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Matt Clifford Appointed as Ada County Sheriff

By • July 2, 2021

With the sudden retirement of former Ada County Sheriff Stephen Bartlett, the Ada County Republican Party and Ada County Commissioners have been tasked with appointing a new sheriff.

The Ada County Republican Precinct Committeemen first chose their top three candidates from a pool of six. It was then up to the Ada County Commissioners, two Republicans, and one Democrat, to choose who would represent Ada County as sheriff until the next election.

The commissioners have made their choice and today chose Matt Clifford, currently serving as the Chief of Police for Eagle, as the next Ada County Sheriff.

Clifford is currently a deputy with the sheriff’s office, but because of the contract with the city of Eagle, Clifford had been chosen to serve as their police chief. The commissioners said that most of the feedback they had was in favor of Clifford.

Additionally, the commissioners read a letter from five mayors in Ada County that endorsed Clifford.

The commissioners also said Clifford also received approximately 60% of the support from citizens who emailed into the commissioner’s office.

Commissioner Kendra Kenyon (D) made the motion to appoint Clifford as sheriff with Rod Beck (R) seconding the motion. Both of those commissioners voted “Yes” while Commissioner Ryan Davidson (R) voted no. Davidson also said prior to the vote that he hoped there would be a focus in law enforcement and within the political community to address incarceration rates.

All commissioners thanked the candidates for their willingness to put their names forward as possible appointments.

Clifford spoke briefly and thanked the commissioners for their support. Clifford also thanked the people who supported him being appointed as the new sheriff and the meeting concluded after his speech.

Who were you supporting to become the next Ada County sheriff?

Let us know in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Matt Clifford Appointed as Ada County Sheriff

  1. We hope so, yet have grave doubt of this appointments’ capability to Stand Up For and Protect The People.

    Seems to be yet another politician.

    Too bad Commissioner Rod Beck, you messed this up.

    The only ray of light is that an actual election for Sheriff of Ada County is near.

    1. Yes, and hopefully that “ray of light” will reflect the will of the people…not the political agenda(s) of commissioners who have obviously strayed from their understanding of what a sheriff appointee should be doing: applying the Constitution to their application of such an important role.

      There was a clear-cut constitutional choice among the three candidates and commisioner Beck swung and missed by a mile. Very bad lack of judgement, sir…exceedingly bad.

  2. Yep, the legislative body of the Republican Central committee voted for a strong defense against state and federal power grabs DOUG TRAUBEL.
    All the Ada county bureaucrats and their wives emailed in support of Matt Clifford status quo, protect my budget, expect poor service at the DMV, jails create jobs, come right in Mr. ATF.
    Rod Beck, you fell for the bureacrat ploy, giving out constitutions at campaign time and then voting for the bureacrat supported by the democrat is BAD FORM. This situation is why we wanted a Republican, and you failed horribly.

  3. Kudos to Rod & Kendra. Matt was and is the only POST certified officer, active duty and has supervisory experience. Also Code 3 to 1 a retired officers group in Idaho supported him. I personally know the 3 to 1 Leadership. They are all men of integrity and solid Christians. Matt is the best choice at this time.

  4. And yet again we are sold down the river. Doug Traubel was the BEST choice (with Keith Graves out), backed by Sheriff Richard Mack. So the RINOs win again. The communist agenda marches slowly on…..taking every inch of ground for as long as it takes. The China Way. The Cabal owns Clifford and when the time comes…..Biden’s DOJ will have their hands held by Ada County as they serve free Idahoans’ up on a platter . Will Clifford preside over a False Flag event to usher in tyranny into Ada County? We’ll see.

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