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Former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack and CSPOA Respond to IREHR Claims Ahead of Coeur d’Alene Event

By • April 10, 2024

A group in Seattle, Washington – the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights (IREHR) – is warning Idahoans about an event taking place this weekend in Coeur d’Alene at Altar Church. Former Sheriff Richard Mack of Arizona, the presenter for the event, spoke to the Idaho Dispatch today, responding to the claims and accusations.

IREHR’s About Page explains the organization’s beliefs and mission saying, in part,

“Our long-held dreams for social and economic justice have become imbued with new hope in the future. More, the drive towards a truly multi-racial, multicultural democracy and individual human rights have gained new and powerful adherents.

“Nevertheless, racial discrimination against people of color, and housing and social segregation are facts of daily life. The overwhelming majority of white people continue to take for granted the relative privileges accruing to their skin color.

“The white nationalist movement consists of an ever-shifting array of organizations, publishing houses, think tanks, websites and individuals with an interlocking leadership and cross-pollinating memberships. Two relatively distinct trends exist in the movement: a mainstreaming wing that hopes to build a political majority among white people, and a vanguardist wing comprised of hard-core cadres with a more violence-prone tendency. Both movement wings aim at establishing a whites-only political, cultural, and social dominance over the United States.

“The so-called Christian right, paleo-conservatism, and other far-right movements exist in a symbiotic relationship with nativism and white nationalism; and ideas and people flow between these movements, sometimes creating a whole that is bigger than its parts.”

The event on Saturday in Coeur d’Alene is called Liberty, The Constitution, and Kootenai County. Mack sued the federal government and the Clinton Administration in 1996 regarding the constitutionality of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993. It went to the U.S. Supreme Court where Mack et al. won their case.

“The Brady Law imposed as an interim measure a waiting period of 5 days before a licensed importer, manufacturer, or dealer may sell, deliver, or transfer a handgun to an unlicensed individual. The waiting period applies only in states without an acceptable alternate system of conducting background checks on handgun purchasers. The interim provisions of the Brady Law became effective on February 28, 1994, and ceased to apply on November 30, 1998.”

You can read more here: Richard Mack, Sheriff, Graham County v. United States

Mack then founded his organization, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA).

IREHR’s Chuck Tanner wrote an article entitled CSPOA Gathering Scheduled for North Idaho Anti-Mormon, Anti-LGBTQ+ Church. It calls CSPOA and Sheriff Mack, “far-right,” “pro-paramilitary,” and “with bigoted associations.”

It then accuses Altar Church, Senior Pastor and former Idaho State Representative Tim Remington, and Pastor Danny Cleave of being “anti-Mormon,” “anti-LGBTQ+,” and “anti-abortion.”

The same day Tanner’s article was published, IREHR Executive Director Devin Burghart also published this letter directed at Idaho Sheriffs and the Idaho Governor.

The letter begins by saying,

“It has come to our attention that a notorious group with ties to insurrectionists and white nationalists is attempting to recruit law enforcement in Idaho, potentially including you and your deputies.

We are reaching out to your department with a sense of urgency and concern regarding the upcoming plans by the so-called Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) for an all-day event in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, on April 13th. CSPOA leader Richard Mack also announced a special morning session “open to law enforcement.” It is crucial to consider the potential risks and implications of participating in this event.”

The letter goes on to explain Burghart’s concerns about Mack and CSPOA.

Sheriff Mack today spoke to David Pettinger with the Idaho Dispatch. Mack responds to the claims and accusations published by IREHR. You can view the entire interview here:

Sheriff Mack Answers IREHR Claims Against CSPOA Event In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. (

In the interview, Mack talks about the Constitution, the SCOTUS case regarding the Brady Act, and the role of Sheriffs, saying

“The sheriff is the ultimate authority in his county, and he is in charge of protecting of the citizens, from all enemies both foreign and domestic, and to protect us from this horrible corruption going on in Washington D.C.”

Replying to IREHR’s concerns about the event this weekend in Coeur d’Alene,

“The SPLC [Southern Poverty Law Center] hates the constitution, same with IREHR – they hate the constitution – they hate the right to keep and bear arms, and those of us who support all that get attacked by these people and they have to lie in order to make their point. …

“They do ‘hit and run’ cowardly things.

