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14 thoughts on “Investigative Report Part Two: Idaho – Are ESG and DEI Influencing the Information You’re Receiving?

  1. Remember folks this is a planned Globalist’s attack to control all.
    “ESG” is indeed an acronym for “Extreme Satanic Globalism”.

  2. DEI is wasting billions of dollars every month in corporations across the western world and they popped up overnight. What is their purpose? Why would corporations all en masse agree to waste this money on something that offends and alienates much of their workforce? Because globalism is the goal. They see this loss of money as a temporary loss, thinking they are investing in some glorious future. I got news for them.

  3. Thank you for this article! It is one of the most factual, unbiased and open treatments of these 2 abominations to freedom that I’ve ever read. Much appreciated!

  4. As someone with a university journalism degree and mass communication graduate courses, I have known even well before how biased to the left, the journalism industry has been for so many decades. In the early 20th Centura, they called it, “Yellow Journalism.” When students were asked in my journalism program, why they wanted to become journalists. The oft-always answer was, “so I can make a difference.” I was smart enough to reply to them, “Your job is to report the news, honestly, factually and NOT make a difference.” Even so-called, “most believable man” CBS News’ Walter Cronkite was a leftist. His February 27, 1968 anti-Vietnam War opinion piece he broadcast gave the North Vietnamese more staying power, and helped the anti-war, leftist political violence and movement escalate. Cronkite lamented how the USA lost the Tet Offensive, but in reality, it was won by the Americans. On the other side of the coin, President Lyndon Johnson escalated the Vietnam War, when in 1964, he used the fraudulent Gulf of Tonkin incident, where he claimed the North Vietnamese fired on our ships. This led to congress funding the war, which led to tens of thousands of American dying in Vietnam. Naturally, the fake news of the day, did not delve into this, or report on it hugely. It is known that JFK wanted to pull out of Vietnam, as he saw (as with the French) was a losing proposition. This is just one of many thousands of examples of press coverage by Walter Cronkite and many other journalists that helped shaped America / and not for the better, I might add. I have so many more examples leftist bias, but those are for another day. A good source is mrc – dot – org.

    1. “Your job is to report the news, honestly, factually and NOT make a difference.”

      SPOT ON!

  5. Tv watching and media believing people are the most dumbed down people on the planet. Idahoans are as dumbed down as the rest of the nation . We should include the schools and their unionized teachers as part of the problem.

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    If you have not seen it, you need to. I also suggest that Idaho Dispatch consider sharing this information.
    Thank you to Idaho Dispatch for standing out from the fake news propaganda driven MSM which has infected most of Idaho’s news stations, cable, and social media, etc. Idahoans need to support you in your efforts, you are doing a great thing.

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