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Boise City Council Member Doesn’t Have Kids Because of White People?

By • June 8, 2020

People choose not to have kids for a variety of reasons.

Some people don’t feel the desire to be a parent. Others choose not to have kids because they want to travel the world or have a career.

However, Boise City Council member Lisa Sanchez has made a statement on her public Facebook page that took some people by surprise.

She told her Facebook followers that she chose not to have children because she fears white people will abuse or kill her child.

The post discusses a particular incident at a George Floyd protest in Boise where a counter-protester, carrying a firearm, negligently shot his firearm into the ground.

Afterward, he was arrested by police. Sanchez’s post discusses the benefit the individual had of being white. If he were black or brown, she argued, the situation would have been very different.

Then, at the end of the post, she closes by saying she didn’t have kids because she feared white people would abuse or kill them.

While there are pockets of America where murders are prevalent, Idaho isn’t one of those states.

In fact, Idaho has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the country. 

From 2017 to 2018 homicides in Idaho fell 23.26% with a grand total of 33 murders. That total isn’t for Boise only. The number accounts for all homicides in the entire state.

Two weekends in Chicago will typically see more murders than the entire state of Idaho will see in a year.

Not that any murder should be discounted, but relative to many places in the country, Idaho is a safe place to live.

Perhaps Councilmember Sanchez is referring to murders where race was the motivation? We attempted to find stories from the last few years of murders in Idaho and have not yet found one where someone was killed because of their race.

The FBI’s crime statistics show a total of 15 hate crimes for race in 2017 in the state of Idaho.

However, the FBI’s statistics do not break down what the specific crimes were.

Additionally, we attempted to search for stories in Google’s search platform for recent stories of murder in Idaho where race was a factor and couldn’t find any recent incidents.

The leftist Southern Poverty Law Center also doesn’t list a murder because of race for their “Incidents” in the state of Idaho. The last physical violence incident listed was in 2013, in Boise, for which the perpetrators faced federal crimes for their actions against a black man.

Certainly, the SPLC’s “Incident” list is not going to contain every incident of racism in Idaho.

Finally, we did find a website called Statista which tracked murders against blacks in 2018 and the total number they have listed in the entire United States is four. Of course, these numbers reflect cases where evidence existed that the perpetrator deliberately killed a black person because of their race.

It’s possible that some other murders were also committed because of race but no evidence was presented that they were motivated by such.

The big question for Councilmember Sanchez is why does she claim that white people are going to murder her children?

Council Member Sanchez holds a position of enormous public trust. Her statement on her public Facebook page was her personal opinion and perspective on race in Idaho. Will it spark fear, resentment, and division within the City of Boise and the State of Idaho?

We’ve reached out to Council Member Sanchez to clarify her comments and have not yet received a response.

If Councilor Sanchez responds to our inquiry, we will update this story accordingly.

Here is the entire post:

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19 thoughts on “Boise City Council Member Doesn’t Have Kids Because of White People?

  1. What are people doing voting for someone like this to a position of power???? She is obviously mentally unstable. Does Boise want to be the next Seattle? I can tell you it’s turned into a hellscape due to this ideology.

  2. Everything about this council member’s statements and ridiculous ideologies are wrong on so many levels. We need to vote these people out!

  3. It seems to me she is the racist. Not really seems to be in touch with reality. How do these people get elected? Boggles the mind

  4. How on God’s earth did a paranoid, misguided and misinformed idiot like this ever end up on the Boise City Council? Perhaps it’s best she DIDN’T have children as she may have brought him/her up with these same delusional concepts.

  5. Please please get her out of office. Reverse discrimination in its fullest. The future of Boise is doomed by people like this. We want equality for everyone and this is definitely not helping matters.

  6. Perhaps a visit to the psych doc will aid in getting her some help. I am of a brown and white decent and a Idaho Native who is proud that my children and some of my grandchildren grew up in Idaho. Sanchez you are free to leave Idaho at any given moment!

  7. all I can say to your ignorant biased statement is we read and vote, Good luck now and oh yes, glad you did not reproduce. You are so off base and out of touch, how in hell did you get elected??? Frustrated in Boise

  8. It is not reverse discrimination, it us just discrimination.

    Definition of discrimination:

    1a : prejudiced or prejudicial outlook, action, or treatment racial discrimination
    b : the act, practice, or an instance of discriminating categorically rather than individually
    2 : the quality or power of finely distinguishing the film viewed by those with discrimination
    3a : the act of making or perceiving a difference : the act of discriminating a bloodhound’s scent discrimination
    b psychology : the process by which two stimuli differing in some aspect are responded to differently

  9. She has some very serious personal issues. How she can connect her fear rationally to Whites, and not wanting children because of it, is SO utmost, especially in the professional position of leadership she has. Time to ask for a resignation right away. Boise needs to be stable not employ the unstable.

  10. More likely she’s not having kids because seh can’t find anyone willing to sleep with her.

  11. To Lisa Sanchez. My ancestors came here in the 1500’s and I have relatives all over the west. My family is Hispanic and dates back to Spain for at least 1000 years. Many of the early Spanish explorers in America are in my genealogy. I don’t know where your family is from but I can assure you that you are safer here than many areas that are controlled or populated with a Hispanic majority. The only problem you have is between your ears or with your inability to attract a spouse. Do not lie to tell the public that you fear having children because of “white people”. Children are our future and judging by your attitude and statements you should be glad you don’t have any.

  12. might want to check the stats on how many brown people are murdered by white people and vice versa.

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