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Recall Effortt Against Boise City Councilmember Lisa Sanchez Begins

By • July 22, 2020

There are now at least four official recalls underway in the state of Idaho.

Gov. Little’s recall began weeks ago. A recall attempt against Mountain Home Mayor Rich Sykes also started several weeks ago.

Last week the recall against Boise Mayor Lauren McLean officially kicked off.

Now, the recall effort against Boise City Councilmember Lisa Sanchez begins today.

The group of citizens trying to recall Sanchez has 75 days to collect approximately 24,000 (originally reported as 9,000) signatures.

For those wishing to learn more about the recall and where you can sign if you wish to, their Facebook group is who you should contact.

We asked the organizers of the recall about their effort and one of the organizers, Lynn Bradescu responded to our inquiry.

First, we asked her why the recall was being done in the first place. This was her response,

There can be many reasons for the voters to consider the removal from office using the recall process of a public official that at times can be hard to explain to the public. These reasons can be centered around complicated policy issues, or these reasons may be triggered by corruption, illegality, that can be challenging to litigate. In the case of Councilwoman Lisa Sanchez, the need to remove her from office is not complicated. It is a simple question before you whether or not you believe the city is being well served by having an overt racist within its ranks.

This is not based on a theory perpetuated by her official actions; nor is the proof obtained by her making vague comments left for interpretation. The evidence is her own words voluntarily shared on social media. No attempt was made to hide her sincere hatred towards people based solely on the color of their skin.

Bradescu goes on to discuss a controversial post from Sanchez back in June when protesters were gathered at the capitol to protest the killing of George Floyd.

Councilmember Sanchez had posted about an individual that negligently discharged a firearm into the ground. The individual was arrested and charged.

In the post, Ms. Sanchez discusses the benefit the white suspect had because of his skin color.

She indicated that had he been a person of color the situation would have gone differently. In the closing of her post, she tells supporters that she chose not to have children because she feared white people would abuse and kill them.

Councilmember Sanchez stood by her post and told KTVB in an interview,

It’s not an injustice this young man did what he did, putting people’s lives in danger, and his life in danger, but that nobody said anything,” Sanchez said. “Everybody dismissed it, ‘oh, it was an accident.’ You don’t accidentally leave your home with a ginormous gun with ammunition chambered with the safety off and go downtown threatening people. I don’t feel that this gentleman was exercising his first and second amendment rights. What I believe he was doing is exercising his rights as a white man in our culture where you’re always given the benefit of the doubt. That’s not what people of color experience in our community.

Sanchez also voiced frustration that people seemed more concerned with her post than the man who negligently fired his firearm.

To this, Bradescu had the following response,

To add more clarity to the situation the man who illegally discharged a weapon was charged in accordance with existing law the same as anyone else would have. There is zero evidence he was treated any differently than any other citizen would be in that circumstance.

Anyone in a public position in Idaho who made this same comment about any other race or gender should be removed from their job. Sanchez has made no apology for her comments and has attempted to justify them in recent interviews.

In closing, Bradescu said that she believes Sanchez is causing racial division in the community. She wants Sanchez to be held accountable for her statements.

Bradescu closed her statement to Idaho Dispatch by saying,

In Sánchez’s world, it seems that race is the only thing that defines people. Whatever her life experiences have been to cultivate such hatred in her heart for those who do not share her skin color, it does not give her a pass as a public official. This latest social media comment also paints a dark picture of how she sees the citizens of Idaho. This is not the Idaho we all know and love. This petition is being levied on the principle that Idaho is too great for hate, and that overt racism is not acceptable. The Councilwoman has shown extreme prejudice against people by judging them solely on the color of their skin. The city of Boise needs to continue to strive to be a place where all people can feel welcome and accepted. We should not accept anyone in public office that seeks to divide by stoking the flames of racial division.

We asked Councilmember Sanchez if she wished to respond to the recall effort but she has not responded to our inquiry at this time.

The organizers for the recall say that they have not been deterred by the Coronavirus.

They say that many businesses are helping push the recall effort and that Boise citizens are helping circulate the petition.

If the organizers gather the necessary signatures to attempt a recall of Councilmember Sanchez, she would be given five days to resign. If she does not resign then she is placed on the ballot for recall.

Do you support or oppose the recall effort of Councilmember Sanchez?

Let us know in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Recall Effortt Against Boise City Councilmember Lisa Sanchez Begins

  1. I Absolutely Support the Recall Effort of Council member Sanchez?
    Idaho deserves better and has more Honor and Respect for the Constitution & National Anthem

    Tim Seaton

      1. Neither McLean, OR Sanchez have any business holding a public office. What genuinely concerns me though, is how these two were elected in the first place! They ran campaigns on false promises, lies, and a serious lack of transparency! Neither one of these women have Idaho’s best interests at heart and do not align in anyway with Boise’s true nature. One left wing liberal and an overt racist. How could we let these people be elected to begin with!? Wake up Idaho!!

        1. McLean and Sanchez are not a good fit for Boise. McClean ran on false pretenses and her true political agenda and philosophy wasn’t exposed until after she was elected. She and Lisa Sanchez have no place in Boise (and Idaho) politics. They do not adhere to or reflect or stand for the core values of the majority of Idahoans. They would be a better fit for New York, Oregon, WA State or California.

  2. Absolutely deserves a recall. Idaho has no room for racists in our state. Your job is for all the people of this state and you are sperating us because of our skin color. Bye Felicia ~

  3. I wholly support the recall for council woman Sanchez. Over a year ago, I would reach out to her via her Facebook page, and ask questions about her policies and stances on various things, and challenge her on her prejudicial remarks. The first couple of times, she replied, but when it was clear she hadn’t any actual sensible response, she would delete my comments. This escalated to her blocking me from her page, which I eventually found out is a violation of my First Amendment rights. It took months, and the intervention of the City of Boise fb account to get her to unblock me.
    My experience with her is that she doesn’t listen to her constituents that disagree with her, and would prefer to silence them.
    For this reason alone, I hope the recall is successful.

  4. I just got off the phone with Mayor McLean! I finally was able to get through to her and she graciously gave me 5 full minutes of her valuable time. She was very forthcoming with her answers to my varied questions. What was totally unexpected was her answer to the question of why she implemented the mask and social distancing protocol in response to the Covid 19 crisis. Her response was and I quote “That had nothing to do with Covid 19. It was all about Sanchez” I then said “What do you mean by that” She responded “A: I don’t want that that b!tch standing anywhere near me and B I am tired of looking at her face”.

  5. She can not respond because her original statement was that of a person who is lacking common sense. The man discharged a firearm into the ground for no lawful reason thus it is a violation of the law. He was duly arrested and apparently processed. How she was able to determined he was granted special handling displays her ignorance of the law. When you speak you should know about that of you are speaking or you are just “shooting off your mouth without cause”. In her position as a member of government speaking without cause or accuracy demonstrates her stupidity. Technically stupid people should not represent the people or be in a position to make laws. Sadly we have numerous examples of stupid people in office because we as voters put them in office. It appears that at least one recall petition intends to correct at one of those mistakes and remove her from office. Good luck for a good move.

  6. Absolutely support the recall of Sanchez she foments racial division and thrives on a racist agenda that stokes fear and resentment. Nobody in public office should espouse this cowardly agenda and continue to occupy their office. We will never prosper unless as peace secured by being one nation under God, indivisible, with justice for all.

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