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City of Boise Holds Press Conference Announcing Initial Details of Investigation into Alleged “Racist Ideals” of Retired Police Officer

By • November 30, 2022

The city of Boise held a press conference this morning announcing initial details of a planned investigation into retired Boise police Captain Matt Bryngelson.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean, the Boise City Council, acting police Chief Ron Winegar, and a representative of the police union explained the investigation being planned and answered questions. Council members Luci Willits and Lisa Sanchez did not stand up with the rest of the Council, but it is reported that Ms. Sanchez was present for the press conference.

It was announced last week that Captain Bryngelson has allegedly used language that indicates racist ideals and according to Mayor McLean,

“[Captain Bryngelson] held and actively advanced racist and dehumanizing propaganda.”

These allegations stem from comments made by the former Captain regarding crime prevalence statistics when categorizing the race of the suspects. It is also alleged that Bryngelson was a speaker and blogwriter for an organization called American Renaissance. It has been reported that he spoke, wrote, and was interviewed for this organization using the pseudonym Daniel Vineyard. In this screenshot from the American Renaissance website, you can see that the video interview by Jared Taylor with Daniel Vineyard has been removed.

As of the time of this writing, the video can be viewed here:

The comments below the video show “Daniel Vineyard” commenting about the fact that he is now retired.

In looking through other comments on the American Renaissance website by Daniel Vineyard, we came across this:

The city said today that StepToe, a company with offices in Washington DC, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, Chicago, Brussels, and Beijing will be conducting the investigation. The StepToe website describes,

“Through decades of experience, Steptoe has earned a national reputation as a go-to firm for boards, audit committees, special committees, companies, and other institutions for defending government investigations, and conducting sensitive internal investigations, compliance reviews, and monitorships.

Our team includes former officials from a wide range of law enforcement and regulatory agencies, including the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, FBI, DHS, Treasury Department, IRS, FTC, FERC, and the New York County District Attorney’s Office.”

The purpose of the investigation is to determine whether or not the allegedly racist ideals held by Bryngelson affected his police work during his 24 years at BPD. Idaho Dispatch asked StepToe,

1. What is the criteria used to determine systemic racism within a policing organization?
2. How is the determination made that racism affects police work and outcomes?
3. What type of recommendations has your organization given to other police forces that employed systemic racism?

As of the time of this writing, no response has been received.

During the press conference, Idaho Dispatch asked the question whether the statistics Bryngelson cited, which sparked this inquiry, are accurate or inaccurate. The Mayor, City Council, Police, and police union representative were not able to provide an answer to that question.

The Mayor will submit the proposed investigation plan and contract to Boise City Council next week for their review and approval. It was noted that the proposed cost to the city is not being disclosed until the council has reviewed it.

You can listen to the entire press conference here: City of Boise Press Conference Nov 30, 2022 (


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33 thoughts on “City of Boise Holds Press Conference Announcing Initial Details of Investigation into Alleged “Racist Ideals” of Retired Police Officer

  1. Again…..Mayor? City Council? Anyone?….How many Idaho/Ada County tax dollars are going into this so called “investigation” and for What possible Legitimate benefit to our community?
    Right…. Crickets all I hear is crickets for an answer.

    1. Maybe the funding would be better spent by giving our Officers a pay increase and going after the Thugs in downtown Boise who feel criminally enabled by McLean’s and Sanchez’s adoption of George Soros/ActBlue communist policies.

  2. Why is McLean publicly providing details on an “investigation” that has not started?! Isn’t this a violation of this man’s civil rights? There is obviously so much more to this story.

    1. Absolutely. They are attempting to convict him in the court of public opinion even though his actions were taken as a private citizen and not in any official capacity. If I were him, I’d tell these “investigators” to go pound sand – or get ready for a defamation lawsuit.

  3. Stupid !!! We’re all situational Racist so this card being played is old. Just like the loser Jim karry says in his movie liar liar. Stop breaking the law Assholes ! And then Maybe skin colored folks will stop being arrested so much. Tired of it all. We can thank China for its operation to tear America apart.

  4. He’s retired. Apparently there weren’t any problems when he was working or there would have been complaints and he would not have been promoted through the ranks to the position of captain. This is a political agenda by the mayor.