“[Burghart of IREHR] just wants to hide because he is a coward and a liar. He’ll hide behind his computer, but he won’t come out and debate us as we have asked him to, because first of all, he is a nobody, he’s a nothing, and he’s a liar.”

Burghart has been actively posting about this on his Twitter account. You can find the posts here.

Idaho Dispatch also spoke to Altar Church Senior Pastor Remington. He and Pastor Danny Cleave jointly released this statement:

“To whom it may concern, we at the Altar church love all people, regardless of their political, religious, or sexual identities. However, as believers in Jesus Christ, and His Word, we believe there is One truth, One Gospel, and One Way and that is Jesus. We stand by our statement on sin, regarding sexuality and our view of Mormonism. We also believe that politics are an important part of society which believers should be involved in, and we often open our facilities to people who share our political views, but not necessarily our religious affiliation. Everyone has the right to believe what they want, that is what freedom is about. The Word of God is our belief, so we adhere ourselves to it.”

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35 thoughts on “Former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack and CSPOA Respond to IREHR Claims Ahead of Coeur d’Alene Event

  1. I support wholeheartedly Sheriff Mack, Pastor Cleave, the CSPOA and the event(s) that they oversee…they need our prayers and full backing as they continue the fight against the attempts to lie and smear their efforts by this other organization that I will not further legitimize by typing.

    Sheriff Mack’s efforts are, obviously, a campaign of light against the darkness that has become so prevalent in our country. May God bless them and protect them as they continue their march against the false narratives being leveled against them!

  2. The IREHR spewed the biggest bunch of BS that nobody can believe. Can’t take anything they say as serious!

    1. I spewed coffee reading their huffy announcement. It reads like a parody. These people are so deep in their bubble they have no idea how ridiculous they sound to regular people.

  3. Says it all that they accuse someone of stuff that most people agree with. Talk about living in a silo/bubble. I would be fine with someone accusing me of being anti-abortion, or a Christian, or a conservative. I’m not one, but I don’t find it a bad thing to be. I would also be fine with someone accusing me of not being an LGBTQ++++++Infinitythdegree “ally.”

    The US has catered to every single minority in existence more than any other country on the planet, and yet the whining increases. This is why you don’t give people everything they ask for – the whiners and perma-victims will continue to try to win the Oppression Olympics, and nothing you do will appease them. This should be evident now.

    I hope Mack can hold his event without Antifa masked cowards showing up to display their arrested development tactics. I also hope that the tide turns and these people start doing some hard time for their disruption and attacks on regular law-abiding citizens.

    Always remember: Pride goes before the fall.

    1. Was this a comedy piece. IDAHO dispatch says they are non-partisan yet they publish this joke of an article even stating the alphabet supporting group’s mission statement. I have yet to read an article on this site that states/reports accurately on the beliefs and values of mainstream Idahoans. They love supporting fringe beliefs.

  4. Anyone who would rely upon the Southern Poverty Law Center as a source of reliable information should be suspect of either their motives or their intelligence. That institution has been so discredited over the years that it has become a mockery of journalistic integrity.

  5. I am SO fed up with these anti-Constitution, anti-merit, anti-Christian, organizations pinning labels of accusation on people who simply want our Constitution to be respected and obeyed. I have nothing against gays, minorities, or anyone else and view EVERYONE buy their integrity. I AM against these groups trying to normalize perversion and when it comes to children, that’s a non-starter. Leave us the F alone and we just might leave YOU the F alone. Mind your own business and don’t interfere with ours!

    I’m for Sheriff Mack!

    1. It figures that they’re from Seattle, where people are offended by the American Flag! Can you believe it? A dance team was to perform there and their costumes depicted our American Flag. The miscreants from Seattle felt “triggered and unsafe” by the American Flag. These are the same demographic that opposes Sheriff Mack and his effort. They can go pound sand!

  6. IREHR is an anti-Christian, anti-white hate group masquerading as a social justice group. No one should be taking anything that they say seriously.

  7. I have been a member with the CSPOA for over two years. Sheriff Mack is a straight shooter. He is a true constitutional Sheriff and a christian. Over the years he has proven how our law enforcement’s whether local, county, federal has been turned into protection for the elite and not the general population. We all have seen it, even here in Idaho. When you get people who are willing to stick their necks out to expose the wrong , we have groups who want to pull the race card out to confuse the people. Listen to CSPOA they will tell you the truth. God bless sheriff Mack .

