARNING! Teachers and staff carry firearms! Any individual that comes in to harm anyone will be shot and killed quickly. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK”.
    The cowards that shoot up schools or other buildings are more likely to do so in “gun free zones” (per GOA stats).

    They should also tell any of the liberal teachers who would complain:
    “if you don’t like it here then get out. Go “teach” in Seattle, Portland, or just about anywhere in the wicked state of California. Your ilk is not wanted here. This is a conservative state and we intend to keep it that way. Go teach in those other places so you can freely teach little girls they’re boys and little boys they’re girls. We don’t want your confusion here.”

    If these “Republican” politicians can’t even get a bill as easy as this one done, and done right on one page, then we need to vote them out and get real conservatives who aren’t afraid. Not a bunch of good ole boys from the lodge who are all about deception. Many of them will have a rude awakening when they stand before the Lord. They’ll have no lodge buddies standing with them and no “media” helping them.

  8. Anything wrong with a sign used at a school in Claude, Texas, which reads:
    ATTENTION: Please be aware that the staff at Claude ISD is armed and may use whatever force necessary to protect our students. 806-654-1158
    This seems to be a better sign, which I can paraphrase it meaning to a criminal: “Weapons are not allowed in this building, so come do your dirty work here.”

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