  5. So many violations of our civil liberties in Idaho and this is what they waste money investigating… Well, at least we get to see their colors — Red with Yellow Stars…

  6. Witch hunt! Exactly what law is he accused of breaking? If they can’t come up with a statute then Bryngelson needs to sue them into oblivion for defamation of character.

  7. Where was this type of Concern over the obvious problems with the previous appointment of the Police Chief by the luxurious mayor of Boise Idaho??? This stinks of the LEFT LEANING mayor and her cronies who only want attention and recognition in some mus-guided attempt at showing their POWER over those they rule over in the City of Boise… Another great waste of tax payer money!

  8. Definitely shocking to see the nasty things Bryngelson said. It’s hard to argue that he doesn’t possess racial animus and that he sees life through a racial lens. He put forward a lot of racist tropes in those writings. That said, I’m wondering what the real point of this investigation is. Did he potentially commit a crime? If so, why isn’t another law enforcement agency or the prosecutor’s office doing the investigation? Why bring in Bromwich, who I might add, was council to Christine Blasey Ford – the widely discredited Brett Kavanaugh accuser? That guy and his D.C. based colleagues won’t come cheaply for the city.

  9. So, citing crime stats by race is now considered to be espousing racist ideology? Perhaps the Mayor should share that with the U.S. Department of Injustice which publishes that specific data annually. I wonder if this is the Mayor’s attempt to defund the police by spending the entire police budget on an investigation in search of a violation – by a former employee who did not use his true name or identify the city from which he retired.

  10. This is very concerning. The mayor is using a “global” organization to conduct this investigation with internationalties to China. Why? How? Where? For what ultimate purpose?

  11. Who cares the guys retired. Plus….how many African Americans do you think this guy contacted in the line of duty at Boise P.D. in 25 yrs? So now the government is going spend probably $10k+ to have a leftist and biased woke firm
    Investigate a retired cop who made Captain in their department without any problems or record of complaints? Seems like a dogwhistle to bring in the leftist race hustlers and grifters so they can teach a very well respected police department how to not be racist and biased on the tax payers dime. 10 of thousands of more $. Silly leftists always wasting other people’s time and money to ruin the country. That mayor needs to go before she spreads her disease to the rest of the state.

    1. Not only African Americans but also LGBTQs, BLM protesters, pro-choice protesters … BPD, under the watch of Captain Bryngelson, was complicit in allowing the local terrorist group named The Proud Boys to put the banners above the highways in the city not only once but several times. What did BPD do? Absolutely nothing. Anne Frank Memorial was vandalized several times. Did BPD catch anyone? Nope. I bet it was someone inside the BPD. Even if he’s retired, BPD/City needs to review his arrest records to see if he targets the BIPOCs. Not only that, as the Captain, he also used the podcast to promote the diversity views of BPD and the city while secretly wrote several articles for white supremacist group.

      I have to ask you this legitimate question – why are you defending his free speech when you knew what he espoused is vile? Our soldiers fought against slavery and nazism. And today, you’re saying that it is *his* free speech. Really? Don’t you have any sense of decency left in you, right-wing extremist?

      1. CNN is missing its village idiot. Hate speech is legal because anything can be deemed hate speech and used as a weapon to silence opposition. So I ask you, “What gives you the right to limit speech?” You may not like it, but I don’t like what you said either, so you must be investigated.

        See how that works looney-toon?

  12. Anyone else concerned about the investigative company? Ties to China? You are aware that you just can’t open a business in China without approval of the CCP. How about all the retired government people? We know the mindset of most government officials and it’s not a pretty site.

  13. Speech is free. Investigations of retired private citizens is a non-starter. The left is taking Idaho by force. Starting with Boise. Now they have taken the SoS office and will fox elections like they have everywhere else. Wake up Idaho!

    1. Free speech has consequences. So you’re OK with a cop having these nazi/racist beliefs? NO wonder the Anne Frank Memorial in Boise kept on getting vandalized. Maybe it was the BPD that did do it ….

  14. Our politicians and government employees are a crime gang that makes the Mexican drug cartels seem like saints. Why are the government employees unionized ?

  15. Boise Mayor Lauren McLean Should be forced to resign for being negligent with taxpayer funds spent on a witch hunt. The investigation into Captain Bryngelson is unfair and political. McLean is a left wing Socialist who has a destructive agenda.

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