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Investigative Report: Townsquare Media Group

By • August 9, 2023

Investigative Report: Idaho Dispatch is digging into who owns the newsrooms in Idaho. Who controls what the public sees and hears? Who decides what information is worthy of publishing? What is the culture of these organizations, and what are the factors in their decision-making?

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A big player in the national media realm, their website claims they have 357 local stations, as well as over 400 websites, spanning 74 markets. According to their site, this makes Townsquare the 3rd largest owner of radio stations in the U.S.

Townsquare Media ownership is explained by Yahoo Finance,

“Our most recent data indicates that insiders own a reasonable proportion of Townsquare Media, Inc.. It has a market capitalization of just US$185m, and insiders have US$20m worth of shares in their own names. This may suggest that the founders still own a lot of shares.

The general public, who are usually individual investors, hold a 20% stake in Townsquare Media. This size of ownership, while considerable, may not be enough to change company policy if the decision is not in sync with other large shareholders.

Public companies currently own 11% of Townsquare Media stock. This may be a strategic interest and the two companies may have related business interests. It could be that they have de-merged. This holding is probably worth investigating further.”

CNN Business lists the top 10 owners of Townsquare Media here: TSQ – Townsquare Media Inc Shareholders –

As explained in our previous articles in this series, a new trend in hiring, retention, promotion, story selection, and overall approach by media companies is to implement ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) policies and practices.

The DEI focus by Townsquare is explained here: You Matter | Townsquare Media Careers

“We have work to do, but our goal is for everyone in the company to be seen, heard and valued.

We will accomplish this through increased awareness and empathy around the challenges faced by one another-by making diversity part of our culture not just as an initiative, but by taking action when we see inequality or mistreatment. Investment of time, resources and money is crucial. We are following through on this commitment, which started with the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion Council in July of 2020.”

Idaho Dispatch is looking for information and training materials from the Diversity and Inclusion Council mentioned, but no additional details are currently available to the public from Townsquare.

You can view their diversity promotional video here: Townsquare Diversity – YouTube

These are the Idaho stations owned by Townsquare Media.

Idaho Dispatch has recently learned of an active Federal Communications Commission (FCC) investigation into two of these stations, KIDO Talk Radio in the Treasure Valley and KLIX News Radio in the Magic Valley. Look for a follow-up article with the details in the near future.

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7 thoughts on “Investigative Report: Townsquare Media Group

  1. I’m glad you are on this story. Leftist media has been in control of information for almost as long as I’ve been researching the corruption of government and business.

  2. It is such an obvious and concerning reality that this particular group “owns” so many stations in so many markets. While some will see that as “capitalism at work”, others will recognize it as a dangerous monopoly that has a far-reaching nefarious agenda-shaping/pushing ideology.

  3. I’m growing to love, not just like the Idaho Dispatch.
    Read their statement Re: ESG & DEI.
    These idiots don’t understand journalism(they do)- they just intend to destroy real reporting and push the globalist wokeism garbage…, it’s sole purpose is control, censorship, the elimination of all US freedom to become like the EU….. whereby we all become forced into the World Government.
    Screw’m. I just hope the purple haired, face tattooed, CNN brainwashed Idaho citizens open their eyes. Not at all likely.
    Bad, very bad news for Idaho.

  4. You mention an investigation. No details? Not very good reporting when you say something that could leave an unwarranted, negative impression. Fair, unbiased? You could have called Kevin Miller and he’d have told you what was up. I believe he’s mentioned it in his show.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, Kevin would set them straight. How dare Kevin support the homeless and help feed the “widows and orphans” of our community, no wonder KIDO is under FCC investigation. Kevin is the last bastion of common (radio) sense in Boise.

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