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Democrats and Republicans Stage Proxy War of Words Over Boise Pride Festival

By • September 9, 2022

Democrats and Republicans are taking to Twitter to wage a proxy war of words over The Boise Pride Festival 2022.

Idaho Dispatch has been following this volley through two previous articles.  Reference background information from Dispatch writers Sarah and David.


The Idaho Democratic Party posted this in response to Idaho GOP Chair Dorothy Moon’s call to action.



Dorothy Moon took to Twitter early Friday morning discussing her decision to close her Wells Fargo account.


Caught between the dueling political parties, Boise Pride Festival sponsors have been sharing their stance.

Capital Educators Credit Union has decided to pull out of the event.  You can read their statement here.

Simplot, Blue Cross of Idaho, and Central District Health all shared statements of support for Boise Pride Festival through social media.

Here, Blue Cross of Idaho shares their thoughts on continuing support for The Boise Pride Festival.


Diana Lachiondo, former Ada County Commissioner, took to Twitter to share IACI lobbyist Alex LaBeau’s quote in reference to Dorothy Moon.  Lachiondo continues posting as the debate heats up.  Follows Lachiondo’s tweets here.


Melissa Wintrow, Senator for District 19, joined the proxy war of words with this statement.

Regionally, Paul Gosar, United States Representative from Arizona’s 4th District, added to the debate.

“Having a “Kids Drag Show” or anything like that is child sex abuse, plain and simple. Let children be children. We cannot allow anyone to normalize sexualizing them.”


The Idaho Dispatch will continue to monitor the changing landscape of sponsors and elected officials speaking on this issue.

At the time of publishing this article, “Drag Story Time” is still scheduled for 11:45 A.M. on Sunday, September 11th.



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42 thoughts on “Democrats and Republicans Stage Proxy War of Words Over Boise Pride Festival

    1. Absolutely! I laughed when I saw the political vipers are calling he a liar when they themselves have only forked tongues. Dorothy is courageous and well-principled.

  1. Why are so many so infatuated with having kids in drag parading around in front of adults? Who knows what their dress would be, conservative or sexual? Drag Adults performing for adults, if that’s your thing, drag kids performing for adults, one has to question the reasoning.

  2. Word to the wise: Because of the controversial nature of this event, all businesses would be smart to avoid any sponsorship next year and in the future. This year, the businesses are going to pay dearly. The Left and the Right are going to protest and boycott. The winners in this whole ordeal will be those businesses that never got involved in the first place.

    1. 100% agree with you Phil. This really is about the kids and how vulnerable they are as they develop both physically and mentally. Life is already confusing enough without implanting the ideas of homosexuality, trans and all the rest into their tender brains. Our society seems to have gone off the rails i so many ways. Businesses should focus on their business and refrain from sponsoring ANY kind of event that exposes kids to adult sexual themes.

      1. I don’t disagree with you Stan, however it a know fact that many people who have “come out” knew at an early age something was different. Best to discuss those feelings sooner rather than later IMO.

  3. Drag is sexualized cross-dressing and dancing. Everyone in that community knows it. They are grooming children for sexual exploitation behind the façade of tolerance.They are corrupting children and incrementally trying to normalize pedophilia.

    1. Completely agree! Succinct explanation for what is occurring. This is not harmless; under any other circumstances it’s child abuse.

  4. You can bet the local left leaning paid propaganda fake news MSM are twisting words and protecting the “NARRATIVE”. It’s time Idahoans replace them with new media that actually represents true Idahoans and Americans. Patriots, get to it.

    1. Just a thought: If enough banded together to buy the Idaho Statesman and overhaul it to obtain Constitutional values this would be a great accomplishment.

      1. Not a bad strategy. Whay stop at the Idaho Statesman?
        Anyone know how to get in touch with Elon Musk?
        Maybe Donald Trump?

  5. Shows how sick Dems are.. Letting children crossdress and parade around in front of adults is no less a form of pedophilia.. Glad they cancelled this shit show!!!

  6. The Left can’t defend themselves, only can name call and “what about”-ism. They know what they’re doing is unacceptable or they would be able to stand on their own principle.

  7. Nasty Bastards. Whom ever would let there child participate needs to be investigated for child sexual abuse. including the companies that sponsor it, they must have perverts calling the shots.

  8. The left thrives in chaos…, it allows them to obscure the truth. Truth is always simple.
    Kids are “property” of their parents until 18.
    Public “education” disagrees, calls parents “terrorists” for voicing their disgust re: transgenderism, CRT etc.
    ….so ALBERTSONS hasn’t retracted yet???
    Please, SHOP BROULIMS, WINCO etc….

    Please appreciate the Idaho Dispatch- it maybe be the only remaining real news in ID.

  9. The SHAME Parade is such a disgrace to all involved, the ORGANizers, the sponsors and the participants. The only way things will change in regard to the sponsors is if they are hit in the pocketbook, if you want to see any change, it is time to no longer shop or do business with these corporate sponsors. These sponsors are appealing to less than 5% of the population, if 95% of the population stops doing any business with them, they will make some changes in what they are sponsoring. The Dispatch needs to issue a comprehensive list of all the sponsors immediately.

  10. It’s absolutely disgusting that these corporations support sexual exploitation of children. It’s important to spread the word and start boycotting these ridiculous woke companies!

  11. Never thought I would see so many main stream Idaho business support the abomination of homosexuality. They have just kicked all of their Christian customers in the stomach. They have become inclusive to immorality, sex perversion, and child abuse. All Christians and their churches should tell them that exploiting children will not be tolerated and if they continue to support this group, we will have no choice but to spend our money elsewhere!

  12. Unless Brad Little, Scott Bedke, Phil McGrane, Chuck Winder, Mike Simpson and the likes are Voted Out come November, Idaho will see more of this Corporate Governance, Communist Leaning, Woke, One World Order Ideology.

    Also needed to be throttled are many Mayors, Councilpeople, School Board members.

    Get out and vote everybody and Vote Conservative, not necessarily republican.

    1. Right you are. Perhaps we need to go door-ro-door to encourage voting among those who are still asleep. In our house we say, “I’m awake, not woke!”
      All politics are local.

  13. They didn’t cancel the kids’ drag show they just postponed it. We need to be vigilant and make sure they cancel it. They cannot have our children! A child’s innocence is a precious thing and not for sale at any price.

  14. Kids friendly event at a Pride Festival is abad idea. Criticizing the idea behind the festival as a whole will paint you as a bigot. Pick your battles carefully. Be sure the general population understands what you are against. This event will only get bigger each year.

      1. Why do we Hets need to parade our pride? Dang people, go about your business and let live. If you feel gays should be run out of Idaho….you are a bigot.

  15. This entire Pride Fest has been morphing ever more into a hyper sexualized expression of flamboyant behavior that seeks to hold up a middle finger to the concept of a nuclear family. They pretend to love but it’s based on hate. They think they are celebrating, but are really protesting what makes a functioning civilization operate.
    It’s like the scene in the first Michael Keaton Batman….where the Joker throws a big party and showers the people with free money….a flamboyant display of fake love, while he was ready to poison them all with his balloon weapons. For Boise the poison that people don’t see is the normalization of sex with children by adults. When does NAMBLA get their city endorsed float at this event? Next year….perhaps?

  16. Good morning,

    Would you be interested in expanding your thoughts expressed here and publishing it as an OP-ED with us?


    Idaho Dispatch

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