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Op-Ed: Have you seen this sorry excuse for journalism?

By • April 28, 2022

The following Op-Ed was submitted by Miste Karlfeldt. Note: Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Have you seen this sorry excuse for journalism?


“Doug Traubel is another candidate who drew headlines last year, after garnering community support despite making anti-Semitic remarks and questioning rape victim data during the appointment process with Ada County commissioners.”

These people have no shame in their lying game. 🤥🤡 They are the propaganda mouthpieces of the globalists and their accusations of racism are old and tired. They have misused very important words like ‘racism’ and ‘antisemitism’ so much that they have lost their meaning in our society.  #Shameful

Take a listen to ID Press reporter Alexandra Dugan’s interview with sheriff candidate Doug Traubel. Why did she distort her article after this interview?

Is this what you expect from your local news media outlet?

Read Doug’s book called Red Badge a Veteran Peace Officer’s Commentary on The Marxist Subversion of American Law Enforcement & Culture.  Decide for yourself if these are the words of an antisemite or if his well sourced book is historically accurate and those who fear a Constitutional Sheriff in Ada County are twisting his words in order to turn the public against him.

Good thing ID Dispatch have us real info the last time around.


The list of who is supporting each of these candidates should tell you everything you need to know.

Supporting Doug Traubel are liberty legislators, Sen Zito and Rep Boyle. Just to have the support of these two powerhouse women is impressive if you value freedom.  The additional support of former Sheriff Richard Mack should let everyone know the constitutional fortitude of Traubel.

On the flip side, Matt Clifford is supported by the likes of the two previous Ada county sheriffs.  While Sheriff, Raney spent time at the capitol testifying against pro-gun bills and

Sheriff Bartlett allowed Idahoans to be arrested for trespassing if unable or unwilling to wear a mask.

How about Code 3 to 1?  Keith Graves, the leader of the retired enforcement officers organization, is an establishment guy who loves big government and seems to have a wounded ego over the fact that he wasn’t on the list of possible sheriffs to be voted on by the commissioners.

Clifford also has the endorsement of Queen McLean👸 along with a long list of Democrats.

Saving the best for last, we have The Idaho 97% supporting Clifford. This is a leftist group that seems to be on a warpath against all liberty loving legislators and really anyone else who is working to advance liberty, including yours truly. 🙋🏻‍♀️

RINO Commissioner Rod Beck robbed us of our opportunity to have Traubel as our Constitutional Sheriff when he aligned himself with the likes of 97% and McClean and voted in Clifford.

The current Sheriff Clifford has been in full support of how the police have handled the Baby Cyrus case. This means that he will NOT be there for you if/when CPS violates your rights and steals your children.

If you are not happy with the thought of someone with Clifford’s list of supporters, like me, than you better get out and vote Doug Traubel for Ada County Sheriff!

Be a #EducatedVoter and #VotePatriot

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7 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Have you seen this sorry excuse for journalism?

  1. Thank you for making this info known (even though I’m not in that county), I will pass it along on my social circles.

  2. Doug Traubel is the only legitimate choice for Sheriff if you don’t want the Liberals such as McClean and Little continuing their communist like tactics.

    As far as the Idaho Press, it tried to come of as conservative a few years back in order to hoodwink the public. It’s as much a liberal rag as the Boise Statesman is.

    Many of the staff are not aware of how they are being played. There is no reality, just the direction of the brainwashing colleges that control them.

  3. VERY interesting article. I like it. Like Sue said above: I don’t live there but I’ll pass it along.

  4. That’s a shame about Keith Graves. His interview with Greg sounded pretty good.


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