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Orofino Passes 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

By • March 26, 2021

Earlier this week we mentioned that Madison County had voted unanimously to become a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary in Idaho.

Despite Idaho already having what is commonly called a “Second Amendment Protection Act,” a number of Idaho’s cities and counties are passing, or working to pass, their own versions of 2nd Amendment Sanctuary resolutions.

A number of the elected officials who have helped pass 2nd Amendment resolutions have cited concerns over gun control bills being pushed in Congress currently. Additionally, they have cited President Joe Biden’s request that gun control be brought to his desk as a reason for pushing resolutions in their local communities.

The 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement has gained steam in Idaho with over a dozen Idaho localities passing 2nd Amendment resolutions.

Now, the city of Orofino has joined the ranks of cities in Idaho which passed a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution this week.

Idaho Dispatch reached out to the mayor of Orofino, Sean Simmons, to get his thoughts on why the resolution was put forward and whether or not there was any opposition to the proposal.

Here is what Simmons sent to Idaho Dispatch:

Orofino is a strong 2A area. We had a few citizens ask if we have considered it? I was already working on it at the time. I wanted to reaffirm our position on the Second Amendment, protect our citizens from these unconstitutional attacks on our Second Amendment, hopefully, add layers of protection for our city and citizens within, and support Idaho as a whole in their Second Amendment Sanctuary status. We have had absolutely no push back yet. I do not think we will honestly.

I am also the CS manager of Nightforce Optics here in Orofino. There are a lot of us in the firearms industry here in Idaho, from Northern Idaho to Southern Idaho. The new administration is not only infringing upon our rights, they are infringing upon our lively hood, our way of life, and definitely the protection of our families, friends, neighbors, and our citizens!

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