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West Ada School Board Chairman Dr. Philip Neuhoff Resigns

By • December 9, 2020

Recently, West Ada school board member Steve Smylie resigned in October to focus on his family.

Smylie was facing a recall by a group called “Recall West Ada.”

Recall West Ada has been leading an effort to recall all members of the West Ada School Board. You can read details about their reasons for doing so in the previous article linked here.

Now, the Board Chairman, Dr. Philip Neuhoff, has also resigned after enough signatures were certified by the Ada County election’s office to put Neuhoff on the ballot.

Under Idaho law, if an elected official has enough signatures to put them on the ballot, they have ten days to resign or face a recall election.

Last night at the school board meeting, Neuhoff resigned from his post. Here is what he said just prior to his resignation:

A lot of me doesn’t want to put up with bullies like people that are leading this recall. In general, I would stand here and stay on the board and fight. But as it would happen, this afternoon as I was pondering all of this, something happened that made me realize there are other things in my life that I need to attend to. While I would dearly love to sit and fight these people at the polls, I think it’s the right time now for me to step aside and take care of the rest of my things,” Neuhoff said. “So after the meeting, I’m going to hand the clerk a letter of resignation that goes into effect at 11:59 this evening. It’s been a pleasure serving with you all.

Recalls against the other school board members, Ed Klopfenstein, Amy Johnson, and Rene Ozuna are still ongoing.

Organizers have several weeks remaining to collect the necessary signatures to place the remaining school board members on the ballot.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to one of the recall organizers, Linsy Heiner, to ask for a statement regarding Neuhoff’s resignation. We have not yet received a response from Heiner but she did indicate that one was coming.

Do you believe Neuhoff should have resigned or should he have tried to keep his position in the recall election?

Let us know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “West Ada School Board Chairman Dr. Philip Neuhoff Resigns

  1. Having an opinion about your child’s education does not make you a bully. Maybe he should look in the mirror, since he is clearly prioritizing the union over the well-being of the students in his care.

  2. I think this whole thing about our kids, mandates are insane. They need to stop this whole covid19 thing and get our kids back in school and get the governor and mayor removed from office. It’s time to take IDAHO back.

  3. We need to stop the dumbing down and androgenizing of our children. We need to remove Common Core, Project 1619, Critical Race Theory, Sex Education (aka porn), and the push for Gender Dysphoria. We need to let children be children and grow and explore naturally. We need patriotic education. Children need to be taught to love and be proud of themselves. We need to teach a true and factual history. Parents need to be involved. If the school board refuses to do this then they need to be removed.

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