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Proposed Contract For Investigation of Allegedly Racist Cop Released Ahead of Boise City Council Meeting

By • December 5, 2022

The proposed contract between the City of Boise and the firm chosen by Mayor Lauren McLean, Steptoe, to investigate allegedly racist beliefs held by a former Boise Police Captain has been released for public inspection ahead of the City Council meeting to be held Tuesday, December 6.

Idaho Dispatch first reported on this story last week, including live video of the City of Boise press conference linked here: City of Boise Holds Press Conference Announcing Initial Details of Investigation into Alleged “Racist Ideals” of Retired Police Officer – Idaho Dispatch

The Professional Services Agreement is 17 pages long and includes definitions, the proposed scope of the investigation, the financial agreement, key personnel, and more.

As detailed on Page 8 of the Agreement, the scope of work is described:

“StepToe and Johnson, LLP will conduct an independent investigation of the scope, influence, and effect of reported discriminatory beliefs allegedly held by individuals in the Boise Police Department. Specifically it will investigate whether retired BPD Captain Matthew Bryngelson’s stated racist beliefs infected his policing during his employment, his interactions with the community while acting as a representative of BPD, his former roles and responsibilities in BPD, whether it was transmitted to or imposed on those he supervised, and whether city resources were utilized in the manufacture of racist materials or content.”

The contract goes on to explain in more depth the plan to examine suspected “racist ideology” within the BPD. It also describes the near absence of limitations on Steptoe.

“Within the broad scope described above, it is explicitly agreed that the investigation will be wholly independent and not subject to any restrictions, limitations, or prohibitions imposed by the City of Boise or BPD. All aspects of the investigation will be determined solely by Steptoe’s investigative team and will be limited only by the scope described above and by limitations imposed by applicable law. BPD has pledged its full cooperation with the investigation.”

Pages 2 and 12 of the agreement describe that the Steptoe legal team will be compensated by the City of Boise at a rate of $825 per hour, not to exceed $500,000.00.

The agreement further explains,

“The Final Report will include findings, conclusions, and, if appropriate, recommendations for changes and reform in the Department, as well as mechanisms for supervision and accountability for BPD employees and the Department to ensure rigorous oversight. This would include a review of the Office of Police Accountability.”

This proposed contract is Agenda item #22 for the Boise City Council meeting on Tuesday, December 6, 2022 at 6pm. The City’s website includes information on how to view and participate in the meetings:

“Meetings are held in a hybrid format allowing both virtual and in-person attendance.

Watch Live (YouTube)

Watch meetings on the city’s Public Meetings YouTube Channel.

Participate Virtually (Zoom)
Click on the individual meeting for information on how to sign up to testify at the meeting.

Attend at City Hall
Boise City Hall | 150 N. Capitol Blvd. | Boise, ID 83702″

City calendar including clickable individual meeting links and further details can be found at Public Meetings | City of Boise

The full proposed contract can be found here in Item 22: 2022/12/06 06:00 PM City Council Regular Evening Meeting – Web Outline – City of Boise, Idaho (

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14 thoughts on “Proposed Contract For Investigation of Allegedly Racist Cop Released Ahead of Boise City Council Meeting

  1. Another of Mayor McLean’s fabulous ideas for spending tax payer money. Steptoe now has an open coffer. In the end we will have an extravagant bill and lose more officers to this foolishness. The former Captain is just that “former”. Let’s move on.

  2. $825 per hour? Sign me up. The city will at least get a fair hearing.

    What a fantastic joke and waste of money. Can’t believe Boise City re-elected this woman.

    1. Looks like. Everyone make a 2 minute phone call to complain to the Mayors office. It’s the least we can do.

  3. The Mayor’s inquisition will be headed by Michael Bromwich, the same Michael Bromwich involved in the inquisition launched against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The “investigation” will examine what impact the former Captain may have had on the Boise PD. Loosly translated, Attorney Bromwich is going to turn the Department upside down to see what falls out. With the office of police oversight recently gutted by the Mayor attorney Bromwich will have a unique opportunity to design a more permanent Office of Wokeness Accountability. Inviting a DC insider to “wake up” Boise will surely earn the Mayor some significant street cred with the George Soros wing of the Democrat Party.

    1. What an outrage! We must push back simply by making phone calls to the mayors office. Be polite but state your grave concern over the wokeness.

  4. Does anyone have a link to the video of Matthew Bryngelson’s speech? I’d like to hear what was so racist.

  5. This exercise is nothing more than a massive deflection of the hiring…nurturing…and adoration for Chief Lee, when he was the Mayor’s chosen Marxist enforcer that she imported from Portland. When Lee choked the Sgt in front of his men, and set the tone for how the BPD would be transformed into another Blue City pothead town for non-achievers…the Sgt and his men fought back, legally….and by God’s hand, a KTVB reporter actually did some real work and exposed the event and Kommisar Lee was shown the door. McClean needs for that episode to go away…..and this witch hunt serves that purpose, neatly.

  6. My understanding of this is that Bryngelson is being investigated because he was scheduled to speak at a supposedly white supremist meeting. This brings up a couple of questions. First, did he actually make the speech? Second, what did he actually say?

  7. An obvious power play by Princess Lauren. She wants complete control of this city, and will not rest until she gets it.

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