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Madison County Passes 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

By • March 23, 2021

In the last few months, over half of a dozen cities or counties in Idaho have passed “2nd Amendment Sactuary Resolutions.”

Some of those locations are Gooding, Hagerman, Bonneville County, and Bingham County. Other localities such as Fairfield and Lincoln County have decided against a 2nd Amendment resolution.

Now, Madison County has passed a 2nd Amendment Sancutary Resolution.

The commissioners supported the resolution and said that despite current state status as a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary,” they wanted to reaffirm thier committment to the 2nd Amendment.

In 2014, Idaho passed what is commonly refered to as a “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” law. The 2014 law prohibits federal agents from coming to Idaho and enforcing gun control passed after the effective date of the law.

Despite the state law being in place, some cities and counties are pushing 2nd Amendment resolutions anyway. The resolutions do not hold the weight of law like an ordinance or bill passed by the legislature.

Like some of the other resolutions that have been passed, the Madison County resolution instructs law enforcement to devote no funds to gun control efforts.

Do you live in a city/county where a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution is being passed, has passed, or where it was decided a resolution was not necessary?

Let us know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Madison County Passes 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

  1. I live in Caribou County and I get any traction with the commissioner’s? How are other counties doing this?

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