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‘White Female Supremacy’ Used By Boise City Councilmember to Describe McGeachin’s Education Taskforce?

By • August 6, 2021

Update: Councilmember Sanchez has responded to Idaho Dispatch with the following statement when asked about her comment:

My observations were very clearly expressed.

Original article below.

Recently the Education Task Force put on by Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin held its third meeting at the Idaho Capitol building.

It was the third meeting of the task force. Some citizens have said the task force is productive, while others say it should be disbanded.

Boise City Councilmember Lisa Sanchez said it is a “look into white female supremacy” when she says she stopped into the meeting for a few minutes.

Sanchez says she was one of only four ‘people of color’ in the room at the time. Here is what Sanchez posted on social media:

Some have previously criticized Sanchez for other comments she has made in the past, including one comment where she stated on social media that she did not have kids because she was afraid of what white people might do to them.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin (R) and her co-chair Rep. Priscilla Giddings (R-White Bird) about Sanchez’s comment. Giddings told Idaho Dispatch did not have anything to say at this time.

McGeachin sent Idaho Dispatch,

The August 26 meeting of the Education Task Force will be open to public testimony if Ms. Sanchez would like to present her concerns.

The Ada County Republicans responded to Sanchez on Facebook with the following post:

Click on photo for text of Boise City Councilor’s racist post.


SYSTEMIC RACISM ROARS AGAIN FROM BOISE CITY COUNCILOR – If EVER we needed a reason to win a Boise City Council seat here it is.
We shouldn’t be surprised. We knew it. We’ve seen it. We’ve heard it. It’s just that it is so flagrant and we really want it to not be so.

It appears Boise City Councilwoman Lisa Sanchez found her way to the Peoples’ House while an important meeting was underway – a meeting conducted by our Lt. Governor.
Did Lisa Sanchez sit, listen, or learn? Did she reflect for a moment on where she was, how powerful it is that any of us can walk into our glorious Capitol and partake of citizen government? No. She counted skins and sexes. With the precision of an Olympic judge she sorted out the boys from girls and wasn’t happy. She found some people wanting for skin tone and holds them accountable.

She wrote “I’m one of four people of color.” That is her standard? Who walks into a room and sees working people there by their God-given skin color? Skin color bigots do. Racists do.
To be “of color?” Under our Civil Rights laws being of color or not of color gets you nothing and loses you nothing. What was her point with her racist observation? Ironically, she had stumbled into the Task Force investigating racist curricula in the schools. Little did she know she was soon to become evidence!

And she doubled-down with “It is an interesting view into female white supremacy.” That is her view of our Lt. Governor’s task force? Is that what she thinks about her mayor? Her fellow city councilors? Are they skin-color bigots and racists like Sanchez, or are they “white supremacists”? But not to be done she concluded “Most of the task force members at the dais appear to be white women.” Appear to be “white” or appear to be “women”?

This is the lens of Boise City’s Council? Idaho’s Capital City’s elected leadership? Just who does she represent?

This behavior is not new to Lisa Sanchez nor she to these pages. Remember her infamous June 2020 letter that closed “Love, Lisa Sánchez. Brown woman who chose not to have children for fear of their abuse and murder by white people.” We knew then she was unsuited for public office but her now systemically racist rant seemed okay to the Marxist Democrats who elected her.

But it remains despicable. It is sexist. And it is racist. We call again for her resignation as she has once again soiled the seat she occupies and “serves.” Boiseans who reject racism and sexism should call their city hall and demand action. The people deserve better. Boise deserves better. Society deserves better. We MUST elect better in November!

We look for news of her resignation, or a least of the time and date of her scheduled public disciplinary hearing and the viewing opportunities for Boiseans.

Disturbing, disappointing, racist. and just so wrong.

Not everyone agreed that what Sanchez said was wrong. Some users on her Instagram expressed support for Sanchez:

Idaho Dispatch also reached out to Sanchez for comment through her Facebook page but we have not yet received a response.

What do you think of Sanchez’s comment? Do you agree with her?

Let us know in the comments below.

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15 thoughts on “‘White Female Supremacy’ Used By Boise City Councilmember to Describe McGeachin’s Education Taskforce?

  1. At this point is just sounds like race-baiting by Ms. Sanchez. I would like to attend the meeting to see how she presents her evidence that the Council is at fault and not her. I would expect her to offer proof and not rhetoric. God knows that Racists are not limited to skin color and they are not all white.

  2. Lisa Sanchez needs to resign or be fired. Everyone that cares about Boise’s future, needs to vote her out in November.

  3. Sanchez seems to be the only racist in the group. Let’s hope she’s reprimanded immediately and then put out to pasture in the upcoming election.

  4. Ms. Sanchez’ assertion that she did not have children for fear of them being abused or murdered by white people is an indication that Ms. Sanchez would benefit from therapy and/or medication to manage her irrational fear. A person like this should not be involved in public policy making.
    To those in Boise who favor her political positions: Just because you like a political stance should not blind you to the fundamental problems she allows to influence her public actions. She is not suited to public office and it is your responsibility to remove her in the next election. You should be able to find rational people who agree with your political positions. If you can’t, maybe that means your political positions are irrational. Just saying.

  5. Does this racist really believe what she’s saying or is she just repeating some Marxist College Professor’s rant? Or did her mommy not give her enough love? Someone needs some therapy to be part of a civilized society where we love and accept each other. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

  6. Lisa Sanchez is a HOG. You know where the state line is if you feel Idaho is to CONSERVATIVE for you 🙂 Bye Bye crybaby.

    Thank you Janice and Team for holding the frontline

  7. As a Cuban American I can say Lisa Sanchez in no way speaks for anyone but herself. Her racist viewpoints are getting more outrageous and are borderline evil. She needs to be removed from office one way or another. I don’t know who she thinks is impressed by this BS

  8. Sanchez is like a Witch, stirring her pot of poop. What I just read from Idaho Dispatch made me think, Hey, that’s reverse racism. How come Sanchez can notice SEX, AND SKIN COLOR, and not get in trouble. I’ve been taught to be color blind. Judge a person by the content of their words and actions. They show what in that person’s heart.

    I fully agree with the follow up comments of the “White Supremacist Women” gathered together to volunteer their time to protect our American Patriotic Children in school.
    If Sanchez is an example of being colored, brown, sun burnt, or purple!!!! She is dishonoring her clan.

  9. Sanchez is everything that keeps racism alive. Her comments are meant to provoke hate and discontent. Do we not have laws against this very thing? When will we uphold them?

  10. I wonder if there are any plans from the ID GOP to run candidates against Sanchez, McClean, etc. Always a lot of hand wringing, but, little action.

  11. If Sanchez seems to think that there aren’t enough people of color at the meetings, how about she get off her lazy rear and start attending these meetings, along with any other “non-white” friends of hers so that the meeting will be more “balanced” to her liking’s?

    This is the problem with society in the last several years. We the people have allowed people like Sanchez to abuse the race card without any sort of retribution. We’ve let them get away with these types of statements for fear of looking like we’re the racists. Now is the time to start putting these idiots in their place! Sometimes they need to hear it without being sugar-coated! Here, let me give an example:

    This is Idaho, lady! We are onto your bullshit! You can just go to some other state, or better yet, head back to whatever country you decided to leave to be offered this great life you have right now, where you can talk out your ass without any worries of being thrown in a cell!!! We Idahoans have no time for your type of race-baiting tactics to get what you want.

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