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Event Sponsors Withdraw, Boise Pride “Drag Kids” Show Postponed

By • September 9, 2022

Following the withdrawal of support and sponsorships of 3 major donors, Boise Pride Festival organizers have postponed the controversial “Drag Kids” event that was scheduled for Sunday, September 11 in downtown Boise.

It began Wednesday with the withdrawal of sponsorship from Zions Bank, who explained that they were unaware of the involvement of minor children in the festival’s events. Upon learning of this information, the company made the decision to withdraw their participation.

Thursday brought the news of both Idaho Power and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare pulling the plug on sponsoring this year’s festival. Idaho Power cited concerns for the safety of its volunteers and employees in explaining its decision to withdraw. The Director of the Department of Health and Welfare, David Jeppesen, detailed his decision in a letter to Boise Pride Fest Director Donald Williamson.

“…DHW’s sponsorship of Boise Pride 2022 has led to some confusion about whether DHW endorses specific event activities involving minors during this event. To avoid any confusion regarding DHW’s support of such activities, DHW is withdrawing both of its Orange Level sponsorships and Project Filter will no longer be supporting a booth at the event this weekend.”

IDHW letter to Pride


Pride organizers announced the decision to cancel the “Drag Kids” show saying,

“While the vast majority of our sponsors and supporters have voiced their support for the Boise Pride Festival and the Drag Kids program, we have made the very difficult decision to postpone this performance due to increased safety concerns. The health and well-being of the kids, their parents, and the attendees of the Festival are our priority.”


Boise Mayor Lauren McLean responded,

“I appreciate the actions the Boise Pride Festival is taking to protect everyone who will join in their celebration this weekend. I applaud their continued focus on providing a positive, inclusive, community-based event where our LGBTQIA+ friends, neighbors, and family members can come together in celebration and community.”


Another sponsor, Idaho Central Credit Union, acknowledged the programming change on their Facebook page late Thursday evening, but explained that they have still decided to withdraw from the event:

“We are proud of our LGBTQ+ team members and will always look for ways to support them. This pride, along with many of their requests, led us to be a sponsor of the Boise Pride Festival.

We are disappointed in the events and conversations centered around this year’s event. We appreciate the programming change made by Boise Pride, but have made the decision to withdraw our involvement from the event. We have communicated this to the organizers.”


It appears that although the “Drag Kids” show has been postponed, the remaining events scheduled for the weekend will go forward as planned.

Photo courtesy of Boise Pride Facebook page.

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16 thoughts on “Event Sponsors Withdraw, Boise Pride “Drag Kids” Show Postponed

  1. What about “drag story time” ? It is directed at our children as well. Everyone needs to get eyes on this entire event that craps in the face of those who lost their lives on 9/11…and make damn sure that our Idaho children are NOT subject to any form of grooming, exposure or confused ideology. Keep making calls to the sponsors… drawing two lines across 12:45 and Drag Kids on the schedule is NOT enough. Learn the laws and when you see them broken make sure to direct our law enforcement to the perpetrators. Not in our city! not in our State! Idahoans! Get active and prepare for the elections, we have work to do.

  2. Well said, Eric. And on that note: Ada County is looking for election pollworkers for the general election on 8 November. As a chief judge of precinct, I only have 3 of 6 workers needed for that day. If you can’t commit to a whole day, reach out to candidates you support and offer to door knock for a few hours on a Saturday, etc.

    As Eric said, there’s lots of work to do. The hour is late and we’ve been sleeping too long…..

  3. Drag is sexualized cross-dressing and dancing. Everyone in that community knows it. They are sexualizing children with Drag Kids because they want to normalize pedophilia and pederasty.

  4. This group blatantly goes against God! He created Man and Woman to procreate the earth! All people not surrendered to Jesus Christ truly need to be humbly asking for forgiveness of our sins!

    The Bible means Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth! God is a loving God but also a God of Laws and Order He ordained!
    This is how much God hates anyone harming Children! His word says;

    Matthew 18:6-7
    [6] “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.
    [7] Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!

    Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords! He will bring down His wath on this planet very soon!
    He does not condone any sin and we all will be judged for every word thought and deed we have said on this earth and judged and placed in Hell to burn for all Eternity!

    The Good news is Jesus was sent by God as a sacrifice to take the punishment we would had had to take because of sins! Jesus dying a brutal and painful death brought by religous leaders of that time over 2000 years ago! He paid our sin debt and He is the only one who can dismiss our case but we must ask Him! We must repent of our sins and place all trust for self upon Him and humble ourselves befor Him asking forgivness!
    He is rich in Mercy & Grace!!!

    Jesus is not a religion but Lord and Savior of this Universe! All this Pride stuff He hates!! But He is long suffering and waiting for many to come to faith in Christ before the 7 year Tribulation comes!
    I dont want anyone to be on this planet during the devils reign for 7 years! Jesus promises to remove all Surrendered Christians before the devils reign!

    All Christians need to pray against this evil and Jesus fights our battles! However they all need prayers! We fight these battles by prayers! God is so good! He takes care of all who are His and those are the surrendered repentant sinners He saved!

    May God have mercy upon us in this demon run world and may many come the the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior! Amen!


  5. The explanations from the companies that have made public statements leaves a lot to be desired. To start with who actually believes that the organizers of this event will return the very large donations these companies contributed. To say that they were unaware of the involvement of children in the event is also disingenuous. The LBGTQRXTY community has mad a habit of grooming kids for years through drag queen programs in schools, libraries and the like. For any of these companies to say they are unaware of these activities is just a lie, or they are living in the dark. Maybe the most frustrating of all are the donations by public utilities and the areas hospitals. But then we shouldn’t be surprised by the hospitals as they quit following science during Covid so they probably can’t define a female either.

    1. Short but sweet…. Well said… and folks who think this way—(conservative). …VOTE!!! And take your business elsewhere if they sponsor this evil!

  6. Why do these people need funding to stand around in thongs, & hand out rubbers? Surely it doesn’t take $10,000 a pop to do that. Which is what gay pride parade is…mostly naked men handing out sex products. Been there once, saw it w/ my own 2 eyes @@! These companies need to concentrate on business or they will be sorry-ever heard of the term get woke, go broke.

  7. Our action, simply by email, was successful in some amount. But as we read the sponsors replies, stay alert to the fact that they will not stop.

  8. Never should’ve gotten that far, and sponsors should’ve demanded a list of events PRIOR to sponsoring something this controversial.

    If a bunch of grown people want to exercise their 1A rights by parading around screaming about their sexuality, that’s their business. But bringing kids into the picture is sick, at every level, and needs to stop.

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