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Nampa School Board Meeting Over Mask Policy Ends Abruptly

By • May 17, 2021

The Nampa School Board held a special board meeting on May 12 to discuss their face covering policy for the remainder of the school year.

According to those on-site, students and parents filled much of the room when the meeting began. Some citizens in the crowd appeared to favor ending the mask mandate inside the school district, while others appeared to favor keeping the mandate in place.

However, the meeting ended abruptly at the request of Board Chairwoman Mandy Simpson after one member of the public had finished her comments.

In the crowd, posters opposing mask-wearing and even a banner that says “Unmask our Kids. Enough is Enough,” which was held by several kids.

When the time for public comment was beginning, Simpson asked members of the public who were going to comment to keep their focus on the topic of the meeting and asked the crowd to be respectful, or they would adjourn the meeting at any point during the meeting.

The first two people to speak spoke against keeping a mask mandate in place for the school district.

The third person to speak wore a mask during their presentation and spoke in favor of keeping the mandate in place. At one point in the middle of the woman’s presentation, there was one brief interruption where an individual can be heard saying a couple of words and several people in the crowd making the “shhh” sound to them.

As the woman ended her presentation, some people in the crowd voiced their disagreement with the woman, with at least one person in the crowd booing, some clapping for her, and others saying words that are inaudible for the most part.

When the woman was sitting down, the crowd noise began to dissipate, and Simpson can be heard saying, “This meeting is adjourned.”

Here is the end of the meeting from the perspective of a citizen who was filming at the meeting:

In the video above, you can also see Nampa police officers are present and are ushering the school board members out of the meeting.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Simpson and asked if there was a specific reason that she decided to end the meeting at that point. We have not heard back from her at the time of this writing.

The board will meet again today, via zoom, to conclude their discussion and make a decision on whether or not masks will be required or optional for the remainder of the school year.

Do you believe the board meeting should have been ended?

Let us know in the comments below.

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9 thoughts on “Nampa School Board Meeting Over Mask Policy Ends Abruptly

  1. Simpson: “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”.

    No Mask Mandates, No Vaccine Mandates. Public, Private or Dictatorial local, state or federal organizations/peoples have ZERO authority.

    These are the right’s of The People to decide individually what is best for them.

  2. Forcing children to wear masks is evil. Parents, protect your children–no one else will.

  3. Ahhh yes! They now get to meet via Zoom, hiding behind their computers so they can make their decision without any public input. I’m convinced this was Mandy’s plan all along! She’s a typical liberal hack who continues to ruin the school board with her presence. She knew this would be a “lively” meeting and fully-expected a bit of banter after each speaker.
    Remember, she’s the same one about 8 years ago who whined that a 14-day furlough was, and I quote, “a big chunk of my income and I just can’t afford it”!
    Hey Mandy, perhaps you should think about moving to a more liberal-friendly state like Oregon or California if you feel that meeting was way too scary for you! Or just step down from your position so someone with more brains and possesses the ability to listen to BOTH sides of the discussion without being frightened so easily!
    You should have stayed out of the Nampa district for good when you stepped down as the Nampa Education Association president.

  4. Mandy Simpson is such a poor example of a human being for the students. She clearly has some mental health issues. I looked at her Facebook page and she has no ability to correctly form a sentence so her own education is lacking. She delights in being a dictator, as she is against charter schools and a school voucher system. What fun for her to have the backing of the local police department to shut down public discourse. How embarrassing for the police to be used in such a way.
    The more I learn about her, the more sympathy I have for any child that was in a classroom with her. Those poor children.

  5. BREAKING NEWS!!! Nampa parents Fight Back

    Mandy Simpson and the Nampa School Board are BULLIES and TYRANTS. Cut from the same cloth as the Boise City Council, BSU and many other local boards and agencies in the Treasure Valley. WAKE UP Nampa. FIGHT BACK. They do not have the best interests of your children and community in mind.

    These power hungry marxists cannot help themselves. They are willing to leverage the fear and uncertainty of COVID-19 and wrestle and much control from the citizens as they can. But know this, these people are cowards. They know they cannot defend their policies in public against the voters and citizens who pay attention. They are BULLIES and TYRANTS and can be defeated. Let them know you are watching and oppose them at every turn. Run good candidates who support Idaho values and send these RADICAL LEFTISTS packing before you loose control of your schools. Stay Brave Nampa! Keep up the fight. It’s the Idaho Way

  6. Children are not at risk for Covid-19 and are being used for political purposes by coercing children into virtue signaling by wearing masks and encouraging them to be injected with an experimental vaccine. This is child abuse being considered by a school board that understand the law or face the public. People making illegal policies need to be held to account in a court of law.

  7. Keep in mind these are elected officials and if you want to get rid of them and replace them with people you would prefer than make sure u go to the polls and vote them out of office.

  8. No one has mentioned that Garth Gaylord was open carrying a side arm which is against the law while on school property. There were reports of him being removed from the school – apparently he was able to hang around long enough to film the meeting. Pathetic Garth and pathetic NPD for not removing him when he first walked into the campus.

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