  8. Sheriffs need to pay attention to what Sheriff Mack has to say. Those who are making the most noise against Mack are trying to reduce the POWER of the ELECTED County Sheriff to nothing more than an errand-boy for the local politicians.

    Sheriffs are the highest law enforcement in their County and they have a Constitutional power not granted to others who have “policing jobs.”

    The outcry about this meeting is because the SPLC and the so-called “human rights” organizations DO NOT WANT “The People” to understand the true position of the County Sheriff. The SPLC and Seattle human rights gang are afraid their leftist, globalist agendas could be correctly identified and exposed.

    Always remember, when you are over the target, (sharing TRUTH) you get the most FLAK!! Sheriff Richard Mack has been truth-telling for decades. They hate him for that!

  9. IREHR ……………. Appears to be a faaar left wing hate group full of cowards and ‘potential domestic terrorists’ with a pent up shipload of hate for humanity.
    Who funds them ?
    How many people of color are in the upper management ?

  10. Any group that has as or part of their mission statement “social and or economic justice” is in it self a bigoted, racist, anti-capitalism, communistic organization. IREHR is just a another hate group attempting to gain power left in the void of dividing America by economic, social, or racial boundaries.

  11. I am a proud member of the CSPOA and have known Sheriff Mack for over ten years. It is an honor to have his endorsement in my run for Ada County Sheriff November 5, 2024. Here is what I have to say about the SLPC:

    Under the Clinton Administration, U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno ushered in the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) to train federal law enforcement on hate groups. Twenty years later this has evolved into federal law enforcement training local law enforcement with information provided by the SPLC. Often the training material disseminated by the federal agency hosting free workshops is presented to appear vetted or as the legitimate work product of their own resources and analysis, but it is not.

    SPLC publications include “Intelligence Report” and the annual “Hate Map.” Their elastic definition of what defines a hater or a hate group is ever stretching to target people and organizations that oppose their agenda; including prominent black pastors for their vocal stand on homosexual marriage.

    Former Canyon County, Idaho Commissioner Robert Vasquez was featured as a face of hate in one of their magazines, “Klan Watch” for his outspoken views in opposition to illegal immigration.

    I was an adviser, bodyguard and speech writer to Commissioner Vasquez during his 2006 run for U.S. Congress. He is a decorated, combat-wounded, U.S. Army veteran and an American patriot. Like many targets of the SPLC, Vasquez is an anchor point for American tradition; this qualified him as a threat that needed to be discredited.

    It is a given that I will be featured as a “face of hate” in one of their publications. I look forward to my debut. Oscar Wilde said, “You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies.” And Voltaire said, “‘O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.” The SPLC is just that: Ridiculous. IREHR is cut from the same cloth.

    The SPLC is not credible. Their Hate Map claims over 1,000 “hate groups” in the U.S., but it is not reproducible or verifiable. The SPLC is purely agenda-driven, spreading misinformation about the opposition to discredit them and ― true to Marxist form ― stoking the flames of conflict.

  12. 33 years municipal law enforcement here. I support Sheriff Mack and his Constitutional and Christian perspective 100%. Anything out of Seattle is communist dribble. A city declining is sewage and waste like SF on a daily basis!

    1. Exactly right. We have to do everything we can to stop these liars and communist! They can’t just live and let live. Pathetic!!

  13. Which party is doing all of the name calling and bias comments? Me thinks that thou doest protest too much.

  14. Someone please explain what Pastor Remington’s view of Mormonism is since everyone here is being completely silent about this part of the accusation against him and his church.

  15. The first thing Commies do when they overthrow a country’s legitimate government is murder millions of innocent citizens of that country.

    That’s why they so desperately want to decriminalize crime and empower violent criminals, defund the police, criminalize private gun ownership and outlaw self-defense.

  16. I believe Christ said: “Render unto Ceaser that which is Ceaser’s, and render unto the Lord that which is the Lord’s”
    When “Christians” use their religious views to interfere in the affairs of government, they are committing acts of Blasphemy.

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