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Race Heating Up for Ada County Sheriff; 3 Candidates Remain

By • June 24, 2021

The field for a replacement for Ada County Sheriff has shrunk to just three candidates.

Doug Traubel, Matt Clifford, and Mike Chilton are the remaining three candidates in the race to replace former Sheriff Stephen Bartlett. Bartlett suddenly retired just months after his re-election in 2020.

Bartlett’s replacement will serve as Ada County Sheriff until 2022 when they would be up for re-election, and that term would only go until 2025 when Bartlett’s term would have ended.

In just one week, the Ada County Commissioners will interview all three candidates and choose one of them to be sheriff.

Idaho Dispatch attended the Ada County Republican Party’s meeting where Precinct Committeemen could talk to the candidates. At that time, we offered to interview all of the candidates, and five of them sat down with us.

The Ada County Republican Precinct Committeemen chose their top three candidates, with Traubel being their top choice, Chilton was the second pick, and Clifford was the third choice.

You can see the interview with Traubel and Clifford at the end of this article. Unfortunately, Chilton did not stay after the meeting to interview with Idaho Dispatch.

Now that the field has been narrowed to three candidates, various political figures, groups, and citizens are pushing the candidate they want for Ada County Sheriff.

Idaho Dispatch did our best to find as many of the endorsements as possible for each candidate. We focused on groups and high-profile political figures for this list, but we do not claim that this is an all-inclusive list.

Here is who Idaho Dispatch was able to find supporting Doug Traubel:

Former Sheriff Richard Mack from Arizona and Founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association
Sen. Christy Zito (R-Hammett)
Rep. Judy Boyle (R-Midvale)

Idaho Dispatch was unable to locate what groups or high-profile public officials are supporting his candidacy for sheriff. However, that does not mean they do not exist. We have just been able to find them.

Idaho Dispatch has reached out to Chilton for a response, but we have not yet received a reply.

Here is who Idaho Dispatch was able to find supporting Matt Clifford:

Former Ada County Sheriff Stephen Bartlett
Former Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney
Code 3 to 1 Retired Law Enforcement Officers of Idaho
Former Democrat Representative from Moscow, Shirley Ringo
Meridian Police Chief Tracy Basterrechea
The Idaho 97%

Idaho Dispatch also reviewed some of the emails that have been sent to the Ada County Commissioners.

Out of the emails we reviewed, most of them supported Clifford, with Traubel receiving the second most amount of support. Idaho Dispatch was only able to find one email in the few days that we reviewed that was supportive of Chilton.

In addition to the groups above supporting their candidate for sheriff, one group is attacking Traubel’s candidacy.

The group “The Idaho 97%” is attacking some of Traubel’s past comments. The group is also using an email campaign to encourage citizens to contact the Ada County Commissioners not to consider Traubel and to tell them that Clifford is the most qualified of the three candidates. The Idaho 97% also posted a video on their Twitter account that discusses some of Traubel’s beliefs.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to Traubel to see if he had a response to the Idaho 97%, but he has not responded to our request at this time.

Who do you think should be the next Ada County Sheriff?

Let us know in the comments below.

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27 thoughts on “Race Heating Up for Ada County Sheriff; 3 Candidates Remain

    1. Clearly you’ve researched him carefully, since you misspell his name even though it’s right there on the screen in front of you.

  1. Traubel is the conservative constitutional choice for our family, and many that we know. And If the 97% liberal Group is against him, he’s the best pick!

  2. I have worked with Doug Traubel. He is a Constitutional Conservative. He is a good god fearing man. He is the best choice for the citizens of Ada County.

  3. With all the trouble Boise’s Mayor, City Council and BSU’s President/Staff are stirring up, Ada County needs an actual sheriff who will protect his People and the Constitution.

    There is no doubt on the choice here.

    Put Doug Traubel in as our Sheriff.

  4. Doug Traubel gets my vote!
    He’s a constitutional conservative with great ethics and a huge heart for God.
    If the liberals are attacking his character, then he’s clearly the right guy for Ada County.

  5. Being endorsed by Richard Mack should be enough for any constitutional conservative to get behind Traubel.

  6. The individuals endorsing Traubel are people I highly respect. Although I’m in Canyon County, what Ada County does impacts us over here. From what I’ve read and seen so far, I’d have to say Traubel is the best choice.

  7. If Sheriff Mack is backing Traubel, then he gets my vote for sure!!! Traubel means trouble for Deep State, that’s why “97%” commie group is attacking him. Simple enough.

  8. I really hope everyone here emails the board of commissioners and let them know who the best choice would be: E-Mail:

  9. Code 3-1 original candidate was an arrogant ass, now the group is running a filthy smear campaign against the top Republican choice, Doug Traubel. Anybody involved with that smear and grossness should be shunned, along with any other candidate they’re endorsing, and Code 3-1has a lot of work to do to restore credibility. The 97% progressive group is aligned with Code 321’s choice, that’s something to consider when reading all the FB garbage being spewed.

  10. Doug Traubel is far and away the best choice if we want a strong, highly ethical Constitutional sheriff watching our backs If you’re not sure, just look at who is endorsing Clifford – the RINOs/establishment/democrats.

    1. I’ve known Doug Traubel for years. That said, I’ve done my best to be impartial while I researched the other candidates. Doug has a depth and breadth of experience I don’t see in the others. Ada County is sitting on the apex. We have a rare opportunity. Doug is it.

  11. Wow. I checked into Code 3to1 after Jim’s comments. It’s so very disheartening that former LEOs would deal in untruths and inuendo to try to kneecap the competition. And the guy (Bartlett) who walked off the job with no notice is supporting Clifford. Doesn’t that say volumes.

  12. Tammy Nichols and others I respect from the Capitol Clarity meetings tell us the Idaho 97% Project is NOT a Conservative Group. Their reason for being is to take out Conservatives next year in the primaries. So if they’re backing Clifford, what does that tell you? We need Doug Traubel in the Sheriff’s spot.

  13. Matt Clifford will lead the Ada County Sheriff’s office with integrity. He understands the interagency cooperation and communication required for the Ada County Sheriff position. His emphasis on ongoing training of all employees in the Sherriff’s office will benefit the people of Ada County. He understands the budget process. He will be a leader that Ada County people can depend on. Vote Matt Clifford for Ada County Sheriff.

  14. With Sheriff Mack backing Traubel and the Commie org 97% of the 1% backing Clifford….I think the choice is CLEAR……Doug Traubel gets my vote!

    Why would the 97% of 1% even bother to make a choice here?
    Are they an appendage of the Establishment minions of Idaho or merely choosing someone who is NOT a liberty candidate?
    The Establishment has already shown their allegiances to the Globalists by their actions during the Plandemic episode.

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