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Senate Adjourns and Shuts Down Sen. Zito’s Floor Speech

By • February 2, 2022

Idaho State Senator Christy Zito (R-Hammett) was shut down during the Senate Floor Session earlier today as the Senate adjourned to prevent her from continuing a speech she was giving on the floor.

During the Senate’s 15th order, Senators are allowed to take a personal privilege to make announcements. Zito attempted to make an announcement during the 15th order today.

For the first three minutes of her speech, Zito spoke on the history of what events take place in the capitol and that those events are recorded.

Zito then attempted to read from a press release that the Idaho Senate Majority Caucus sent out. The press release was titled, “Tax Relief Bill H436 Passes Idaho Senate.”

In the press release, Zito is mentioned by name with the following paragraph,

Senate Democrats, in cooperation with Senator Zito (LD-23), attempted to derail passage of the income tax cut hoping to change the bill.

However, before Zito could read the press release sent out yesterday by Republican Senate leaders, Senate Majority Leader Kelly Anthon (R-Burley) cut Zito off and asked for unanimous consent to go “at ease” to which Zito objected.

After Zito objected to putting the Senate at ease, Anthon then moved to adjourn the Senate session, which was seconded by Senate Assistant Majority Leader Abby Lee (R-Fruitland). A voice vote had most of the Senate voting to adjourn, and the meeting was over.

Zito went on social media afterward to explain what she was going to share. You can see that video here.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Anthon to ask why he objected to Zito’s speech and ultimately adjourned the meeting, but he has not yet responded to our request for comment.

The interaction on the Senate floor can be seen below (video from Idaho Freedom Foundation YouTube channel).

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16 thoughts on “Senate Adjourns and Shuts Down Sen. Zito’s Floor Speech

  1. Thank you Greg for keeping up on these events. It is a full-time job and I have a hard time keeping up. I just got done watching yesterday’s Senate hearing on HB 436 and Sen. Zito is the only Republican working for the people. There were a few Dems who spoke out against HB 436 and the grocery tax. People, please reach out to your local legislators and let them know the grocery tax needs to be repealed.

  2. I would be willing to negotiate property tax relief in lieu of Grocery tax relief. If my taxes went back down to $2,000. Per year like they were two ago instead of $3,800. That they are this year!!!!! I could afford the grocery tax.

    1. I to would be in favor of repelling some property tax mine last year went from 2600 to 3200? And now we have another bond coming up for our schools because of all the growth something needs to be done about the growth and leave the overburdened tax payers OUT OF IT!!

  3. The majority of Idaho Senators, from the top down, are either Clueless or Liberals and simply need to be flushed out through censure or vote.

    1. Thanks,
      We need to all have a very serous look at what the member of the house and the Senate are doing not what they are saying!

  4. It would be nice to vote these Nazis out, but we lost our right to vote when we allowed voting machines. These people were selected not elected
    Only organizing a mass physical removal of the machines by force can restore the right to vote in Idaho. There is no other means to restore it.

  5. I composed an email to the ENTIRE REPUBLICAN SENATE this morning. Stating my disappointment, and outrage , over their disrespect for the fellow Senator and disrespect for the FIRST AMENDMENT.
    I have only received a reply from 1 Senator, stating “ might want to get your facts straight.” The “facts’ as I know them were published in this article (and if correct, I stand by my email to the Idaho Senate). if they are incorrect, I’m sure the Editor will let us know.
    we’ll see.

  6. I’ve heard back (on my email) from 2 Senators. both are saying that ‘I don’t have the facts’. I’d sure like Greg to comment on this… Greg, do you stand behind your reporting on this subject? if so, please confirm so we can continue to support you and Senator Zito.

    thank you

    1. Hey Bill,

      Nothing in our article is inaccurate as far as what happened. If you notice, we didn’t cover the parliamentary rules in our article, we just stated what actually happened. The Senate Majority Leader has been in contact with us to provide their side of the story which will be done as a separate article. We have also been in contact with the parliamentarian in the Senate to discuss the issue.



  7. The Idaho Senate is run/controlled by RINO’S. The only thing keeping Idaho Red is by a few true Americans like Senator Zito. Don’t back off Christy, you have the backing of true Idahoans!!!

  8. It was Great to see an Idaho State Republican Senator join the 7 Democrat Senators defying the 25 other Idaho Republican Senators to “Do the Right Thing” and Repeal the Sales Tax on groceries. Instead the Republicans gave a $1.67 monthly grocery Tax Credit to reduce my $55 a month Grocery Sales Tax to $53.33 a month. In the meantime the Republican Controlled Legislature gave a $75 Tax Rebate to me and 12% to 35,000 millionaires from the $600 million Surplus while keeping the Idaho Public Education Spending per Child at 50th Lowest in the Nation with a State Budget for 2022 of $11 Billion thanks to the Federal Government COVID Relief Funds. Hope she keeps defying the Republican Political Party.

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